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Tommy Gaffney

New Book Releases:

WHISKEY DAYS (2010) (April 2010)

Maura Gahan

I started taking photos at age 14. It has always been of landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, and people. 
A fateful meeting one day with Eileen Ford and I found myself working on the other side of the lens. 
For 15 years I traveled around the world working as a model but always with a camera by my side to photograph the beauty that I was surrounded by. 
These days I go to my happy place daily, the ocean. The day walks are sparking and the sunrise and sunsets are beautiful and so soothing to my soul. 
I live in a seaside village that is truly a paradise to me, beauty all around me. So much to photograph and enjoy. 
I feel truly blessed.
Bio Page

Featured Photographer (July 2019)


Barbara Anna Gaiardoni

The Alpine (June 2023)

Jeannine Hall Gailey
Jeannine served as the second Poet Laureate of Redmond, Washington. She is the author of five books of poetry: Becoming the Villainess, She Returns to the Floating World, Unexplained Fevers,The Robot Scientist’s Daughter and, forthcoming in 2016, Field Guide to the End of the World.

Featured Poet January 2018
Introduction to Girl Detectives
Introduction to Disaster Preparedness
In Which I Declare My Resistance

William Scott Galasso

What The Sea Inside Remembers (April 2017)


Tim and Ned Gamble
won a Guiness-sponsored "Guiness Originals" contest with this dessert drink.
Golden Cream (March 2008)


Preeth Ganapathy
Preeth works as Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax in Bengaluru, India. In addition to Quill and Parchment, her writings have appeared in a number of magazines such as Soul-Lit, Atlas and Alice, Tiger Moth Review, Mothers Always Write, 101 words and elsewhere. Her microchap, "A Single Moment," has been published by Origami Poetry Projects.

Summer Home (June 2023)
Fever (October 2023)

At Lake Matsubara, Shinshu (September 2023)
String of Jewels (November 2023)
Winter Morning (December 2023)
Morning Skaters (January 2024)

Ron Gardiner
We dedicate this November 2016 issue of Quill and Parchment to conservationist, seasoned outdoorsman, community planner, photographer and artist Ron Gardinerwho left us on September 25, 2016.
If our love could have saved him he would have lived forever.
He went by the river.

Featured Photographer November 2016
Featured Artist October 2017


Vivian L. Geffen
Short Articles:
Making Peace With Dad (June 2008)

Conrad Geller
Conrad Geller received his education at the Boston Latin School and Harvard. He has taught in Massachusetts and New York and spent a Fulbright year teaching in London. 

The Meeting ( Nov 2003)
Pas (Nov 2003)
Though Time is Speeding (Nov 2003)
Watertown ( Nov 2003)

Poetic Forms (Nov 2003)

Christopher T. George
Christopher was born in Liverpool, England in 1948 and emigrated to the United States with his parents in 1955. He lives in Baltimore. His poems have been published in print and electronic venues on both sides of the Atlantic. Chris is the Editor of Desert Moon Review

In Search of the Golden Lotus (Dec 2004)

Maralee Gerke

Maralee is a poet, gardener, and yoga practitioner. She lives in Madras, Oregon with her husband of 49 years and a totally spoiled border collie. Maralee has published three books of poetry. She has given readings several places in Oregon.

Opening Act (October 2017)
*Featured poet for November 2017*
Natural History
A Walking Meditation
Like Pearls on my Tongue
Midwinter Smith Rocks (December 2017)
The Physics of Time (Feburay 2018)
Delight and Desire (April 2018)
Catching Shiners (June 2018)
Like Pearls on my Tongue (November 2018)
Origami (May 2019)
Dancing with Grandpa (June 2019)
Mowing (July 2019) 
Featured Poet October 2019
Melody of Change 
Carried Away 
Opening Act 
Refuge (December 2019)
Shutting out the night (January 2020)
Everyday Love (Feburary 2020)
She Planted Flowers (May 2020)
Turning the Key (October 2020)
In January (January 2021)
The Boys Go Crabbing (July 2021)
Connection (September 2021)
Clerihew for Fred Astaire (November 2021)
Love in the Time of Pandemic (Feburary 2022)
Acceptance (April 2022)
The Reality of Loss (May 2022)
Summer Sounds (June 2022)
A Memory of Grass (September 2022)
Autumn (October 2022)
Black & White Photograph c. 1950 (December 2022)
The Power of Love (February 2023)
Seasons of Wind (March 2023)
Falcon, Owl, and Dove (April 2023)
Featured Poet June 2023*
My Summer Hat
Stopping in Antelope
Shadow Play
Blackberry Picking
Autumn Comes (October 2023)
Perfume (May 2024)

Ekphrastic Poetry:
Waiting (October 2017)
Silent Communion (September 2018)
The Gamekeeper (December 2018)
Imagining  Silence (September 2019)
Meditation on Fish (August 2020)
Love in the Garden (February 2021)
Sunflowers (May 2021)
All That Remains (November 2021)
Deep Reflection (November 2022)
Ghost Trees (December 2023)


Anderson Gianetti
Featured Artist November 2021
Anderson lives in  Araraquara, a city in the state of São Paulo in Brazil.


