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I Might Come Home Someday
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Look outside a summer window
Stand beside an unlocked door
Think of all the sometime lovers
Ladies who have gone before
Travel down a blacktop highway
Wind along a country lane
Try to remember a gentle woman
One who brought,
Who brought no pain
Feel the seasons changing
Sweep the autumn leaves away
Build a fire inside your hearth
I might come home someday
Shake the snowflakes from your hair
Put away your fears
Go and find a small pine tree
Water it with tears
Plow your fields
Plant your grain
Come inside
And watch the rain
Close the shutters
Climb the attic stair
Open up an old tin box
Tattered letters are lying there
So put away your sadness
Wipe your longtime tears away
Keep some hope inside your heart
I might come home someday

For Richard Sylbert


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