Sunset on Plum Island
by Paulette Demers Turco
after my acrylic painting of the same name

      “I’ll tell you how the sun rose/
      a ribbon at a time/… how it set, I know not…”

         –Emily Dickinson

Without a bow, the gilded globe
has slipped beyond, below,
the distant edge of this salt-marsh–
a silent varied show;
its remnant rays illuminate
a sky of cumulus clouds
that drifted in, pure white, for hours
above the summer crowds–
now hinting pink and lavender,
plus a purplish blue,
reflected in the brackish stream
receding as on cue.
Around the curve, a great blue heron
stands–regal as a king.
A swarm of swallows just flit by
for insects on the wing.
Red-winged blackbirds nestle hidden
in the lush green brush.
All prepare for what will come–
the dimming light of dusk.


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