Nora M. Gilipsky 
Charley's Aunt 

Nora's Poppyseed Torte (May 2005)

Caroline Gill

Featured Poet December 2009
A Splash of Memories
The Poet in Winter

Dusk at Dozmary Pool (January 2010)
On Emily's Moor (April 2010)
Elegy for Idris Davies (April 2014)
The Ceilidh House (December 2018)

Twisting and Turning an Interview with Kay Weeks (January 2010)


Gina is an artist living and working in Tasmania, Australia. She started writing haiku a year ago.

haikufest '06 (August 2006)



Water colours in June 2012

Margaret Gish-Miller

Jellyfish (July 2017)

Amelia Glebocki

It Lingers (April 2008)


Gail Goepfert
Gail holds a camera in one hand and a pen in the other. She also
enjoys a dual role as teacher and student of nature and poetry..

New Book Release August 2022
Self-Portrait with Thorns

Left Behind (August 2010)
repose (November 2010)

Featured Photographer (October 2010)
Birds ( March 2011)

Steven J. Goetzinger
Click here to read his Bio

Featured Artist December 2019

Paula Goldman

Now that we are leaving (July 2010)

Veronica Golos

New Book Release (Feburary 2020)

Manuel González
Manuel, Poet Laureate 2016-2018 of Albuquerque, NM, is a performance poet who began his career in the poetry slam. Manuel has represented Albuquerque four times as a member of the ABQ Slams team at the Annual National Poetry Slam Championships. Manuel has appeared on the PBS show, ¡COLORES!: My word is my power and again on ¡COLORES! 9/23/2017. Manuel was one of the founding members of the poetry troupe The Angry Brown Poets and People of the Sun-Performance Art Collective. He teaches workshops on self-expression through poetry in high schools and youth detention centers. Also facilitating art therapy programs to help at risk and incarcerated youth find an outlet through art, Manuel has coached and mentored multiple youth slam teams throughout northern New Mexico.

Water poem (January2018)

Lenora Rain-Lee Good

New Book Release (March 2021)
Reflections: Life, the River, and Beyond

New Book Release (May 2022)
The Bride’s Gate and Other Assorted Writings
A Modern Eclectic Reader for Modern Eclectic Readers

A Mantilla of Crows (January 2014)
Russian Sage (August 2020)
A hundred or so gulls (September 2020)
Grandma’s Iris Garden (September 2020)
Thanksgiving Day (November 2020)
One with the Night (November 2020)
Anasazi Blizzard (March 2021)
*Featured Poet April 2020 *
Mary Oliver Wants to Die When it's Raining
Her Hips
Dear Lucille Clifton
Dear Lucille Clifton, Letter Number 3
Loss (July 2021)
Pilgrimage to Cuba, New Mexico (August 2021)
Good Friends Come to Call (October 2021)
On Behalf of a Grateful Nation (November 2021)
Clerihew for Edgar Allen Poe (November 2021)
Solitude in Spring Rain (March 2022)
Black Water Suite (April 2022)  
Rite of Passage (June 2022)
Monsoon! (September 2023)
Ice Dragons, Dancing (Feburary 2024)
First Your Nouns, Then Your Verbs (June 2024)
Trolls Bowl in Competition Over Mountain Village (July 2024)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Autumn’s Kiss (October 2020)
Road to Cedar Lake (November 2020)
Leda and the Swan (July 2021)
Darkness Framed (October 2021)
Summer Sun / Fall Kitchen (November 2021)
Frozen Sun (December 2022)
Dawn Calls the Skipper (August 2023)
Worlds Meet, Perchance to Dance? (June 2024)

Short Stories
Fly Away Woman (January 2022)

Book Reviews:
The Tiger Poet: New & Selected Poems (including “The Last Will of the Tiger”) (Feburary 2022)
Allegro To Life (March 2022)
Our Pitiful Metaphors, Haibun (March 2022)

Carmen Drake Gordon

Painter Carmen Drake (1964) was born in Lincoln, Maine and grew up in Meriden, Connecticut.

Since childhood, she has had a passion for drawing and painting, winning numerous awards as a young artist.  In 1984 she attended the Paire College of Arts until she moved to North Carolina in 1986.  With a child on the way, she put her focus on family and filled any extra moments with creating decorative pieces and custom work for a boutique shop, Rosemary Etc. of Pinehurst, NC. In 2003 she decided to combine her love of art and antiques and opened C.R. Drake Mercantile, a shop specializing in primitive antiques and reproduction furniture, where she sold her painted pieces.  In 2008 she received the Special Operations Fund Scholarship making it possible for her to attend the Academy of Classical Design and study with D. Jeffrey Mims. After attending the school for nine months she became a student teacher, continuing her education at the atelier for nearly three years before studying under the direction of Paul S. Brown. During the summer of 2012, Carmen studied at the Grand Central Academy in New York City.  
Carmen resides on a small farm in Carthage, North Carolina finding inspiration for her paintings by surrounding herself with antiques, her flower gardens, farm animals and nature. She operates Oak Hollow Studios out of the renovated 1901 original homestead to the property. Not only does the studio serve her for creating her paintings, she also offers lessons and hosts nationally known artists such as Robert Liberace, Colleen Barry, Katie Whipple, Michael Klein and Amaya Gurpide for workshops.  
Carmen has exhibited her work at Ann Long Fine Art in Charleston, SC, East Oaks Studios in Raleigh, NC, Campbell House Gallery in Southern Pines, NC, Arcadia Contemporary Gallery in Pasadena, CA and Collins Galleries in Orleans, MA.

