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Love Poem for Gail
by Charles Entrekin

She sits beside me
under the sheets
singing softly, subconsciously,
eyes on her book
between her knees.

Beside the Great Highway
a yellow moon is out,
a first glow from streetlights.
An unfamiliar refrigerator hums
in the night.

Because I love her
I tell her all, how
her song, the breath of her inner self,
lifts me out over the horizon
of our pillows and sheets,
how her melodies and metaphors
of feelings touch, become aftertastes that
gather like words over our tongues.

She creates, in the absence of text,
meanings of muscles, language
of control, of ebb and flow,
of the sea's wet walls,
gulls coasting overhead, and I float with her
in the absence of fog, in easy surf.

Soon she will open over me
hand drifting slowly down my chest
a cormorant ready to dive
a pleasure that uncurls in the dark.


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