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Neruda Still Dreams
by Larry Jaffe

we do not listen
to Neruda
or feel his pain
when he implored
you to look
beyond the leaves
and see the bark
we balked
When he implored
you to see the faces
of those that pass
we stare into space

Neruda had a dream
where all were
citizens of this
damned world
yet we hesitate
to complete his dream
and talk of pollyanna
as if it were reality
Both the left and right
have lost their senses
and betrayed us
filling us with lies
and hate

Neruda still dreams
his field of butterflies
lives on
Yes he decried fascism
and bled at the alter
of communism
but had he been
at Tiananmen Square
he would tear
his collar and scream

Neruda shadowboxed
with vultures
what is our excuse
As we let excrement
guide us on our follies
not exercising
our right to know
simply discussing
dogma with politicians
of the soul.

I call upon you
to take a leave
of absence
from your senses
and rise to higher plane
see the man behind the guilt
and most of all
don't wave wands without magic

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