Featured Artist November 2021

Janice Gould
Janice’s tribal affiliation is Koyoonk’auwi (Concow). She is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, where she teaches courses in Native American Studies. From 2014-2016, Janice served as the Poet Laureate for the Pike’s Peak region.

Snow (March 2017)
Reading Cavafry (April 2017)

Jose Gouveia
José is a Poet & Writer on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and a first generation American of Portuguese heritage.
He is founder of the Cape Cod Poets Theatre, member of the Highway Poets Motorcycle Club and
Editor of two anthologies as Poet-In-Residence at Cape Cod Community College.

The Meditation of a Cock (November 2001)
A Name in Vain (December 2002)

Featured Poet Feburary 2020*
Poem XXII (Malinali speaks about her love for Hernán Cortés)
 El Viento del Olvido


Luisa Govala

Luisa  is a poet, narrator, journalist, essayist, translator, and author of the following books:
Tiempo de Palabras, (cultural journalistic essays) (pub. By UAT, 1993);  Península del Viento,
(poems, Inst for the Arts in Tamaulipas)
, 1995;  Claraboya, (2000); pub by Imp.Cultural Benjamín
Franklin) ; El Enemigo Entrañable, (poems, 2005);  Cruce de cebra (poems, Editorial Porrúa, 2016).
 Her stories, essays, and poems have been published in numerous anthologies and literary magazines.
She holds a BA in Spanish Linguistics and Literature from the UNA; (National Autonomous
University of Mexico) and a BA in English from the UAT (Autonomous University of Tamaulipas)
and a Master Degree in Education. She has taught Spanish Literature, Linguistics and English for 40
years in Mexico City and Tampico. She is now a retired professor, engaged mainly in the study of
literature, writing, and translating.

La Catrina traducción de Luisa Govela (November 2019)


Maureen Grady
Maureen is a writer, actor and producer. She taught British and Irish literature and creative writing for many years. She is a graduate of Stanford University and has a Masters in theatre. She is an activist, and is deeply involved with humanitarian causes.

American Wake for Elizabeth Howick (March 2015)

Taylor Graham
Taylor is winner of this year's Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize from Texas Review Press; her book, The Downstairs Dance Floor, is due out in the spring. 

You Can't Even Build Here (August 2004)
The Burn of Time (March2006)
Impressions (April 2006)
There's No Going Back (June 2006)


Michael Graves
Michael is a Northern California poet. His new poetry collection: "Reflections on a Crystal Wind" is available on Amazon.

Decision (January 2014)

Featured Poet February 2014*
This Morning I Stayed in Bed (for Holley)
Love Match
The Air

The River (November 2016)
A Realm of Shattered Time (April 2023)

James Green

New Book Release June 2022
Ode to El Camino de Santiago and Other Poems of Journey

New Book Release September 2022
The Color of Prayer: Poems on Rembrandt Painting the Bible

New Book Release March 2024
Isaac Returns to the Mountain
and Other Poems Inspired by the Bible

The Rivers of Hades (October 2021)
Upon the Death of a Poet (April 2023)
Silver Maple by My Window (June 2023)
Catfish (July 2023)

Dennis Greene
Dennis was born in England, raised in Africa, and has lived in Perth, Western Australia, since 1983. He poetry has been widely published.

Promises (Oct 2006)
Maison Galopie (Oct 2006)

Richard Greene

New Book Release August 2022
To Talk of Many Things: Selected Poems

Season's Greetings (December 2020)
Homage to Omar Khayyam (April 2021 )
Featured Poet December 2021*
Deep Snow
Snow Again
First Snow
Summer Days (August 2022)

Kathleen Gregg
Kathleen Gregg lives with her husband and one cat on five acres just outside Wilmore. She writes poetry, does endless
yard work and spoils her grandkids every chance she gets. She is a proud graduate of the Author Academy program at
Carnegie Center, where she was mentored by Jeff Worley, former poet laureate of Kentucky. Her poetry has been
published in such literary journals as Lady Literary Journal, Gyroscope Review, Fly on the Wall Press, a
nd Highland Park Poetry.

New Book Release March 2022
Underground River of Want

Joyce Gregor
Joyce is a poet and grant writer who lives in Westcliffe, Colorado. She is a graduate
of Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio. She penned the words of Lourdes Universityís
Alma Mater, and her poems and articles have appeared in several magazines and anthologies.
Joyce has recently published a gift book, Flowers of Faith. She is currently writing a non-fiction
book on the History of Old Colorado Church Structures, built before 1900.

Old Business (May 2021)


Greg Gregory
Greg is retired, but worked in educational media for over 30 years. His first love has always been language and the printed word. He has been published in the US, Canada, and England in publications including California Quarterly, Windsor Review, Poetry Nottingham, and The Aurorean.

