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Tom Daellenbach

Featured Artist (June 2017)

Mukul Dahal

Father's Fingers (June 2011)
*Featured poet July 2011*

Candace Louise Daquin
New Book Release December 2018
We Will Not Be Silenced

Katherine Lansing Davis

Annabel Lee Speaks From The Sepulchre (April 2015)

Ekphrastic Poetry:
The Bus (November 2017)


Terry Davis

Terry Davis Biography

Featured Artist July 2017

Holly Day
Holly lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her two children and husband. Her most recently published books are Music Theory for Dummies, Music Composition for Dummies, and Walking Twin Cities.

Cattle (July 2009)


Lucille Lang Day
Lucille is the author of a children's book and seven poetry collections and chapbooks, most recently God of the Jellyfish (Cervena Barva, 2007). She lives in Oakland, California, and is the director of the Hall of Health, an interactive children's museum in Berkeley.

Red Shoes (May 2008)
Dad and the Gypsy (July 2008)
Pilgrimage (September 2008)
Fall (October 2008)
Woman in Blue Jeans and Wool Socks (October 2008)
Amelia Davis (October 2008)
Great-Grandmother (October 2008)
Poem for My Daughters (March 2009)
Birth Mothers (May 2009)
One Hundred Fifty Necklaces (June 2009)
Dear Steve (November 2013)


Ekphrastic Poetry
Cup of Sorrow (May 2016)

New Book Release Feburary 2016
Red Indian Road West:Native American Poetry from California


Marsha de la O

New Book Release September 2016
Antidote for Night


Gail Denham

Ekphrastic Poetry:
Sam’s Eyes (September 2019)


Sally Dennison
Ten years ago, upon moving to Sandpoint, Idaho, Ms. Dennison
began combining recycled pieces of nature and layers of paint
into 3-D whimsical treasures. She then embarked on an incredible
journey and joined the Artists' Studio Tour. Starting with
knitted puppets, she later moved to watercolor and mixed media
and this year, she has been working in acrylics with which she
has been able to soar into the world of colors and enjoy her
art immensely. Limited edition prints of Sally's recent work
available through dennisonart16@gmail.com

Featured Artist October 2016

Carol De Marninis
Our May featured artist, Carol De Marinis is a portrait and landscape painter working in Taos, New Mexico.
A native of Cleveland, Ohio and long-time resident of Los Angeles, the artist found a new habitat following the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

To tell it in her own words, "A synchronistic and propinquitous commission fell like manna from heaven just when I was being transferred to Manhattan and I was torn with temptation. Be dropped in the center of the country's culture? Yes. But the new commission changed all that and allowed for a heart decision. I opted for less city, not more. I could trade the freeways, now crumbling and shorn off, along with their background of billboards, for dirt roads through Ponderosa forests and uninterrupted views that reach right into eternity. The beloved ocean was swapped for clouds of every shape and color I could not have imagined."

Carol's paintings, in watercolor, oil and pastel are in a natural handwriting one Cleveland journalist termed "interpretive realism." Sculpture is a second love which she is currently using to build ceramic polar bears.

Featured Artist May 2013


Flor de té

Featured poet Feburary 2013
Before Now
Poema 31


Diane Dehler
Diane was nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2014. Her work has appeared in numerous poetry journals & three anthologies. Most recently she has been published in The Taj Mahal Review, The Applicant: a Kathmandu based Online Journal, Pirene’s Fountain, Poeticdiversity, Munyori Literary Review, Deepwater Literary Journal and Danse Macabre/DM du Jour.

Aurore (December 2012)
Solstice (April 2013)
To Baby C (May 2013)

Haiku (January 2013)

4 Tanka (June 2014)


Julie Demoff-Larson

Book Review:
Where the Meadowlark Sings (September 2015)


Pamela Denchfield

Prose Poem
Beginnings (September 2011)


Bruce Dethlefsen
Bruce is the author of three volumes of poetry. His latest, Breather, was published by Firweed Press in 2009. Bruce lives in Westfield, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Poet Laureate 2011-2012

The Hot Dog Man (May 2009)
*Featured poet June 2009
For the Time Being
Cry Me
Playing the Field
When Somebody Calls after Ten P.M.
November Lake (Nov 2009)
The Way of the Poet Warrior (March 2010)
Will (September 2014)
August 28 (December 2016)
Cry Me (January 2018)

New Book Releases
Unexpected Shiny Things (November 2011)
small talk (June 2014)


Jeff DeLuzio
Jeff DeLuzio has written one collection of short stories, Snow-Man's Land (Michi-Mook, 1996), numerous stories, reviews, and articles, and workshopped seven original plays with teenagers. He hopes a novel will be out in the near future.

