Invisible Days: A Prose Poem
by Vaughn Neeld

Invisible days pass, interrupted only by shining moments that sparkle like clear water
beneath a wooden bridge—invisible days among crawdads and minnows we catch in our
skirts in our small world of learning to swim so we'll survive more invisible days to climb
to the tops of mountains that pierce through oceans of invisible days where we ride cold
currents raging over rocks, snags, eddies, whirlpools until we slide over waterfalls before
plunging headlong into deep waters where we kick and gasp until we know we will float
feet-first down more invisible days to grab handfuls of life until we spill out upon the
sands where ripples of invisible days wash back and forth as we remember those jewel-
bright days that slipped like fish through our fingers to splash back into the ceaseless
flow of all of those invisible days when we did not know our lives would leave nothing
behind and we laughed amid rivers of shining invisible days.


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