New Book Release (Feburary 2020)
Blue Tin Sky

Pura Vida (September 2016)
Desert Moon (March 2017)
Valley of the Moon (May 2017)
Wetlands (September 2017)

*Featured Poet July 2018*
The Houses at Portuguese Flats

Passing Image (November 2019)
The Coast Starlight (August 2021)
Moonrise (September 2021)
Wind Taken (November 2021)

*Featured Poet Feburary 2022*
Between Stone and Cloud
Pastel (July 2022)
Mojave (August 2022)

Kathy Grieger

Stirring Memories (Feb 2010)

Sophia Grineva

Featured Artist (August 2021)

J.Conrad Guest
J. Conrad Guest is the author of January’s Paradigm. His fiction and essays appear in various online and print publications.
He is also co-founder of and fiction, non-fiction and cigar editor for The Smoking Poet.

Short Stories:
A Dog's Wisdom (June 2009)

Michael Guillen

Movie Review
GOOD LUCK, MR. GORSKI (January 2012)

Daniel Gunter

That Night Is Also Brilliant (November 2010)

Kenneth Gurney
Kenneth Gurney lives in Shorewood, Wisconsin; edits and produces Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry. He is 2 meters tall; is happy baseball season arrived as scheduled and volunteers at the boys and girls club three afternoons a week.  

Carried Away (April 2004)
Part of the Landscape (April 2005)
Hail Mary Full of Grace (December 2005)
Surviving the Wreck (February 2006)

Cindy Williams Gutiérrez

Bird's-Eye (July 2016)


John Guzlowski

Double-Barreled Browning (November 2015)

Tina Hacker
A two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, Tina has been published in numerous journals and anthologies. Her chapbook, Cutting It, was published in 2010 by The Lives You Touch Publications.

Featured Poet May 2011*
Final Night
Jenna’s Sterling
Second Place
Boyfriends (Feburary 2012)

Tresha Haefner

Dear Iceberg (February 2012)

CM Hagan

Love Letter to a Lukewarm Night Sky (July 2017)

Elisabeth Hallett
Elisabeth is the author of two nonfiction books, In The Newborn Year and Soul Trek, and sometimes a poet. A mother of two, she maintains a website devoted to the mystery of pre-birth communication at LIGHT HEARTS 

Three Guesses (March 2003)
Remorse In April (April 2005)

DK Halley

Sunset on Plum Island (August 2022)

Seasons of Summer (September 2022)

Melinda Halliday
Melinda is a mother, grandmother and avid photographer living near the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz, California.
She sees beauty all around her and loves to share the magic of our world through her photography.

Featured Photographer (August 2020)


Gail Hamilton

The Harvest (June 2015)
Raspberry Morning (July 2015)
*Featured Poet August 2015*
Southern Exposure
Summer Remembered

Constant Change (September 2015)

Shai Har-El
New Book Release November 2023
A Tale of Two Souls


Emily Harel

Summer Day (July 2020)

Peter J. Harris

New Book Release July 2024
Altadena Poetry Review: Anthology 2024

William J. Harris

William J. Harris is an emeritus professor of American literature,
African-American literature, creative writing, and jazz studies. He has taught at
the University of Kansas, Pennsylvania State University, and Cornell University.
He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Sympathetic Magpies (October 2023)



Charlotte Hart
New Book Release February 2023
Desert Flow


Michele Hartman

Autumn did not come this year (December 2013)


Neth Hass

New Book Release July 2023


Catherine Hathaway

Funeral Lilies (March 2008)
A Poem for Home (May 2008)
Here Are the Grackles! (July 2008)

Jeanine Hathaway

New Book Release
Long after Lauds (November 2019)

Book Review
Long after Lauds (Feburary 2020)

Ellie Hawkes

Book Reviews
Forget Russia, A Novel (January 2021)


Lorraine Healy
Lorraine is an award-winning Argentinean poet of Irish ancestry who has been published extensively. Nominated for a Pushcart in 2004, she has a M.F.A from the New England College and a post-MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles. She is the first poet to have received a green card solely on the merits of her work. The 2009 winner of the Patricia Libby First Book Award, her book “The Habit of Buenos Aires” was published by Tebot Bach in 2010. A Hedgebrook alumna and a fine-arts photographer, Lorraine has long made her home on Whidbey Island

Featured poet November 2011
Ode to November
Wood Chopping
To The Elusive White Birches


Colleen McManus Hein

Prose Poems:
Drive-In Movie, July of ‘83 (July 2024)

New Book Release June 2024
Come December: A Collection of Poems

Leona Heitsch
Leona was once a teacher of chemistry, and soon after the birth of a language impaired son, a teacher of the likes of him. As a family they took off searching and finding a miracle worker and a few answers to the enigma of autism. Apple trees and horses must engender poems, this great gramma has a stack of them a foot tall, dating back to West Bloomfield, Michigan in the thirties and forties.

