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Summer Lost
A Villanelle
By Larylee Fraser


  Summer lost its hold on heaven, broke
its crystal arc that spanned the turquoise seas.
The days turned pale and only echoes spoke

  as autumn flung its strident-threaded cloak
of red and gold, rejecting summer's pleas.
And summer lost, its hold on heaven broke.

  Then winter shrieked and raised its sword; a stroke
of chilling force brought autumn to its knees.
The days turned pale; their lonely echoes spoke

  of pending night, when darkness would provoke
a flow of pain that tears could not appease --
when summer lost its hold, and heaven broke.

  But dark deceived, for one small truth awoke
and said, "There's light within; you have the keys."
Through days turned pale, this lonely echo spoke.

  And some believed, determined to evoke
a spark of faith their anxious hearts could seize.
But some are lost; their hold on heaven broke
when days turned pale and only echoes spoke.



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