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Sally Nacker
Sally was a recipient of the Connecticut Audubon Society’s Edwin Way Teale Writer-in-
Residence at Trail Wood award in the summer of 2020.

Her poem “Tōmyōdai: The Early Lighthouses” was inspired by Taikan Oono's online
essay at Japan Center for Asian Historical Records: “Lighthouse Construction During the
Meiji Period and East Asia,” especially his reference to Tanigawa Ryichi about prayer.

Tōmyōdai: The Early Lighthouse(July 2021)
Geese (September 2021)
Goodnight (December 2021)
*Featured Poet January 2022*
Kindness in Winter
Winter Boughs
Night Snow
Winter Moment at a Vermont Inn
Two Does in Snow (November 2022)


Don Narkevic

Featured Poet October 2010:
Time of Life
Last Rain
fetal demise
Fall 1962

Short Stories:
Scars (August 2010)

My Mother Dreams (May 2016)
Dream Girl (Feburary 2017)

Paul Nash
Paul hosts the North Jersey Literary Series with Denise La Neve (in Teaneck NJ), and contributed to/edited the 2016 META-LAND poetry anthology. Paul studies ancient amber at the American Museum of Natural History.

Mullican Pines (November 2016)


James Navé
Poet, storyteller, and explorer, co-directed The Artist's Way Creativity Camp with Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, for eight years before founding The Writing Salon with Allegra Huston.

Tulsa Pool Player (January 2008)
And Then There Was Love (January 2008)
Jazz Lady (January 2008)
Apogee (January 2017)
Beauty determines the distance I go (July 2017)
Years of Technicolor (August 2017)

Prose Poems:
Night Noon (April 2013)


Stephen Neason
Steve is a 57 year old retired IT manager, widower, currently operating Cedar Spring Farm and Apiary, a market garden farm near Seattle, WA.

Morning Thunder (August 2014)

Burgess Needle
After being part of Peace Corps Thailand, Burgess worked as a school librarian for 30 years and has
published poetry and fiction in the USA and the UK. His first poetry collection, EVERY CROW IN THE BLUE SKY,
was published by Diminuendo Press

Man of Three Cities (April 2010)
Featured poet for June 2010*
My Grandpa Harry
Charmed Helix
Green River Armistice

Vaughn (Von) Neeld

Vaughn graduated from St. Mary College with a B.A. in Liberal Studies. In 1973, she
began her career as a typesetter at the Estes Park, Colorado, "Trail-Gazette," and in 2006,
she retired as the Supervisory Editor of Military Review, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas,
before moving to Cañon City, Colorado, where, among other pursuits, she is a member of
The Poetry Society of Colorado, in Lakewood.

Mid-Winter Morning Muse (January 2020)
Wind and Fire and Chocolate ( March 2020 )
Baked Apples (October 2020)
Autumn's First Snow (October 2020)
The Content of Midnight (November 2020)
Clan (November 2020)
Casualty (January 2021)
It Was All a Dream (February 2021)
Dad Catches a Big Fish (June 2021)
Just Another War (October 2021)
*Featured Poet November 2021 *
Moonlight in Winter 
Passages (December 2021)
At Times (March 2022)
Vernal (June 2022)
As Night Falls (July 2022)
Weather Coming (August 2022)
Invisible Days: A Prose Poem (August 2022)
At Times I Pretend I Have a Husband (February 2023)
Chinook (March 2023)
Unrelenting (April 2023)
Under a Cloud-Freckled Sky (August 2023)
The Tail of the Season (September 2023)
Winter Foray (December 2023)
In Like a Lion (March 2024)
When it is Difficult to Express Love (May 2024)
A Faded Dream (May 2024)
Father's Day (June 2024)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Burlesque Queen (December 2020)
Sunflowers on a Corner Table (May 2021)
Leda Betrayed (July 2021)
The Empty Room (October 2021) 
Serenity (December 2021)
Wanton (March 2022)
At Rest (June 2022)
Sunset (July 2022)
Fleeting Glory (December 2022)
She Wanted More (May 2023)
Dawn Breaks Rosy (September 2023)
As Summer Ends (October 2023)
The Wind Bides Its Time (November 2023)
Rooted Fast (December 2023)
The Girl in Mourning Black (March 2024)


