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Pilar Quintana

Mariposa Monarca (July 2022)

Zara Raab

Cicadas (August 2022)

Dear Sky (August 2022)


Keith Rabin
Keith is a landscape artist living in Colorado.Poetry:
A Prayer Wrapped In Blue Smoke (April 2005)

David Radavich
David's latest poetry collection is America Abroad: An Epic of Discovery.

New Book Release
The Countries We Live In (September 2013)

Featured Poet January 2014*
Snow Day

Mother and Child on Board (May 2019)


Judie Rae

New Book Release July 2023
Old Age and Young Hearts

New Book Release September 2023
Family Matters–Poems for and about Grandparents and Grandchildren

CJ Rakay

*Featured Poet January 2024*
Everywhere and Now
Foreverness (Feburary 2024)



Clare Ramsaran

Make Love Not War (Feb 2010)


Patrick T. Randolph
Patrick T. Randolph and his wife, Gamze, live on the banks of the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He teaches in the English as a Second Language Department at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse. His favorite pastime is listening to the verse of his wife’s soul-expanding voice. In October, Popcorn Press published his first book-length collection of poems, Father’s Philosophy. 

Sophomore Year: Winter Term (April 2007)
Anne’s Eyes After Eighty (May 2007)
Featured Poet October 2007
Our Bodies’ Voice
Take No For An Answer
Four Tanka Verses
Corn Planting Time (May 2008)
Mother-Daughter Music (August 2008)
Manhattan Morning: Taxi Driver from Bangladesh (June 2009)
Father's Philosophy (June 2012)

My Wife's Voice (May 2007)
Phone Call at 39 Mixed with Memory(May 2007)
Magic Man (June 2007)
Lonely Kitchen (June 2007)
Music and Bread (June 2008)
4 Selections (July 2008)

Ben Ranney 

Bridges (with Lori Williams -August 2001)

Julius Rascheff

Our guest Poet for April 2002


Katharine Rauk

New Book Release
Basil (September 2011)

Christine E. Ray
New Book Release December 2018
We Will Not Be Silenced

Judy Ray

Sea Song (July 2008)
Beside Water: The One That Got Away (August 2008)


David Ray

Hunger (May 2012)


Patrick Reardon

New Book Release November 2021)
Darkness on the Face of the Deep

Ellen Reich
(April 4, 1934~May 1, 2020)

Ellen, a prize-winning poet, taught creative writing for Emeritus College, a division of Santa Monica College, California.  Quill and Parchment nominated Ellen for the Pushcart Prize in 2008 and again in 2009. Ellen was appointed as the Malibu Poet Laureate by the Malibu City Council on March 11, 2019. Her term as the Malibu Poet Laureate began on March 28, 2019 and would have concluded March 27, 2021. Ellen’s spirit and ideative poetry, along with her relentless devotion to the development of poetry in Malibu since 1974, made her the ideal artist to hold the position of Malibu Poet Laureate.

New Book Release
Sacrifices Have to be Human (August 2015)

Daybreak & First Memory (July 2003)
Malibu, November (Nov 2003)
Hollow Trees (January 2007)
At Eagel Pond (January 2007)
The Clear Spirit Of Somewhere (May 2007)
Looking For Mark Strand (April 2008)
Moon (October 2008)
The Dead Aren't Like Us (November 2008)
Wait For Me (December 2008)
On the Night of the New Moon (January 2009)
I'm Waiting For the New Grass (October 2009)
Traffic (October 2011)
Pluck Me (February 2013)
Truth and Lies (May 2013)
The Way An Autumn Day Is Made (November 2014)
The Bird Thicket ( October 2016 )

Ekphrastic Poetry:
This Braided Woman (May 2012)
Under the Boardwalk (August 2012)


Bill Renick

Featured Photographer (April 2013)

Carlos Reyes
Carlos is a poet and translator living in Portland, Oregon. His latest book of poems is At the Edge of the Western Wave (Lost Horse Press, 2004). He has translated Josefina de la Torre, Poemas de la isla / Island Poems and Jorge Carrera Andrade, Obra poética completa / Complete Poetic Works (Ecuador, 2003). 

