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haikufest '06


by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

woods shrouded in fog
silver mists hide the brilliance
of sapphire skies

with my finger I
trace the delicate pattern
lace wing butterfly

consumed with bouquet
like a summer evening
she blossoms secretly


by Bill Kenney

cloudy morning
she asks him what
he was dreaming

world news . . .
the starving baby
looks familiar

Manhattan sky—
the jagged line
of twilight

by Laryalee Fraser

lightning flash
a red-winged blackbird
skims the reeds

wild violets --
the weight of
one footprint

dripping maples...
a dragonfly carrying

by Aurora Antonovic

before the dawn
butterfly kisses
on my cheek

twilight blues-
his hand in

then sun --
the dogwood’s first bloom

by Gina

cat's reflection
nods back --
empty fishpond

a little cloud
drifts from it's group --
sheep on the hill

a pine forest breaks
through clouds on the hill
sheep emerge
by Monica Ellen Smith

frost on the window pane
a table's reflection

gentle winds
blow and cool
summer's radiant heat

silvery moon ascends
shrinking shadows
midnight approach

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