Sheryl L. Nelms

Happy Valentine's Day (Feburary 2019)
My Seven-year-old Super Salesman (May 2019)
Dave's Ready (September 2019) 

Gene Nelson 

Invisible People
by Gene Nelson and Craig Carothers (Sept 2004)

Martina Reisz Newberry

Totems (March 2014)
Featured Poet May 2014*
The Mother
Russel  Street
With the Koi (June 2014)
Look in the Mirror (September 2014)
The Mursi of Ethopia (December 2016)

New Book Release August 2014:
Where it Goes, poetry by Martina Reisz Newberry

New Book Release October 2017
Take the Long Way Home

New Book Release November 2020  

Gillian Nevers
A Pushcart Prize-nominated poet, Gillian’s poems have appeared in several print and online literary magazines and anthologies.
Her illustrated chapbook, The True Story, (Fuller’s Windy Acres Farm Press) won second prize in the Wisconsin Fellowship of
Poets’ 2019 Chapbook contest. She was second prize winner in the 2008 Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
statewide poetry contest and received an Honorable Mention in the Academy’s 2019 statewide contest. Gillian lives in Madison,
Wisconsin with her husband, Dan.

Tideless (July 2021)

August 2021 Featured Poet*
A Mournful Time of Year
Long Shadows of August
Sudden Mountain Storm


Hannah Nguyen

Red Mountains (November 2012)
*Featured Poet December 2012
Leaving Vietnam
Woman Reading
Twenty-one (May 2013)
The Animals (June 2017)
Featured Poet May 2019
The Great-Aunts 
To A Child In The Garden 


Duane Niatum

Duane is still alive and writing in Salish country, his blood's home. He is not at all ready to take that final canoe ride down the Dungeness River. He has published eight books of poems and other writings and is still writing like a hawk flies into its own metaphors. In this insane world, what else can show you the way?

Not Running Ahead of the Heartbeat (July 2016)



Brook Nickels

Birds ( March 2011)

Dr. Peter Nissler D.D.S.

Featured Artist August 2012
Featured Artist December 2012


Rahim Nobakht

Featured Photographer January 2019

Dave Nordling
Dave, a native Kansan living in Santa Monica is co-host of the Rapp Saloon.

Blue (August 2006)
Winds of Autumn (November 2008)

Brian Noveck


Featured Artist November 2018

Fall Photography October 2021

Toti O’Brien

New Book Release February 2021
Alphabet of Birds—Stories from Home and Garden

New Book Release (December 2022)
In Her Terms


Jamie S. O'Halloran 

In Memory of My Mother's Kitchen (Nov 2004)

Shaw O’ Inchrory 

Your Breath is but a Love’s Bouquet (March 2004)

Austin Okopny
Austin "Boston" Okopny is a student from Las Vegas, NV. Published in "Parallax" in the Spring of 2010, he has also made the semi-finals in Pirate Alley's Faulkner Wisdom Awards. He has given readings at The Gateway Center for the Arts in Las Vegas.

Relationship of One Half, One, Two (January 2011)


Karen O’Leary
Karen O’Leary is a freelance writer from West Fargo, ND. She has published poetry, short stories, and articles in a variety of venues including, Hedgerow, Quill & Parchment, Haikuniverse, Frogpond, Setu, Fine Lines and Shot Glass Journal. Karen edited an international online journal called Whispers for 5 ½ years. She enjoys sharing the gift of words.

