poetry of the engineer
by Curt B. Vevang
59 Poems ~ 7 B/W Illustrations ~ 79 Pages
Format: 6’’ x 9’’ ~ Perfect Bound
Price: $5.95
Independently Published
ISBN: 97986970553249
To Order: Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble


poetry of the engineer is Curt Vevang’s fourth poetry collection. Even though his life has been informed by a distinguished career as an industrial engineer, (credentialed by the University of Illinois), his poetry relates to everyday things and to the people one passes on the street. From poems about six-year-olds playing Tee-Ball, to an old Merchant Marine seaman longing for “just one more voyage,” to dramatic changes in “The Old Neighborhood,” poetry of the engineer “will have you from hello!”


As a former member of the armed services, (United States Navy), I found myself drawn to a poem entitled, “Shades of Grey.” Even though I never came close to reenlisting, I always loved the sea. I loved its expanse, its dramatic colors as the sun rose above the distant horizon. The “old salt” protagonist in this poem captured my heart. Throughout, I felt the gracious and wise hand of Curt Vevang, reaching out to me, as if to say, Come with me, let me show you around the old ship.
—Michael Escoubas, author of Images: A Collection of Ekphrastic Poetry

As one who has traveled the world, worked in the film industry, rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous and had a father who was an animal trapper in the jungles of Tegucigalpa in Honduras, I likened Curt Vevang’s poetry of the engineer to a cup of sugared tea, served on my patio, beneath a bright umbrella. How refreshing, cool and calm are these rich morsels of everyday life. With this collection, I pause, take a break, savoring the next turn of the page.
—Sharmagne Leland-St. John, author of The Trip (a children’s book with illustrations by Melissa Bergemeier)


In his own words: “Yes, I am an engineer. Who else would put a steam engine on the cover of a poetry book. I have an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Illinois. Over the years I have spent vastly more time writing computer programs and designing systems than writing poetry.”

“I have previously published three poetry books, a scant bagatelle, the nature of things and poetry as we like it. I have also published two rhyming children’s books illustrated by 6th grade students. All five of these books are available at Amazon.com, keyword “books curt vevang”.

“My poetry has been published in many anthologies, poetry magazines, and various poetry websites. Along the way it has won honors from the Illinois State Poetry Society, Poets and Patrons, the Journal of Modern Poetry, the Northbrook Arts Commission, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and the Poetry Society of Tennessee Annual Poetry Contest.”


Shades of Grey

by Curt Vevang

Hunched forward, he puffs calmly,
clouds of tangled grey smoke float up from his pipe.
His eyes pierce the dim emptiness
recalling his many years at sea spent on a trawler
now longing for just one more voyage.
The visor of his leather cap hides much

of his furrowed brow.
Steel wool eyebrows head off in every direction.
His timeworn face is but a faint reflection of his
youthful days as a merchant fisherman.
The grainy, smoky haze can’t hide his nose,

more pronounced than most.
A nose with a hundred pock marks from years
of unprotected sunshine, ocean salt and booze.
Clean shaven, but for a fortnight’s worth
of white pepper stubble.
Stained, jagged teeth clench his pipe;

an arthritic right hand supports the bowl.
After years of sea rations, sleeping in hanging cots,
brawling on shore leaves, the thought
of one last voyage provides an unfamiliar
hope and touch of warmth to his hardened, gray façade.


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