Rachel (April 2014)


George Held 

Summer Turns (July 2008)
Empty Nights (July 2008)
Rabbit Ways (July 2008)
On a Lock of Hair (April 2009)

Short Articles:
Cease To Be (August 2008)

Esther Altshul Helfgott

Line Endings (April 2008)

Wes Hempel
With My Family on Memorial Day (May 2009)

Steve Henderson
Read his Bio page here

Featured Artist October 2018





Amy Hendrick-Yant
Featured Photographer November 2020

Carol Henrikson

Book Reviews:
Blue Patina (September 2016)

Geoffrey Heptonstall
New Book Release November 2023
A Whispering

*Featured Poet March 2024 *

Hawk and Harnser
Time Song
Marlowe and  the School of Night (April 2024)
Midsummer Snow (July 2024)

Ronnie Hess
Ronnie was born in New York City of immigrant parents and came west to study at the University of Wisconsin, becoming the first in her family to see the Mississippi River. Her career is in broadcast journalism, which has taken her on travels through Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

The Farewell (Nov 2009)
Live Frugally on Surprise (July 2014)
Outside the Bergen Art Museum (August 2014)
Home Movies (September 2014)

New Book Releases:
WHOLE CLOTH (Nov 2009)

Jerry Hicks

Trying to remember Asia (January 2012)
B-positive, O-negative (April 2012)

Short Stories:
Tutorial for a Muse (January 2012)

Andrew Higgens

*Featured Poet November 2016*
Fall Fish
Black Creek
Surgeon's Knot

Heather Higham

Fall Photography October 2021


Donna Hilbert

Gravity (May 2016)
Lizard Brain (Feburary 2019)

Erica S. Hill

Democracy (July 2009)

Featured Photographer~January 2017


Phyllis Hillinger 

In the Name of Freedom (July 2008)
A Week's Tropical Depression (August 2008)
Prepared (March 2009)

History Film Buff

Movie Reviews:
Spirits For Sale by Annika Banfield (September 2010)

Marlene Hitt

New Book Release (July 2015)
Clocks and Water Drops



Lynne Hjelmgaard

Featured Poet October 2020
Turpentine Tree
Ode to a Danish Lamp (November 2020)
I’d like to speak of this memory (June 2021)



Jeanette Hocevar

Flags July 2010

Dayna Leslie Hodges

Still Life (June 2024)

Susan Fleming Holm

Susan holds degrees from The College of Wooster in Ohio (B.A. 1966) and the University of
Kansas (M.A. 1982, Ph. D. 1985).  She was a Peace Corps volunteer, teaching English at Atatürk
University in Erzurum, Turkey, and in the U.S. she taught Spanish and English in Maryland, Kansas
and Illinois. She and her husband are both retired and, since 2011, live in Topeka, Kansas. Ms.
Holm is the mother of two sons and has two grandchildren.

Turn (Feburary 2020)

Framing (February 2021)


Keith Holyoak

The Chase (February 2013)

New Book Release:
Foreigner (January 2013)
The Gospel According to Judas (January 2016)

Evert Hoogers
Evert has been an elected National Union Representative with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers since 1990. He was President of the Vancouver Local during the 1980s. Human rights and international solidarity has been a major focus of his work in the labour movement. 

Book Review:
Have You Thought Of Leonard Peltier Lately? (March 2005)

Danielle Hooi

Featured Poet February  2024


Edward Hopper

Featured Artist September 2021

Jack Horne

An Adventure with Annie (April 2024)

Jim Hornbeck

Concert Reviews:
James Taylor and Carole King ~ Troubadour Reunion Tour (June 2010)

David D. Horowitz

8/31, 8:31 (August 2012)
September 30th (September 2012)
Featured Poet November 2012*
In Antioch to Rediscover Athens
Good Luck
Mortgaged (June 2014)

Featured Poet September 2014*
Thanksgiving (November 2014 )


New Book Release:
Cathedral and Highrise (May 2015)

Book Review:
A Vertical Mile (June 2014)
Through the Second Skin (July 2014)
Frozen by Fire:
A Documentary in Verse of the Triangle Factory Fire of 1911 (February 2015)

Paul Hostovsky

Featured Poet April 2009
Portrait of Gerald Stern
My Lunch with Tony Hoagland
Workshop with Stephen Dunn


Anthony Hotopp 

A Cage of Dreams (July 2006)

Jodi Hottel

"God Bless America" (May 2011)

Roger Housden

New Book Release (June 2018)
Ten Poems for Difficult Times

Henry Howard
Henry, a Los Angeles writer and peace activist, believes in the power of loving words and unconditional love to make the world a better place. If this were his last day on Earth, how could he make it brighter for at least one person before sunset?
d. April 2019 

Flames and Shadows (March 2003)
Disappeared In The US (April 2003)
You Were There When I Won (June 2003)
Heaven and Hell on Angel's Landing (March 2004)
Pictures At An Exhibition: Iraq, May 2004 (Sept 2004)
Whispers in the Desert(January2006)
140,000 SECONDS (August 2007
When the Sun Eats the Sky (August 2007)
Thanksgiving, in Crystal (November 2012)
How a Car Bomb Stopped a War (March 2015)
In the Stadium with Victor (April 2018)
Portrait of the Artist as a Wonderful Mother (May 2019)
City of Ghosts (November 2019)
Old Love (Feburary 2022)  

Ann Howells
Ann Howells, of Dallas, Texas, edited Illya’s Honey for eighteen years. Her books are: Under a Lone Star (Village Books, 2016) and a D/FW anthology she edited, Cattlemen & Cadillacs (Dallas Poets Community, 2016). Her chapbook, Softly Beating Wings (Blackbead, 2017), was published as winner of the William D. Barney Chapbook Contest. Her latest collection, So Long As We Speak Their Names, a series of poems centered around watermen on the Chesapeake Bay, will be released in spring from Bowen Books. Recent work has appeared in Chiron Review, I-70 Review, Paddock Review, San Pedro River Review, and The Langdon Review.

