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Angels Drop

by Stephen Mead

Petals, each a rose chisel
Over the years of fear I keep meaning
To leave buried, shawling my walls
With embroidery, I, the insomniac,
A collector of pillows from the thrift
Bins, the collage streets every night
Is a dream of, unearthing
Hope's glittering litter...

Ghostly, my losing focus grows & goes
As prayers more solitary than this still
Sensuous flesh, this bone temple central
To empathy's solitude God fills the openings
Of the more I empty...

Driverless, undriven, there is so much want
Here to learn to go without, honing need
Beyond the vacuum I've poured my feelings
In, the crippled eyes, the tongues of discretion,
Latex numb...

Forgiveness, howl.
Benevolence, turn
The vessel of your world to the natural miracle
Of these periwinkle forget me not dots, now
The hour of God's palette I dip my brush in

& the floral is issued sound-----
What song from fog lifting-----
What song to sing the body electric of
As a vow of marriage

Elements make

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