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Wilbur's Lies
By Connie Walle

Grackle, fabrication, severance
velleity. Even your wife said this was
incomprehensible. Ok, I'll give
you bird, grackle, but you
could be more specific
especially when you are
referring to Blackbirds.
But it's a lie. Airy all right.
White, black, bald-faced, made up
if you wish, but a lie in any case, fabrication.
Now tell me did we
cut, separate, divide or
chop with severance. But then
there seems to be faint hope
to explore your poem further
at least I have the lowest degree
of desire to do so, velleity.
So poet laureate, what's your occupation,
job, purpose, objective, aspiration?
To sell dictionaries?


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