Movie Reviews:
Only (October 2010)

Ray Dimock

Light house photo's (July 2011)

Wade Dinius
Wade Dinius lives in Oregon. His works have appeared in magazines, palimpsests and machine shops across the nation.

The Promise (November 2007)
Wrest (January 2008)

Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic
Jasminka, living in Smederevo, Yugoslavia, is the author of four books of poetry Time of Nettles, The Patch of Dark, Jostling of Butterflies and An Upset Bird 

Six Haiku (November 2002) 

Susan Doby

Photo collage for Four Tanka (March 2013)


Peggy Dobreer

New Book Release:
In The Lake of Your Bones (December 2012)

*Featured Poet July 2015*
Date Night in Heaven
The Dazzling

Elizabeth Domike
Elizabeth lives in Portland, Oregon.

The Photographer (November 2007)

Craig Dominey
Craig produces The Moonlit Road a website which presents ghost stories and strange folktales of the American South, told by the region's best storytellers.


Waxing the Used Fairlane (June 2017)

Joseph Dorazio
Joseph's a prize-winning poet whose most recent collection of poems, No Small Effort, is scheduled to be released by Aldrich Press this fall.

Endgame (October 2015)
The Depot (September 2016)


Linda Dove
Linda lives in Altadena, California, with her husband, daughter, and two Jack Russell terriers. She has published two award-winning poetry books: In Defense of Objects (Bear Star Press, 2009) and O Dear Deer, (Squall Publishing, 2011).

Impersonating Rita Dove in the Clothing Store (April 2012)

Leslie Doyle

Scenic photograph's (September 2010)



Jerry Downs

Featured Photographer Valentines Issue Feburary 2018


Tricia Draper
Tricia, an author, editor, and freelance journalist, lives in Decatur, TX with her husband and young son. Her books include: Angels Among Us, The Writersville Charity Cookbook , and Bobbby Bear Learns to be a Cowboy.

Short Stories:
My Grandma ( May 2004)

Peter Dressel

Photo of Marie-Elizabeth Mali (April 2012)

Danielle Beazer Dubrasky

*Featured Poet November 2015*
Your Treasures Are Marbles
She Looks for the Day
A Woman Spins Her Grief

When she first lay beside you (December 2016)


Claire Du Brey

Claire Du Brey's Cookies (April 2018 )

Marcel Aime Duclos

New Book Release
In the Moment (March 2019)
Descent Before the Surprise (September 2019)


Eileen Walsh Duncan
Eileen grew up in the Seattle Area. Her work has appeared in regional online and print literary journals.

Blueberry Season, 1976 (August 2012)
Sunflowers (September 2012)

Book Reviews:
Journeyman's Wages (Sept 2012)

Pauli Dutton
Pauli, a librarian with a showgirl heart likes to sing, dance, and shout to the hills! 

I asked for a poem (October 2008)

Four Tanka (March 2013)

New Book Release April 2017:
Altadena Poetry Review: Anthology 2017

Rosey Dyer

Featured Artist May 2018


Nic East
Nic has been listed in Who's Who in American Art since 1972. A painter, steel and wood sculptor and stained glass artist as well as a poet and writer, he brings a broad spectrum of personal experience to his creative work. 

My Other Half (February 2002)
Hard Rain (Challenge) (October 2002)
Party Time (January 2003) 

Articles and Short Stories:
The Fall Of The Towers (Novemebr 2001)
Afterimages (September 2002)

Alexandria Economou
Alexandria, para equestrian, Usui Reiki Master, and Animal Assisted Therapist lives and teaches The Way of the Horse. Her creative endeavors on paper, metal and and clay are shaped by her life of "otherness" and the whispers of ancient ancestors.

Featured Poet October 2017
Between the Worlds
Walk The Hills/Great Grandmother's Story
Autumn Horses

Desert Songs (November 2016)

Jerry Eisner

Featured Photographer June 2014

Raynette Eitel

Country Christmas (December 2011)

Larry Egort
Larry is a 38 year old CPA for a 401k investment company and poet appropriator from Boca Raton, Florida. He tries to balance out spreadsheets and compliance administration with the complex simplicity of expressing himself in what he writes. 