Sunset at Valley Resort (January 2023)
Arthritic Tree (May 2023)
bricklayer (August 2023)
As Leaves Fall (November 2023)
Yuletide Hope (December 2023)
Winter’s Surprise (January 2024)
Soulmates (Feburary 2024)
Spring Greetings (March 2024)
Blowing in the Wind (March 2024)
Western Tunes (June 2024)

Terry Olynik

Blood Orange (February 2008)



Denis R. O'Neill

New Book Release:
Whiplash: When the Vietnam War rolled a hand grenade into the Animal House (March 2014)

Featured Photographer August 2015

New Book Release (November 2016)
The River Wild
A Thriller

Featured Poet September 2022*
The Journey I
The Journey II
The Journey III
The Journey IV

Irish Lamb Shank Stew (March 2021)

Gregory O'Neill

In Her Eyes (February 2008)

Hope O'Neill
In the 1960s, poems of Hope's appeared in Poet & Critic, The University Review (Kansas City) and Twentieth Century (England). She has been an applied mathematician, a mother, and for thirty years, a college instructor in English and ESL (various California State Universities). Lately, she has returned intensively to poetry.

Crimson and Blue (Nov 2009)

Sergio Antonio Ortiz
Featured Poet November 2008
Vows and Other Memories from the Islands


Papa Osmubal
Papa Osmubal writes from Macau, Southern China. His wife and children make his home an eternal spring. His daughter's name is Man Lok, which means Noble; and his son's name is Man Hou, which means Good Culture. His wife is named Kam Sio, which means Golden Smile. 

Hac Sa Beach, Macao (June 2007)



Carol Oyanagi

Icicle Gardens (March 2010)

Christina Pacosz
Christina has several books of poetry, the most recent, Greatest Hits, 1975-2001, Pudding House, 2002. While living on Discovery Bay in Washington state, she edited the anthology, Digging for Roots, Dalmo’ma 5, Works by Women of the North Olympic Peninsula (Empty Bowl, 1985). She teaches urban youth in Kansas City, Missouri.

December, Moon of Sacrifice (Dec 2009)

Carl Palmer
Carl "Papa" Palmer of Old Mill Road in Ridgeway VA now lives in University Place WA. He has a 2015 Seattle Metro contest winning poem riding buses somewhere in Emerald City. Carl, president of The Tacoma Writers Club is a Pushcart Prize and Micro Award nominee.
MOTTO: Long Weekends Forever

Coffee Shop (November 2007)
Her Fella (January 2008)
Ponderings (July 2014)
Portrait of Helen (February 2015)
Chambers Creek (July 2016)
Any Autumn Day in Washington (November 2019)
Dear Editor, (Feburary 2020)

Featured Poet June 2018
Horehound Candy
Bonus Beatitude
Priest’s Palette
Depraven (April 2021 )
Home Grown (May 2024)

Short Story:
Suppertime (May 2014)


Joe Pan

New Book Release (December 2015)

Emmanuel Panagiotakis

Featured Photographer October 2023



Teresa Panza

Apple Turnovers (November 2016)
Quince Paste (December 2016)

Ian Parker
Ian Parker was British born and edcated, and is a graduate of California State University Long Beach, majoring in Philosophy and Creative writing. He works as an educator in Southern California. 

England my England (August 2005)

Dean Pasch

Closer (May 2010)
*Featured Poet November 2010
The Shape
Pinball Machine
A New Season

Art Work:
Collector of Grief (December 2010)

Emanuel di Pasquale
Emanuel di Pasquale came to America at the age of 15. In 1966, he earned an M.A. in English from NYU and has been teaching in college ever since. He has published a number of his poetry books (his latest being, Cartwheel to the Moon) He is a recipient of the Chelsea Poetry Award and has worked as poetry editor of Chelsea for a number of years. See his full bio in the October 2011 issue.

