Potent Waves
by Ambika Talwar 
Oh my Paradise, call me to your kosmic splendor 
which stir edges of desire into rippling wild waves.

Following rich palette of colors across ocean
to meet orange hues blues, my skin dances wild waves.
What if some divine being peeled my love from my skin,
would I become love’s valley where dancers move wild waves?
Suddenly I feel startled, dark red in blue shimmers —
what died here was it caught in cruelty of wild waves?

Tell me someone! Is Paradise not yet void of dread?
Where is haven, lands innocent singing in wild waves?
Quatrains or couplets ignite old familiar longing
Open heart wide — feel rhythm of my fiery wild waves.
We are elements five — true 6th is love eternal
island for a home jeweled with rubies pearls' wild waves.

Cycles complete spirals — what lives dies is reborn
kosmic harmony is rivers of running wild waves.
It's match game of belov'd calling belov'd home in arms
primitive grace of land water containing wild waves.

Gazing into wild orchestra, lone tree yells for me —
as tuning fork pulls my hum to meet potent wild waves.
Call me home — say Joyous One, here is kosmic splendor
erase old tune — time to seance joy of rippling wild waves.

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