Soulstice (April 2007)
Time’s Perennial Broom (August 2007)
Urban Dawn (October 2007)

"Love will rein you in" (February 2009)

ellen, a prize-winning poet, teaches creative writing for Emeritus College, a division of Santa Monica College, California. 

New Book Release
Sacrifices Have to be Human (August 2015)

Daybreak & First Memory (July 2003)
Malibu, November (Nov 2003)
Hollow Trees (January 2007)
At Eagel Pond (January 2007)
The Clear Spirit Of Somewhere (May 2007)
Looking For Mark Strand (April 2008)
Moon (October 2008)
The Dead Aren't Like Us (November 2008)
Wait For Me (December 2008)
On the Night of the New Moon (January 2009)
I'm Waiting For the New Grass (October 2009)
Traffic (October 2011)
Pluck Me (February 2013)
Truth and Lies (May 2013)
The Way An Autumn Day Is Made (November 2014)
The Bird Thicket ( October 2016 )

Ekphrastic Poetry:
This Braided Woman (May 2012)
Under the Boardwalk (August 2012)

Alec Emerson 

World Trade Center (September 2008)
.....The Winter of '17 (December 2017)


Anita Endrezze,
Anita, of Yaqui and European descent, won the 1992 Waashington State Governor's Writers Award for at the helm of twilight. Her most recent book is Throwing fire at the Sun, Water at the Moon (U of AZ press, 2000). 

Ponies Gathering in the Dark (June 2006)
My Little Sister’s Heart in My Hands (October 2012)

Margarita Engle 

Contentment (March 2008)
Paleozoic (March 2008)
The Fabulist’s Pen (March 2008)
Thomas Merton in Cuba (April 2008)

Art Elser

Art is a poet and writer whose poetry has been published in numerous journals and anthologies. His books include a memoir, What's It All About, Alfie?, and four poetry books, We Leave the Safety of the Sea, A Death at Tollgate Creek, As The Crow Flies, and To See a World in a Grain of Sand.  

John Enright
John has lived in American Samoa for 25 years, where he is Territorial Historic Preservation Officer. His poems and other writings have appeared in more than forty publications. 

It Is the Dawning of the Age of Leviticus (January2006)
Driving to the Mountain (January2006)


Charles Entrekin 

Charles' works include Art of Healing (Poetic Matrix Press, 2016); Portrait of a Romance, a love story in verse (Hip Pocket Press, 2014) The Berkeley Poets Cooperative: A History of the Times (Hip Pocket Press, 2013); Listening: New and Selected Works (Poetic Matrix Press, 2010); and Red Mountain, Birmingham, Alabama, 1965 (El Leon Literary Arts, 2008).  He is editor of the e-zine Sisyphus and managing editor of Hip Pocket Press

Gail Entrekin April 2019

Spring Day in February (Feburary 2019)
Discovered (March 2019)
Letting Go (April 2019)
September (September 2019)

Gail Entrekin

Letting Go (December 2013)

Jacob Erin-Cilberto
Jacob is poet and performing artist who lives in Southern Illinois and teaches English at John A. Logan community college. He has published in several small magazines and anthologies. 

The Thingamagig By the Watchamacallit (June 2005)
Mustard on my Suit (July 2005)
Rider (August 2005)
Facing the Shade (February 2006)
Numbered Days (March 2007)

Book Review:
Unsung Songs (July 2005)

Michael Escoubas

New Book Release (May 2019)
Monet in Poetry and Paint 

Featured Poet (March 2016)
Sun Tea
Petunias in the Tractor Tire
Each Moment

Just for Tonight (Feburary 2016)
Petals (April 2016)
Ring-necked Pheasant (July 2016)
Sunshine Market (August 2016)
The First Time I Saw You (Feburary 2017)
Buffalo Crossing (March 2017)
Best Friends (April 2017)
Childhood (June 2017)
Rose-breasted Grosbeak: Nature's Pavarotti (July 2017)
Moonrise in Canoe Country (August 2017)
Eclipse (October 2017)
Autumn's Final Act (November 2017)
The Greatest Happiness(April 2018)
Conversation with My Mom (May 2018)
The Day My Dad Let Me Drive the Boat (June 2018)
Lunch in the Field (August 2018)
Late Summer Bouquet (September 2018)
*Featured Poet October 2018 *
Along the Salmon River 
Country Home in Autumn 
First Light
Flecks of Gold
Highland Road
Indian Summer 
Sailing on the Sound 
Autumn Sail (November 2018)
Swans in Spring Marsh (March 2019)
On the Wings of a Dove (April 2019)
Time (April 2019)
Summer Haircuts (May 2019)
Wet Roads (June 2019)
Brick Path by the Sea (July 2019)
Sunset on the Snake River (September 2019)