She (May 2006)
Vees (February 2008)
A Poem for Robert Creeley (April 2008)

Thelma T. Reyna
Thelma's books have collectively won 20 national book awards. She has written 6 books-- a short story collection, 2 poetry chapbooks, and 3 full-length poetry collections-- and has edited 3 anthologies: as Poet Laureate in Altadena, CA in 2014-2016, she edited the Altadena Poetry Review Anthology in 2015 and 2016. Then in 2020, Thelma edited a ground-breaking anthology, When the Virus Came Calling: COVID-19 Strikes America.
New Book Release April 2021
When the Virus Came Calling (April 2021 )

New Book Release May 2021
Dearest Papa: A Memoir in Poems

New Book Release April 2022
Doctor Poets & Other Healers: Covid in Their Own Words

Book Review:
Natural Philosophies (November 2022)
Leaving a Tip at the Blue Moon Hotel (October 2023)

Ellen Dooling Reynard

New Book Release July 2023
Old Age and Young Hearts

New Book Release December 2023
Double Stream

Charles Reynard

New Book Release December 2023
Double Stream

Driving William (April 2019)


Thomas D. Reynolds
Thomas currently teaches at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, and has published poems in various print and online journals. 

Three Years (August 2005)

E.W. Richardson
E.W. is a former Marine and Vietnam veteran, editor of Distant Echoes, a literary journal and author of Through Smoked Glass. Raised in Kenton, Ohio, he now makes his home in Van Nuys, CA. 

The Answer (October 2004)
Autumn to Winter (November 2005)
What The Leaves Told Me (November 2005)

Robert Riche
Robert, a recipient of grants from the NEA, CT Foundation for the Arts, is a Breadloaf Writers Conference Scholar, Norman Mailer Writers Colony Scholar (2009-August), has published poems in numerous literary magazines, is a novelist, much produced playwright and short story writer, most recently published in Commentary. He lives in Connecticut with his wife. Robert will be our August 2009 featured poet. Subscribe now so you won't miss out!

Featured poet August 2009*: 
That Time in Paris
The Concert Lover
Traveling With Old Friends
Renascence (October 2009)
Venice (August 2011)
The Look (February 2013)

New Book Release
Days Like These(August 2011)

Book Review:
Days Like These (September 2011)

Victor Riehl
Read Victor's Bio here

Featured Photographer January 2019
Featured Photographer June 2020
Fall Photography October 2021

There’s a River by the Edge of Town (August 2021)
We Heard the Cicadas Sing (August 2022)
To Sharmagne The Ragged Edges of Reality (February 2023)

Irish Soda Bread (March 2021)
Strawberry Delight Ice Cream (Feburary 2022)
Susan's Chili (September 2022)
Banana-Walnut Ice Cream (August 2023)
Salted Maple Ice Cream (November 2023)
Shrimp Won Ton Soup (January 2024)
Panettone French Toast (January 2024 )




Charles P. Ries
Charles lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His narrative poems, short stories, interviews and poetry reviews have appeared in over two hundred print and electronic publications. He has received four Pushcart Prize nominations for his writing. 

What it Isn't (February 2005)
Aunt Nora's Poppy Seed Torte (May 2005)
Los Huesos (November 2005)
Erotic Geography (February 2006)
Reading Octavio Paz (May 2006)
Odd (July 2009)
Valentine (February 2014)
Fly, Fall, Dreaming (December 2016)

