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Coyote Song
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Sunrise lights the craggy peaks
Coyote lifts his head and speaks
To the rosy dawn
Snowflakes flutter off and on
As water fills the swirling creeks

 Shadows fall across the range
The colours of the mountains change
Much later still with shadows gone
They're speckled like an autumn fawn
Nature seeks to rearrange

Her palette in the desert sky
Slowly Buzzard begins to fly
In circles high above the ground
His eye on something he has found
A creature left to die

Buzzard thinks he'll take a bite
The creature far too weak to fight
Then just as Buzzard folds his weary wings
Coyote lifts his head and sings
To the starry night

Feathers scatter across the sand
When Owl takes his watchful stand
Coyote lifts his head to croon
Silhouetted by the winter moon
As darkness falls upon this ancient land

The Rose Cottage 1996
For Willie in Winnemucca

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