Deep Waters
by Elayne Clift

What draws us to sunset beaches,
Wet with sea spray and salt air scent?

Why linger by lakes that languish in dappled sunlight,
And listen to lapping sounds so like a child’s gentle clap?

Why be transfixed alongside rippled rivers,
Running their course over weathered rocks?

Why bear witness to waterfalls timeless descent,
Or sit oceanside, to savor white-crested waves
In rapid succession, each a white-crested original?

What is the seductive fascination of water,
So inviting, comforting, universal,

Its primal pull harkening back
To the safety of our mother’s womb?

Water, the source of life that carried us on
Our maiden voyage into being, calls us.

Come, it says, with each new ripple and wave,
Come follow me into eternity.


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