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Your Love
by A. Antonovic


Your eyes
Never leave me
When we are together,
They are like a
Lingering caress,
That begins
At the top of my head,
And flows with the waves
Of my hair,
All the way
They trace the outline
Of my every curve
With the kind of
Gentle brazenness,
That only
Age-old intimacy
Can bring about.
They repeat the pattern,
Again and again,
All the while burning,
Your love,
Into my soul.



Seaside Serenade
by A. Antonivic

A walk along the sandy beach

Could not put memories out of reach,

The summerís day, though warm in hue,

Refused to still all thoughts of you.


The waves pounded rhythmic refrain

That splashed your name over again,

Strong winds blew thoughts of you along

With gusty blasts of sea- soaked song.


The seagulls screeched it as they flew,

And said Iíd not get over you,

There was no place for solitude

In Natureís raucous interlude.


A seashell coated like a pearl

Could not keep you outside my world,

For as I held it to my ear,

Your name echoed hauntingly clear.



 On the Beach
by A. Antonovic

I whisper

Your secret name

Into the wind.

The one I cannot

Bring myself

To call you to your face:





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