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And We Drove
by Janet Leister


And we drove

flat out, pedal to the metal

as fast as the solar wind.

The view soared for miles of straightaway

with not another car in sight

And we drove

breeze roaring though the open windows

no A/C for me, I prefer

the fuel-injected humm

drowning out Van Halen,

ain't talkin’ ‘bout love,

long hair stinging my face like needles

as I turned to look at you

face laughing, eyes gleaming

and the tachometer inching upward

And we drove

suddenly, in that stolen glance,

I saw myself in your eyes for the first time:

sun streaked hair whipping crazily,

tanned caramel legs long and strong

eyes glistening, heart pounding

every cell abuzz with adrenaline

a wild thing running free

And we drove

through infinity

our skin warm and golden

from the setting sun

rejoicing in the light and open sky

we fit together like pieces

of a precision machine

torquing over the red line

ecstasy by the side of the road


And we drove

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