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How is everything?
by Marc Power

She dances 'twixt the tables
A midsummer butterfly
Her eyes are stormy oceans
Clad in a cloth of sky

And her hair is ochred yellow
Spirals twisting in the trees
And the petals of sunflowers
Gently waver in her breeze

She speaks to me, most carefully
Her voice a honeyed thing
She speaks to me, especially
Asks, "How is everything?"

And my mind explodes in rainbows
As the air begins to sing
My thoughts, elastic, stretch and fold
To encompass "everything"

The planets plunge around the Sun
-- a raging, streaking star
And every speck in the firefly night
Spangles on a swathe of tar

Each mote of dust, each breath, each tear
My moments torn apart
Each love, each joy and every fear
Encoded in my heart

I drown within her stormy eyes
A smile erupts from she
And, weak of words I answer,
"Might I have another tea?"


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