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The Best Funds For Writers: Volume One
by C. Hope Clark
ISBN-10: 0988974525
ISBN-13: 978-0988974524
106 pages
Publisher: FundsforWriters (May 16, 2017)
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Reviewed by Mary Langer Thompson

   If you are a writer in any genre, you should have heard the name, C. Hope Clark.
She is the founder of, a free resource that has been named one
of the 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writers Digest each year for over ten years,
and TotalFundsforWriters, a low-priced subscription website. Both give writers advice
and markets for magazines, journals, grants, and more. Clark cares about other writers
even while her own book sales (The award-winning Edisto Island Mysteries Series)
number in the tens of thousands. In fact, she dedicates this latest book to those with
a career "only the insane would attempt to master." Because she knows simple is best,
she has chosen these short lessons from writers that she has published in her newsletters
that have drawn the most response.

   In Part 1, all pieces are penned by Clark. In "Letting Go a Bit," she advises writers
to slow down and let creativity wander. In others, the reader/writer will learn whether
or not to have a website (yes), what to do if you get a bad book to review and how to
write a book review and acquire them yourself, when to leave your day job, if ever, why
one should be thrilled with others' successes, how to see rejections as opportunities,
and what to do when your family doesn't believe in your writing. You will learn about
the 25-50-25 Rule and why you should write daily.

   Part 2 provides hope for writers from inspiring guest authors. Betsy Robinson writes
about why we need to educate ourselves about publishing and what to read to gain knowledge,
and Rod Martinez provides some great ideas on getting into schools to talk to kids and how
to plan entertaining answers for their most common questions once you get there. Behlor
Santi tells how to pitch and make it personal and how to crack the religious market, and
Tasha Lessey and Peggy Williams both talk about ways to increase your income. Have a big
problem, like stolen work? Borade addresses that, and Nielsen advises how to be a travel
writer for AAA. I am implementing the 45-15 Rule (Mirandilla) that says we'll be more pro-
ductive if we work 45 minutes and then rest for 15.

   Although this book is small, this is not one to read and put on your shelf. The numerous
recommended websites, blogsites, and other information sites will keep the reader busy and
continuing to learn for a long time, and offer the "courage, encouragement, knowledge, and
purpose" that is Clark's aim. I can't wait for Volume 2!

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Mary Langer Thompson has been previously featured in Quill and Parchment. She is the author
of Poems in Water and the children's book How the Blue-Tongued Skink got His Blue Tongue,
available in both English and Spanish.


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