New Book Release
Harvest (October 2011)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Starry Night (January 2012)


Uttama Patel
Uttama is a freelance writer and founding editor of South Asian
. A psychology postgraduate of the University of
Cambridge, her writing focuses on family, culture and belonging,
and her work has been featured in several publications including
Highlights for Children, Trikone, and Chicago Parent.

His Desert Pyre (June 2016)

Kathleen Paul-Flanagan 

Lies (July 2006)
Content (February 2007)
Meds (February 2007)

Pat Paulk
Pat spends his days assembling steel and concrete; his nights line and verse. 

Gray-Fading (February 2006)
A Son of His (June 2006)
River Watch (July 2006)
Dying Words (October 2007)

Ronald Paxton

Short Stories:
Jupiter's Story (March 2010)
Appomattox (November 2010)
Shenandoah Christmas (December 2011)
Hero (June 2012)

Short Stories:
Julia's Song (July 2012)

Sherman Pearl
Sherman was a co-founder of the L.A. Poetry Festival, a co-editor of CQ magazine and co-director of the Valley Contemporary Poets. Since devoting himself to poetry he's published five books and has appeared in more than 50 literary journals and anthologies. His awards include the 2002 National Writers Union prize, the 2007 Anderbo Prize and 2nd place in the Strokestown Prize of 2003, Ireland's largest poetry competition. He also has produced several major readings on the poetry of peace and politics. 

The Last Speaker of Amurdag (January 2008)
No Gifts, Please (December 2008)
Moon-Worship (February 2009)
Read the Label, She Said (Sept 2009)

Leonard Peltier
Native American Activist, Political prisoner now serving two consecutive life time terms for a crime he did not commit. 

An Eagle’s Cry (Sept 2004)
The Heart of the World (Sept 2004)
In the Shadowed Night (Sept 2004)
A Prayer (Sept 2004)
Aboriginal Sin (Oct 2004)
The Message ( Dec 2004)
Leonard's Spoken Word Video (December 2008)

Short Stories:
Growing Up Indian (Sept 2004)

Silent Bear-"Peltier" (Sept 2009)


Angela Peñaredondo

Dust and Light (January 2010)
Featured Poet Feburary 2010
For Patima and Jen, On Your Wedding
Loose Ends
The Bath

Mima Pereira
Mima is published in many poetry journals including Poetry/LA. Her work was awarded in Anne Stanford's Poetry Contest which appeared in Sculpture Gardens Review. In 1948 she came down with polio. "She will never know how much it changed her life, or informed her poetry. 

An Illogical Light (July 2003)


Alice Pero 

If I am summer … (June 2021)
Empty Spaces … (July 2021)

Lola Peters

Ekphrastic Poetry:
My Braids (May 2012)

Who are you? (May 2013)

Robert Peters

Poetry CD Review:
Going Down The River In A Hayloft Coffin: the evocative years of Robert Peters (CD) (August 2010)


Shelley Peters

The View from Beacon Rock (June 2008)


Alan G. Phillips, Jr.

Ichabod's Return (October 2023)

Kathleen Hayes Phillips

Missing Mother (May 2019)


Patty Dickson Pieczka

New Book Release (October 2020)
Beyond the Moon’s White Claw

New Book Release (April 2023)
Gathering Sunlight

Autumn (October 2015)
Autumn (November 2015)

Curtis Pierce
New Book Release (November 2022)
Centennial Anthology 

Adam Piette

Book Reviews:
Trailing in the Wake of Story: The Poetry of Burgess Needle (March 2010)

Bobbie Ann Pimm
Bobbi Ann is a poet, lyricist and a fictional short story writer. She also loves to share her knowledge of Dreams and Dream Interpretation. 

Lovers' Villanelle (February 2003)

Lenore Plassman
Lenore, an Eastern Washington state resident and native of Northwestern Washington state, has been published in several small publications, including the Beltane Papers, a journal of women's mysteries. Most days you will find her either in her gardens or at the library. 

