Lost Pail at High Tide

Paulette Demers Turco

Artist statement: I loved to draw as a child. I stopped for some reason, but was committed to someday learning how to paint like my grandfather. When I was nearing retirement, I took group lessons in acrylic painting at the local Newburyport Art Association with Cara Gonier, an excellent local abstract artist and teacher. I was hooked. I love how the process of painting creates a world in a moment--a melding of colors, motion, essential elements of a scene. Sometimes, the process of completing a painting inspires a poem. Likewise, writing a poem may inspire a painting. Maybe, in some part, my experience as an optometrist developed my interest in playing with light and perspective. I'm drawn to nature, especially local water scenes--the ocean, the saltmarsh, nearby New Hampshire mountain streams, and the mighty Merrimack River.




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