City Mouse (August 2010)

The U.S. Weather Service Predicts Snow Beginning After Midnight and
Continuing Thru Tomorrow Afternoon with Accumulations of up to 4"
(Dallas, 2003) (Feburary 2017)

Near Rusk (October 2019)

*Featured Poet March 2017*
Songbird in the Mimosa
Mockingbird April

Caroline loves Norman (Feburary 2019)
This Morning (March 2019)

Bing Hua

Bing Hua, born Lu Lihua, is a Chinese-American poet. She is an accountant in Maryland, vice president of
the Chinese Poetry Association, content director of Poetry Hall. She has been called “the queen of love
poetry” and “a rose in the poetic world” and her poetic style called the “Bing Hua Style”. Her poems are
so influential that they are considered “Bing Hua Phenomenon”.

Her poetry collections include February’s Rose 2022, in English translated by Xu Yingcai), Selected
Poems of Bing Hua (2019, in English and Chinese, translated by Xu Yingcai), This Is Love (2013, with
CD record of her poems read by Teng Chan), and Roses by the Stream (Chinese version first published
in 2008; republished in both Chinese and English in 2019, translated by Wang Dajian) .

She co-edited Best Modern and Contemporary Chinese Poetry, Best Overseas Chinese Poetry 2021,
Penetrating Time and SpaceA Poetry Group of William Marr in Chinese published (2022), winner
of numerous poetry awards, Bing Hua’s poems have been widely anthologized. Her publications
are available via Amazon

New Book Release (July 2022)
February’s Rose

Deep Autumn Provoked Deep Longing (October 2022)
Leaves and Birds (May 2023)
Autumn Grapes (October 2023)
If Only I Were the Wind (Feburary 2024)

Goddess of Antelope Canyon (July 2023)


Yiwei Huang

Four Tanka (March 2013)

Lee Hubbard
Lee is a Southern California poet/writer who is interested in primary questions, man's place and destiny in the universe, and the elements of an enriched life. 

Dialogue: Super Ego and the ID (Nov 2001)
Raison d'Etre (Feb 2002)
In My Room (May 2002)
Early Morning Haiku (August 2002)
I Will Remember /Oublie? Jamais! (February 2003)
And Who Shall Judge? (April 2003)
This Moment, My Life
Reminisce (April 2007)

Short Story:
On The Mountain (January 2003) 
We Sat in Darkness (September 2010)

The Government Won't Wait (March 2003)

Loretta Love Huff
Loretta is a management coach and consultant who helps clients optimize performance, accomplish goals and fulfill on their mission. 

Marriage Has Caused Me To Be (March 2002)


Langston Hughes
Video Poem:
'Let America Be America Again' (August 2009)


Peter Humphreys
All of Peter's poems are love poems. Many are set in Ireland, his home for so many years. In 1970, he first fell in love with the land, its people, its sorrows and its joys. He was never the same again. He became a part of it and it a part of him.

un ragazzo di vita (April 2008)
the kiss (Feburary 2012)

Featured Poet March 2012
Casey's river
new years
deirdre of the sorrows
I'm Your Man (April 2012)

Featured Poet March 2015
Emigrant Songs

Ekphrastic Poetry:
Bewitched (June 2016)


Ann Huston

Featured Artist December 2021

Karla Huston
Wisconsin Poet Laureate (2017-2018) and the author of A Theory of Lipstick (Main Street Rag: 2013) as well as 8 chapbooks of poetry including Grief Bone, (Five-Oaks Press: 2017). Her poems, reviews and interviews have been published widely, including the 2012 Pushcart Best of the Small Presses anthology. She teaches poetry writing at The Mill: A Place for Writers in Appleton, Wisconsin.

O HAIR (January 2018)


Tony Huston

The Suitor (Feburary 2020)

Cindy M Hutchings

New Book Release March 2016
Tree Talk

WTC Remains (September 2013)

Featured Poet October 2013
October Dawn
Fading wildfires

For The Children (December 2013)
"She Tore" (June 2014)
On My Way (July 2015)
Driving Through (February 2016)
ode to William Shakespeare (April 2016)
Eagle, Fly (July 2016)
Sacred Frost (March 2018)
Grandma E loved her flowers… (May 2018)
My Grandpa's Eyes (June 2019)
Butterfly, dancing on air (March 2023)


Kate Hutchinson

New Book Release June 2022
A Matter of Dark Matter


Kristan Hutchison

Postcard Home from Antarctica (June 2010)

Elizabeth Iannaci

Featured Poet April 2020*
Love in the Time of Coleridge
When Puskin Comes To Shovel
Dancing with Yesenin 



Chris Ingham
Chris spent his childhood in South Africa, attended University in Australia where he now lives and is a teacher of English. He writes what can best be described as narrative poetry based upon his own experiences. 