Book Reviews:
Mundoy Palabra / The World & The Word (Feb 2005)
Suckers (April 2005)
Things About To Disappear (June 2005)
The Wrong Side of Town (August 2005)
This Junkyard Heaven(Oct 2005)
Finishing Lines (Nov 2005)
5 Speed (December 2005)
Three Short Reviews (Jan 2006)
Wrestling With My Father (February 2006)
Why Write Poetry Reviews? (May 2006)
New American Underground Poetry Vol. 1:The Babarians of San Francisco - Poets from Hell (June 2006)
Words (August 2006)
So Much Is Burning by: William Taylor Jr.(Oct 2006)
Rise, Fall, and Acceptance (March 2007)
The Fathers We Find (June 2007)
Finishing Lines (Dec 2007)
BLUE RIBBONS At the County Fair (May 2008)
SALUD Selected Writings (June 2008)
CRUDE RED BOAT (August 2008)
MY NOVENA (September 2008)
Chasing Saturday Night (November 2008)
December 2008:
typewriter art
d.a. levy & the mimeograph revolution (January 2009)
BREATHER (March 2009)
The Light of Fields (July 2009)
Wind / Where Music Was (January 2014)
The Fathers We Find (November 2016)
Freaky Mumbler's Manifesto (Feburary 2017)

Interview With Charles Nevsimal (April 2006)

Karen Rigby

New Book Release:
Chinoiserie (May 2012)

Jenna Rindo

Crippled with the Telling (Feb 2010)

Alberto Rios 

Short Articles:
Prosody Anecdotes (April 2005)

Elisavietta Ritchie

Forget I Gave You Ancestors to Die For (May 2011)

Mary Ritchie

Click here to read Bio

Featured Artist (Feburary 2019)

Barbara Robinette
Artists Statement

Featured Artist March 2022

New Book Release June 2021

Ekphrastic Poetry
America's Blindness (January 2021)

Two Haiku (July 2021)


Tom Roberdeau 

By the River (September 2005)



Jeannie E. Roberts
Jeannie E. Roberts is the author of NATURE OF IT ALL, a poetry collection (Finishing Line Press). A lifelong visual artist, she is also the author and illustrator of LET'S MAKE FACES!, a children's book. Her work has appeared in the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets' Wisconsin Poets' Calendar and elsewhere.

Bio 2018

New Book Release (May 2017)
Romp and Ceremony

New Book Release October 2018
The Wingspan of Things

New Book Release January 2023
The Ethereal Effect–A Collection of Villanelles


Featured Photographer January 2015
Featured Photographer January 2016
Featured Photographer January 2018

A Wood Thrush Sings (July 2014)

*Featured Poet August 2014 *
Church, in Summer
Tom Boy

Being October (October 2014)
Front Porch (November 2014)
Her Poetic Beginnings (June 2015)
Cat (July 2015)
Rush River Valley (November 2016)
Gratitude (December 2016)
Inuksuit Stand (August 2018)
Evening Speaks with the Resonance of Trees (January 2021)

*Featured Poet October 2023*
Tonight’s Menu
An October Acrostic
Birth Month
Enjoying an October Martini with Dad
Observing the Monarch Migration from a Midwestern Meadow

Ekphrastic Poetry
Empty your Cup (May 2016)
The Wine's Talking (June 2016)
Gabriele (November 2017)
Magpie (December 2017)
Letter to My Son (December 2019)
My Prayer Plant (May 2022)



Rayn Roberts

Associations (February 2014)

Eddy Robey M.A.
Like all Jewish mothers, I feed everyone in sight, and have been at work in the kitchen for 40 years. You can find many of her recipes online at Gantseh Megillah. 

A Prayer from the Flowers Forget Me Nots (Sept 2001)
A Flower for Peace (Sept 2001)
Journey (Nov 2001)
Chanukah Wishes (Dec 2001)
Dandelion (February 2003)

Football Food(January2002)
Hawaiian Style Chicken and Rice (July 2001)
Ways with Corn (August 2001)
Dressing (Meat) ( Nov 2001)
Maple-Pumpkin Pie (Nov 2001)
Beignets and Churros (Dec 2001)
Potato Latkes with Tomato-Lemon Confit (Dec 2001)
Charlottes, Strata, Mock Souffles (December 2002)

Warmth on A Winter Night (December 2002)

