Let Morning Come
by Paulette Demers Turco

        in honor of Jane Kenyon

Let the rays at the break of dawn
shine through slats of the shades, warming
my legs, my face, as the sky turns blue.

Let the kitten meow for milk
as my children beg for oatmeal
and their fruit. Let morning come.

Let the tide crash over the jetty
onto the sandy shore. Let the fog
lift with April’s southerly breeze.

Let the gulls reclaim the beach.
Let the plovers feed. Let the shoreline
shift with the waves. Let morning come.

To the limpets on the rocks, to the clams
in the mud, to turquoise in my dream,
let morning come.

Let it bring peace to all, the mind
untroubled and pain-free
if only then. Let morning come.


Editor's note: "Let Morning Come," was inspired by the late
Jane Kenyon's internationally acclaimed poem, "Let Evening Come," (1990).


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