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And Come now, The Dreams
Tyler Joseph Cusick

We speak
filling our days
with the multitude of snippets
that form collagetic conversations
and come now, the dream
And now, the idea
insubstantial as humor
flows from our lotus tongues
which, with nary a spot
of dark cynicism, malevolence
births the fruits subtle blossom
I used to consume you
with Nectar and Amphitryon

By The Light of Reason

By Descartes light of reason
by which mankinds facultys are divine deliverance
the grace of Einstien was ushered
By Galieos sufferable arrogance
physics from his light would go unheard
The world would have kept moving
Later the sterilization
of the immaterial
from the equations
broke the joining of church and science
Reason became entirely based upon material function
and in this essence zarathustra spoke
of an aftermath of reason and faiths seperation
who said you have to harbor faith forever
Its purpose is to accept the momentary darkness
like the unwilling blink the vulnerable sleep
until faculties are regained in waking
the inspiration of seeing
Do you see?
The light is the etherial purified realisation
maintained in any creatures mantra
I feel I see I think I am existing
all beliefs preceding again
the language of physics in metalogical interactions


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