An Act of Contrition (July 2001)
Ancestral Voices (October 2001)
Blood (October 2001)
Blood Brothers (November 2001)
Child of Africa, The (November 2001)
Flying Free (April 2002)
For Juliet (March 2002)
The Ghost of my Past (August 2001)
I Touched Your Pain (November 2001)
The Last Shallows Of Summer ( June 2001)
The Letters, (A Poetic Correspondence) (January 2002)
My Lover . . . Porphyria (March 2002)
Poets (January 2002)
Rebirth ( June 2001)
Refractions A Sonnet ( May 2002)
The Rose Garden (February 2002)
A Sonnet For Sylvia Plath (July 2001)
Possession (August 2002)
The Void (Sept 2002)
Vultures are Circling (November 2002)
He Watched For Her (January 2003)
She Waited For Him (January 2003)
She Danced For Him (January 2003)
For the First Time~ My Song of Songs (February 2003)
Her Hands (Feb 2004)
Wishing and Hoping and Praying (March 2005)

A series of poems for her whose name is identified with Artemis as goddess of the moon from the June 2003 issue:*
The Birth of Venus
For Artemis
The Never-ending Dance
The No Man's Land of Our Love

A Despairing Cry to My Lost Muse (October 2007)



Elizabeth Iannaci

Sepia (June 2018) 


M.J. Iuppa

M.J.‘s third full length poetry collection Small Worlds Floating was published by Cherry Grove Collections in July, 2016. For the past 28 years, she has lived on a small farm near the shores of Lake Ontario.

Featured Poet May 2017
Counting by Twos'
Rock and Keep
Apples and Oranges

The Kiss (Feburary 2019)

Danielle Jacobowitz
Danielle has been writing poetry since she was very young, but her style did not begin to take shape until her college years. Her brisk, poignant poems have been artfully described as "a shot of blood in hot cocoa" and "akin to [the poetry of] Anna Akhmatova". Her poems have been published in the Seacoast Entertainer as well as The New Verse News. When she is not at a poetry reading, Danielle teaches voice lessons and practices a variety of partner dances. She lives in a cozy, charming apartment in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.

Featured poet for January 2012*



Larry Jaffe
For his entire professional career, Larry Jaffe has been using his art to promote human rights. He was the poet-in-residence at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage, a featured poet in Chryslerís Spirit in the Words poetry program, co-founder of Poets for Peace (now Poets without Borders) and helped spearhead the United Nations Dialogue among Civilizations through Poetry project which incorporated hundreds of readings in hundreds of cities globally using the aesthetic power of poetry to bring understanding to the world. Jaffe served as the Poet Laureate for Youth for Human Rights from 2007 to 2012. He was the recipient of the Saint Hill Art Festivalís Lifetime of Creativity Award, the first time given to a poet. He loves being a judge for the epic Arizona Poetry Contest. He has four books of poetry: Unprotected Poetry, Anguish of the Blacksmithís Forge, In Plain View, 30 Aught 4 and the soon to be published Man without Borders.. 

Poet Laureate for Youth for Human Rights from 2007 to 2012

Book Review:
Riding with Boom Boom (January 2017)

Ella Sang (March 2005)

Featured Poet Feburary 2011*
Hand Sight
Kite Flier (March 2011)
Terse Passionata (April 2011)
Neruda Still Dreams (April 2013)
Wordful (April 2014)
Application for Peace (January 2018)
Neruda Still Dreams (April 2018)

D.R. James:
D. R. James’s latest of ten collections are Mobius Trip and Flip Requiem (Dos Madres Press, 2021, 2020); his micro-chapbook All Her Jazz is free, fun, and printable-for-folding at Origami Poems Project; and individual poems have appeared in a wide variety of anthologies and journals. He lives in the woods near Saugatuck, Michigan.

Entering Winter with a Line from Gwendolyn Brooks (December 2021)
Great Lake Shore in Winter (January 2022)
Faux Thaw (December 2022)
New Year’s Resolution (January 2023)
Lakeside Bird Feeder, Wet Snow (March 2023)
Field Notes from an Old Chair (March 2024)

Star Jameson

Heron (March 2010)


Christopher J. Jarmick

New Book Release September 2015*
Not Aloud


Annie Jenkin
June 3, 1957 ~ February 5, 2024
Annie has been writing poems since 2014. Based in Devon, England, her favourite theme
relates to the coastline and countryside—the views, scenery, history, people and wild-
life. †Her applied observation and use of imagery offer insights and glimpses into the world
she loves to share.
In Memoriam
Annie Jenkin
(June 3, 1957 ~ February 5, 2024

New Book Release (January 2022)
Come Walk with Me: Poems Reflecting Walks Around Devon

Book Review:
Ripples Into the Light: PhotoPoetry (June 2023)

The Duchess of Sutherland (October 2019)
Moment of Time (December 2019)
Winter's Edge (January 2020)
Zephyr (Feburary 2020)
Springtime Messengers (May 2020)

