Sunset Over the Olympic Range

Deenaz Coachbuilder

Ever since I can remember, poetry and painting, has been a part of my world. I started writing
poetry at an early age in India, the country of my birth. My poems then were deliberately
obtuse, intellectual and angry, reflecting what was popular. I may speak of angst today, and
much more, but my words are authentic the sentiment personal. When in school, one of my
subjects for the Senior Cambridge Certificate exam was art. We studied perspective, design,
and creative painting. I began my explorations with charcoal, then poster paints, followed by
water colors. My favorite medium now is oil on canvas or wood.

I am a retired school administrator and adjunct college professor. I no longer rise to the sound
of an alarm clock. A leisurely cup of tea or coffee shared with my beloved husband starts off the
day. I can indulge my passion for paint and poetry.

I turn to writing poetry when I am in distress, when I have been profoundly stirred by
something, someone or some experience fraught with emotion. With painting, it is entirely
different. There is no space or need for angst. I see the colors and myriad shades surrounding
me, hear the sound of birds, the wind at night, intuitively recognize the presence of the natural
world of plant and animal, and strive to record it. I am at peace when painting, do not get easily
frustrated, can spend hours expressing myself ( I was going to write “spend hours working” but
it does not feel like work).

My Summer residence is in Seattle, in a condo overlooking the Sound. I have fallen in love with
the ocean, its eternal metamorphosis, shimmering on a day, glowering and dark the next hour,
with the most magnificent sunsets ever. The sea gulls call, the great blue heron visits, baby
seals are birthed in its gentle currents. My heart and my senses expand.

Deenaz P. Coachbuilder, Ph.D.



Alki Drift

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