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Fenway Park, 100 Years Old
by Michael Estabrook

Had to get to a game this year – Fenway Park’s 100 Years Old!
(Oldest baseball stadium in the country.)
So here we are, the Red Sox versus the Washington Nationals,
an interleague game, but –
a game is a game:
balls and strikes, pop ups and pop outs,
a slide into second, line drives, singles,
a home run, a double off the Green Monster.
All-in-all a normal, run-of-the-mill,
sorry to say, boring game, and we are losing,
unable to get anything going.
7 th inning, I’m beginning to conspire with
my granddaughter to get out of here
a tad early. But the little vixen will hear none of it,
she’ll endure until the end (particularly now
that she knows my back is killing me,
and I’d like to get out a tad early).
My wife never leaves the games early so –
I’m stuck suffering in this hot seat till
the bitter end. I turn my attention
to the 2 young ladies sitting right in front of me.
They haven’t seen one minute of the game.
Instead they’ve been chattering
like they haven’t seen each other in 15 years,
and playing with their i-phones and their hair.
The row in front of them is empty
so one of them stretches out her long legs,
drapes them over the seat in front of her.
I can’t help but notice that her toes
are painted bright, bright red – Red Sox Red,
and she’s wiggling them in the sun,
flexing her feet up and down, side to side,
and suddenly the ball game
is not so boring after all.


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