Featured Poet June 2020
Lobster Pot Treasures
Beckoning Winds and Sea
Piazza Duom
A Winter's Walk (November 2020) 
Nocturnal Stirrings (November 2020)
Winter is upon us (January 2021)
Vacancy (February 2021)
On Gentle Winds (March 2021)
July in Devon (July 2021)
Palette of Joy (September 2021)
Precious Gold (November 2021)
A Postcard from Lanzarote (January 2022)
As in a Dream (Feburary 2022)
Featured Poet March 2022*
Sapphire Snow
When the wind blows
Awakening in Devon
A Wintertime Walk
Untamed Thunder
Springtime in Plymouth (May 2022)
Passing Through (July 2022)
Warhorse Country (August 2022)
Messenger of Joy (September 2022)
Golden Glows (November 2022)
Sky Dancing (January 2023)
Chasing the Light (February 2023)
The Chaos of Colour (March 2023)
Signs of Spring (May 2023)
Finding my Space (July 2023)
Wetlands in Devon (August 2023)
A Blackbird's Search (October 2023)
Waiting Out Winter (November 2023)
Joy to the World (December 2023)
On a Frosty Day in Plymouth (January 2024)
Beneath the Strawberry Moon (March 2024)
A Day At The Beach (June 2024)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Sapphire Sky (August 2020)
The Happy Flower (May 2021)
Winter Suspense (September 2021)
Still Your Heart (June 2022)


Julie Jennings

Early Riser (September 2008)

Jeffry Jensen

Spelling the World (July 2009)

Bruce Jewett
Taking Maryanne to Lunch and a Flower Shop on a July Day (February 2009)
Free Diving (Sept 2009)
Little League (October 2009)

Caroline Johnson
A nominee for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net, Caroline has won numerous state and national poetry awards, including the 2012 Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row Poetry Contest. Currently president of Poets and Patrons of Chicago, she has led poetry workshops for veterans and others in the Chicago area. Her first full-length collection of poems, The Caregiver (Holy Cow! Press, 2018), was inspired by years of family caregiving. To read more of her poetry, visit her website.

Blossom (July 2018)
Letting Go (August 2018)

*Featured Poet January 2019*
Lighting the Way 
Maple Lake: A Sestina 

Evening Dreams (August 2019)
After Swimming, circa 1979 (September 2019)
Conjuring (May 2020)
Triptych in Color (May 2020)
Gliding (June 2020)
It's Changing (September 2020)
Crossing (June 2021)

New Book Release (August 2018)
The Caregiver

Clay Johnson
New Book Release Feburary 2024
The Streitmatter's Journey to America

Laurel Johnson
Laurel is a retired Registered Nurse who believes that love, compassion, and the natural wonders around us enrich her existence. Her lifelong love affair with poetry and prose took a natural progression after retirement when she began to write in earnest. 

Rampallion (February2006)
I Wait (February2006)
Safe at Home (February 2006)

Book Reviews:
Halfway Decent Sinners (February 2007)

Marianne S. Johnson
Marianne practices law in San Diego. Her poetry is published in several journals including Calyx and New Millennium Writings, and multiple anthologies, including Lavanderia and Sunshine Noir II. Her first poetry chapbook, Tender Collisions, was published by Aldrich Press in 2015, and she has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Opera (May 2016)



Val Johnson
Val lives in Northwest WI and is retired from 3M Co. He writes in the Native American/mystical animal genre as the grandfathers direct him. 

Short Stories:
A Doe Story (Dec 2004)

Lois P. Jones

Lois P. Jones's work won honors in the 2021 Bridport Poetry Prize and is forthcoming in the Bridport Poetry Anthology. She was a winning finalist for the 2018 Terrain Poetry Contest judged by Jane Hirshfield. Other awards include the 2018 Lascaux Single Poem Prize, the 2017 Bristol Poetry Prize judged by Liz Berry and the Tiferet Poetry Prize. Jones has work published or forthcoming in Poetry Wales, Plume, Guernica Editions 2021, Vallentine Mitchell of London – 2021, Verse Daily, and Narrative. Jones’ first collection, “Night Ladder” was published by Glass Lyre Press in 2017 and listed for several awards. Jones is the poetry editor of Kyoto Journal and a reader for the Kingsley-Tufts Awards.

Anahata (May 2010)
Featured Poet December 2010*
She measures the skyline by footprints
Portrait of Åsa
Late Winter
Unmarked Grave (April 2011)
Ouija (April 2012)
Rilke's Maid, Leni at the Little Castle of Schloss Berg (April 2019)
To the Moon on the Subject of Darkness (April 2019)  
Featured Poet November 2019*
A Stranger’s Needs
After the Sniper
Reflections on La Scapigliata
To a Friend at Rilke’s Grave in Raron (April 2020)
What the Chestnut Tree Saw (August 4, 1944) (August 2020)
Genève (February 2023)


Ekphrastic Poetry:
To the Moon on the Subject of Darkness (Feburary 2012)
Sketch (May 2019)

Book Review April 2017
I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast

New Book Release (September 2017)
Night Ladder

Michael Josephson
Michael is the founder and president of the Josephson Institute of Ethics, which he named for his parents after retiring from successful careers in business, law and education. He serves without salary and donates all fees and honoraria from his programs to the Institute, which is overseen by an independent, volunteer board of governors. 

What Will It Matter (April 2005)

Pete Justus
Although Pete was born in London, he's lived all his life in LA. He's been writing for over 30 years and teaches history at Westchester High School in Los Angeles. He is the author of: The Edge of a Brighter Day in 1993 and Truths, Taps, and Time, 2002.

The Summer of '69 (July 2001)
Was It Not Real? (June 2002)
October (October 2002)
In Cairo (April 2004)
Whispers From the Autumn Night (Nov 2004)
Section 60 (May 2011)



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