Generations (November 2007)
Moses Lake Farmer's Market (May 2008)


Poetry Society of Colorado
New Book Release (November 2022)
Centennial Anthology 

John Polelle

I Wrote Your Name (Feburary 2013)
A Mosque in Kabul (March 2013)
Listen to the Rock (January 2014)


Sara Polinsi

Featured Artist Feburary 2022

Judy Polinsky
Retiring from a career in the film and television industry, Judy Polinsky began to expand her passions for theater and history by presenting and interpreting foodways of the 18th Century. Her extensive collection of original and reprint Colonial era cookbooks gave her the source material to develop accurate period menus for her historical presentations. Her curiosity was piqued by the frequent use of rose as a flavoring. This led to experimenting with roses - and a new passion for 18th Century rose flavored desserts was born!

New Book Release Feburary 2017
Delicious Rose-Flavored Desserts

Recipes Feburary 2017
Snow and Cream
Rose Water Ices

Andrea Potos:
Andrea is the author of several poetry collections, most recently Marrow of Summer and Mothershell , both from Kelsay
Books, and A Stone to Carry Home from Salmon Poetry. A new collection entitled Her Joy Becomes is forthcoming from
Fernwood Press in the fall of 2022. One can find her poems widely published in print and online.

In the Room of the Impressionists (September 2022)


Geoff M. Pope
Geoff M. Pope teaches English and communication courses for City University of Seattle. His poetry was recently
published in Many Trails to the Summit (a Rose Alley Press anthology) and in Four and Twenty . Geoff's book, The Word
in Question , was published in 2009 (WinePress). In addition to poems, Geoff also writes podcast scripts for Grammar
Girl/Mignon Fogarty

Featured Poet January 2011
The Beak’s Shadow
Yellow Poem
Unswirling the Last Present
Three Winter Haiku

Andrea Potos

New Book Release January 2023
Her Joy Becomes

Truth, Beauty (April 2022)
Mothershell (May 2022)
Revelation in Retail (June 2022)
Visiting the Graves (October 2022)
*Featured Poet December 2022 *
Winter Memory of Chicago
When My Yaya Met Her Last Great Grand-Child
Knowing in Winter
Quiet in Winter
To Dorothy Wordsworth (April 2023)

*Featured Poet May 2023*
My Yaya’s Dresser
Abundance to Share with the Birds
Trying to Teach My Mother to Crochet
Praise Song for My Mother
Days of Dorothy (April 2024)
I Am Wearing My Mother’s Blouse(May 2024)
Finding My Mother in an Emily Dickinson Poem (May 2024)
June Memoriam (June 2024)

Christine Potter

Short Stories:
Apple Trees Live One Hundred Years (May 2008)

Marc Power
Marc, our Love Poet, lives in New Jersey and has published at least 5 chap books: A Symphony of You, Hymns to the Star Goddess, Faery Heart, Paens to the Solar God, and A Labyrinth of Amaranth. 

Flutter (July 2001)
Forever Bloom (August 2001)
The Perfect Day (September 2001)
A Feast of You (February 2001)
The Color of Water (February 2002)
I Sing Dragonfly (March 2002)
As I Wandered in the Streets (April 2002)
The Butterfly Færy Lord (May 2002)
How is everything? (August 2002)
The Valentine Faery (February 2003)
Wildflower Faery (April 2004)
Queen of Mysteries (July 2004)
Cycles (February 2005)
One Tear (February 2007)

Susan Power 

Dakota Woman (September 2008)

Short Articules
Old Stories From the New World (November 2008)

Irena Praitis

New Book Release:
Straws and Shadows (July 2012)


Cynthia R. Pratt

Featured Poet March 2014*
After Watching Snowy Owls, Our Friend Loses Her Mind
Building An Igloo

Featured Poet March 2018*
Winter Omen
Taming The Longing
Trying to Play the Game of Mind Shift

Listening to the Language of Bird Song (July 2016)

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