The Fairy Floss of Plum Island
by MFrostDelaney
After the acrylic painting by Paulette Demers Turco

The gods put cotton candy in the sky,
the pastels peachy pink and lilac blue,
a pure confection to the sweet-tooth eye,
the evenings prelude to the morning’s dew.

But a.m. has to wait for sugar’s spin
to fluff the sweetness in the pre-dusk clouds,
reflect it on the water winding in
the marsh below, before the night time shrouds.

The cordgrass greens and yellows of the marsh
catch fading light in swirls that soften when
the atmospheric candies quell the harsh
of nightfall threats, and bless the salt glade fen.

Before the sunshine dims to daytime’s loss,
the heavens puff the sky with fairy floss.


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