Ekphrastic Poetry
My Mother's Love (May 2017)
Sunset at Taos (September 2017)
Look Up! (September 2017)
The Magpie (December 2017 )
Whispered Love (March 2018)
Strolling on the Boardwalk After Bathers at La Grenouillere, 1869. (June 2018)
The Old Zimmer Place (July 2018)
Sea and Shadow (September 2018)
Pheasants and Plovers (December 2018)
Vibrations of Color (January 2019)
alone (Feburary 2019)
Resting (July 2019)
Seattle Sound after Rain (August 2019)
Waking Up in Alaska (September 2019)

Book Reviews:
Splitting an Order (March 2018)
A Good Cry (What We Learn from Tears and Laughter) (April 2018)
In the Early Morning Calling (May 2018)
Orange Lady (June 2018)
Psyche’s Scroll (August 2018)
Ten Poems for Difficult Times (September 2018)
The Caregiver (December 2018)
We Will Not Be Silenced (January 2019)
The Wingspan of Things (Feburary 2019)
What’s Left (March 2019) 
Grateful Conversations - A Poetry Anthology by Westside Women Writers (April 2019)
A Morsel of Bread, A Knife (May 2019)
Still (May 2019)
In the Moment (June 2019)
The Book of Kells (June 2019)
Pequod Poems: Gamming with Moby-Dick (July 2019)
The Bell and the Blackbird (September 2019)



Trudy Escoubas

October 2018

Baked Cheesy Zucchini Bites 
Lemon Zucchini Bread
January 2019
Turkey Tortilla Soup 
Butternut Squash Soup 
Feburary 2019
Cherry Berries on a Cloud 
Red Velvet Cake
Sour Cream Softies (April 2019)
Frozen Fruit Slush (July 2019)  


Rhina P. Espaillat
Rhina, a Dominican bilingual poet, also writes essays and short stories in both English and Spanish, and translates. Her next poetry collection, Her Place in These Designs, is being published in November by Truman State University Press.

To Diana (April 2005)
Prosody (April 2005)
He Lives on the Landing (April 2005)
Petunias In November (nov2005)
Visiting Day (May 2006)
This Is To Tell You (May 2006)
When We Sold the Tent (August 2006)
Between You and the Dead, It’s All Uneven (November 2008)
Ritual Song For Us All (November 2008)


Margaret Esposito

Featured Photographer Valentines Issue Feburay 2018


Michael Estabrook

Fenway Park, 100 Years Old (August 2012)

Justin Evans

Justin was born and raised in Utah. After serving in the army, he majored in History and English education. He lives with his wife and sons in rural Nevada, where he teaches at the local high school. His next book, Cross Country, written with Jeff Newberry, is scheduled for release from Word-Tech in 2019.

Open Letter to William Heyen (April 2018)


J. Glenn Evans
J. Glenn is a poet, novelist, activist, and founding director of PoetsWest

Book Review:

My Grandfather Spoke (September 2011)
Remember Rachel Corrie (April 2014)


Winston Farsoul

Cross No More Rivers (October 2010)

Susan Fealy

The Watch (April 2012)


Richard Fein
Richard is the author of eight books of poetry, including B'KLYN (2011), two books of Yiddish poetry in translation, and two books of prose including The Dance of Leah: A memoir of Yiddish., taught at SUNY New Paltz for four decades. His book Kafka's Ear, won the Maurice English Award. 

