East Beach, St Simons Island
by Judith Tullis

Onshore breezes
whisper chanties to the dunes,
saw-grass sways and sea oats
wave tall arms at shrimp boats
rocking low in the ocean's cradle.

Leather-skinned captains squint
under greasy-capped brows
on boats harbor-bound,
their daily dispute with the sea
ended for now.

Shadows in formation signal
the flight of a pelican squadron
on reconnaissance
skimming the waves,
searching for lunch.

Sandpipers scuttle back and forth,
nervous on matchstick legs,
needle beaks probing the frothy
flotsam of receding surf.

Waves trip and topple,
fighting to see which
can capture more beach
only to dissolve in a fizzle
of watery undulations that wash
over my grateful bare toes.

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