*VALENTINE'S DAY MENU (Feburary 2002)*
Easy Tomato Soup
Cranberry Chicken
Steamed Rice
Curried Carrots
Chocolate-Orange Pots de Crème
Applecakes (June 2002)
Sour Cream Apple Cake (June 2002)
Cold Sour-Cherry Soup (August 2002)
Easy Fish Bisque and Foolproof Whipping Cream Biscuits (February 2003)
Perfectly Simple Chocolate Mousse (Pareve) (February 2003
Hamantaschen for Purim (DAIRY)
Currant Scones for St Patricks Day

A Message For The New Year (Sept 2001)
Thank You Son, by an Army Mom (Nov 2001)
How to Roast Chickens and Turkeys (Nov 2001)
Successful Entertaining (Nov 2001)
Valentine's Day Menu (Feb 2002)
Boleros in the Subway (Feb 2002)
A Simple Pleasure (June 2002)
The Pursuit of Happiness (July 2002)
For the Miners (August 2002)
Change (Sept 2002)
Memory Lapse (November 2002)
What Flavor is Love? (Feb 2005)
Out of the Storms and Darkness (April 2005)
A Few Words From Mom (May 2005)
Stovetop Rice Pudding (May 2006)


Barbara Rockman
Barbara teaches writing at Santa Fe Community College and is Workshop Coordinator for Wingspan Poetry Project bringing poetry to victims of domestic violence. Her poems appear widely and have received three Pushcart prize nominations as well as the Baskerville Prize and Southwest Writers Award.
Her collection, "Sting and Nest," received the New Mexico-Arizona Book Award and the National Press Women Book Prize. Her second collection is forthcoming from University of New Mexico Press. She is the recipient of residency fellowships to PLAYA and Atlantic Center for the Arts.

Featured Poet Feburary 2017*
To My Husband, Collector Of Found Objects
After Birding At Cochiti Lake
Valentine's Day

Susan Rocco-McKeel
New Book Release (November 2022)
Centennial Anthology 

Still Here (February 2023)


E.J. Rode

New Book Release July 2023
No Matter How It Ends

Sixty-Five (May 2023)
To Sleep (October 2023)


James Rodgers
New Book Release (May 2018)
They Were Called Records, Kids

Kristin Roedell
Kristin Roedell is a wife, mother, and retired attorney living in the Pacific Northwest. She likes every film Bette Davis ever made, and can’t keep her ferrets out of the sock drawer. (Kristin will be the featured poet for January 2010. Subscribe now so you won'tmiss her wonderful poetry)

featured poet January 2010
After Hours in Chinatown

Altitude (April 2010)
Career Day (June 2010)
Snowfall (July 2010)
Mirroring (August 2010)
The Portrait (October 2010)
Multiplication (November 2011)
Lost Fetuses (May 2012)

New Book Releases:
Seeing in the Dark (January 2010)

Book Reviews:
Blue Water Poems by Phibby Venables (April 2010)

Bruce Holland Rogers 

Short Stories:
Spotted Dolphin (January 2004)

Stephen D. Rogers

Maternal (May 2015)

Susan Rogers

Ekphrastic Poetry
Sunflowers in Your Hand (May 2019)
Haiku (May 2019)


Marjorie Rommel

Midwinter (January 2014)


Jane Roop

Ekphrastic Poetry
Meditation (January 2013)

In July (July 2013)
Choices: Neruda or Rilke (April 2014)

Along the Path (March 2014)

Manon Roosjen:
30-year-old , Manon, works as an IT consultant. She’s a huge sports fan, and plays football, runs,
and cycles on her racing- and mountain-bikes. Manon lives in the Netherlands and is a starting photographer.
She used to capture mostly her pets (2 Siberian cats  and 2 rabbits, but now she’s  switched to landscape photography.

Photography July 2021

Diana Rosen

Love, as Surprise (October 2023)
That Day in the Synagogue:Hanukkah Photo Session (December 2023)

Joseph Bernard Rosenberg
Joseph has lived, loved, suffered, and survived. He is an admirer of Bukowski and Jung. He graduated from NYU, another lifetime ago. He is open to the magic and the mystery...the light...and the darkness.