Blooming Lovers (February 2006)
Cicada At Her Little Feet (Oct 2006)
Amending John Donne's Geology (April 2011)

Roberta Feins

St. Jean de Luz (August 2013)
Last Promises (September 2013)
Etude (October 2013)
Eastern Interlude - Autumn ( October 2016 )
Though I live West, My Heart is East (December 2016)

New Book Release:
Something Like a River (July 2013)

New Book Release January 2019
A Morsel of Bread, A Knife 

Camila Ferst
Click here to read Artist's Bio

Featured Artist May 2019


Annie Finch

New Book release
Villanelles (Feburary 2012)


Judith Fine-Sarchielli
Judith is a writer, Developmental Editor, and a Life Story and Personal Branding Specialist. She lives in Topanga Canyon, CA which inspires her connection with Mother Nature.

Short Articles:
THE THIRD HUMMINGBIRD: A Winter Solstice Tale (December 2008)


Rachel Finch
New Book Release December 2018
We Will Not Be Silenced


Mike FitzGerald

Short Stories;
A Word of Advice, Son (April 2003)


Casey FitzSimons
Casey FitzSimons’ poetry appears in print and online in Fresh Hot Bread, The Prose-Poem Project, flashquake, Leveler, EarthSpeak, Newport Review, and others . She has been a finalist in the River Styx and Writecorner Press poetry competitions. She taught art in San Francisco for many years, publishing her studio drawing book, Serious Drawing, with Prentice Hall, and reviewed many exhibitions for Artweek. She has collected her works annually in chapbooks, most recently Altering the Lay of Land (2010) and Forgetting My Errand (2009). She is a frequent reader at San Francisco Bay Area venues.

Summer Ran (September 2011)


Gretchen Fletcher

And Still I Have Loved (May 2012)
Set Free (May 2014)


Flor de té

To: Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz in the sky (April 2013)

Susan Florence

Featured Artist March 2016

Featured Poet May 2016
Return to Spring
White Mariposas, Mexico
Town Without Mother

Ekphrastic Poetry
Ceremony (May 2016)

Mary Flynn

Featured Poet October 2016
Pinwheel Jasmine

Ekphrastic Poetry
Anzio (September 2018)
Garden Delight (May 2019)

Rory Flynn

Featured Photographer May 2015


Ida Bettis Fogle
Ida lives in Columbia, Missouri. Her day job takes place at the public library. When she's not working there or writing, she's taking care of her children or renovating her house.

Gals and Ladies (Nov 2004)


CB Follett

Featured poet May 2010
Guardian of the Gates
Making Arrangements


Carol Folsom

If I Died Too Soon (May 2014)
Love Letter (Feburary 2017)



Linda Fonnesbeck-Collins
Linda is a writer living in Santa Cruz, California. She is the proud mother of two grown sons, Nash Collins and Jed Collins, both of whom she credits as inspiration for the poem, Child In Time.

Child in Time (May 2012)


Lenny Foster

Bio Page

Featured Photographer December 2017


Bradley Fralick
Brad, a retired dentist and the publisher of Scribbler's Corner, is in pre-production on an autobiographical documentary film. 

Clouds (June 2001)
Computer (June 2001) 

Short Stories and Articles:
Dead Man Walking (June 2001)
Summer Wind (July 2001)

Maria Francesca 

Goodnight Grandmother (May 2008)
My Mother Gave Me Words (May 2008)

Brian Francis

Paradise Lost (March 2008)

Ed Frankel

Dark Parlors Remind Me Of The Spanish Civil War (May 2008)


Laryalee Fraser
Laryalee is a retired reporter/photographer in British Columbia, Canada.

Summer Lost ( August 2003)

haikufest '06 (August 2006)


Meg Fraser
A California poet transplanted from Massachusetts, Meg made her film debut in Being With Eddie a short film mentor project. 

Somewhere You Are Near (Sept 2003)


Dale Frasier

Featured Photographer June 2016
Dead Mans Cove~Montauk~NY

NaKeesa Frazier

A Real True Mother's Love (a tribute to surrogate mothers) (May 2012)

O.P.W. Fredericks

Book Reviews:
A Transit of Venus (December 2016)



Dina Friedman

Learner's Permit (September 2014)


Janet Sleeper Frostad

Featured Poet July 2013*
Passing the Oars
Any Tuesday


Leslie Fuller
Leslie is a writer, producer and composer who works primarily in television (multiple Emmy awards) and national and international public radio. Among her numerous credits: staff writer, "Saturday Night Live;" creative producer, "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire;" and co-creator of NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." She divides her time between New York City, Chicago, and her home in Northampton, MA. 

Short Articles:
Ground Zero (Sept 2001)


Harry Furness

Song for Robert Frost (April 2008)


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