You Ask Me What I Remember (February 2007)

Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

On Her Veranda (January 2010)
I See Myself (March 2010)
Rachel (April 2010)

R. E. Ross

Stort Stories:
"Haunted" Mary's Room #17 (October 2012)


Steve Ross
Steve is a TV commercial producer who lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 2 children. 

Fisherman (June 2002)

Matthew L. Rossi 

Rosebud (July 2003)

Bobbi S. Rudin

Quenched (November 2015)


Mark Rudd
Mark led the student uprising at Columbia University in 1968 and then became a member of the Weather Underground, he now teaches math at a community college in New Mexico. 

Something Happening Here (January 2006)

Natalia L. Rudychev
Poet and visual artist, Natalia has an MA in Literature Studies from RSPU and is currently completing her Ph.D in Philosophy at Duquesne University. Her poems and art have appeared in publications in the USA, UK, Russia, Japan, and Australia.

In Disguise (Oct 2006)

Marybeth Rua-Larsen 

Dandelions (October 2008)

Bobbi Rudin
Bobbi earned an MA degree in Mythology and Depth Psychology, and her poetry, which has been published in several anthologies and journals and in her book Testament: A Poetic Journey Thru the Cycles of Life, focuses mainly on philosophical and contemplative themes. She is also passionate about mindful living and holistic health.

Quenched (March 2016)


Kris Rued-Clark
Kris Rued-Clark is a freelance writer, truck driver and healing arts practitioner. Her human interest articles can be found at wiboomersandbeyond.com, South Central Edition. She is also an assistant editor with Free Verse.

Book Review:
Odd (March 2005)

Isis Runnels 

Grafitti Artist (August 2002)
Smoke(August 2002)
Nephthys (August 2002)
Because (February 2009)

Stella Runnels
Stella, a Native American activist, was one of the first women on Alcatraz during the 10 month occupation, from October 1969-July 1970. Being a nurse, she opened and ran the clinic on "The Rock" during the siege. Her home is in the Pacific Northwest on the Columbia River. 

San Poil Bouillabaisse (Sept 2004)


Salman Rushdie

Movie Review
GOOD LUCK, MR. GORSKI (January 2012)

Deborah Russell
Artist/poet; presently living, 5'3", 120 lbs. Loves travel, has a diverse taste in music, art and cultural events. Recent member of match.com but was told she had "no exact match". She'll save $29.95 next month and go to A Li's Chinese buffet...twice! :) 

The World Will Not Be Silenced (October 2001)
Deciphered (December 2001)
At Night (January 2002)
Numbered Pages (January 2002)
Among The Lily (February 2002)
Among The Vines (April 2002)
Infinity On Fingers ( May 2002)
And Andrew...(July 2002)
The Flight Of A Bird (July 2002)
"Three Poems" (July 2002)
Our Outrageousness (August 2002)
In Colours (Sept 2002)
We Can See Tomorrow ( Feb 2003)
Song Of A Dying Heart (March 2003)
Fly Like Angels (March 2003)
Slice Of Time (March 2003)
It Never Did Begin (April 2003)
Of Time And Circumstance (May 2003)
A Trio of Sonnets (May 2003)
Her Long Red Hair (June 2003)
Kamakura (July 2003)
The Green Unending (August 2003)
When Geese Fly (Sept 2003)
Invisible Minutes ( Oct 2003)
Corriander And Cloves ( Nov 2003)
Big Dreams (Dec 2003)
Arabian Night (Jan 2004)
Just Another Breath (Feb 2004)
Sunrise (Feb 2004)
A Poem Devises (April 2004)
A Quiet Poem For Mother (May 2004)
To My Mother (May 2004)
Around the Table (June 2004)
Orchard Dreams (July 2004)
Blossoms In My Hair (July 2004)
Sun Drenched Eyes (August 2004)
Write The Moon (Sept 2004)
In and Out of Love ( Jan 2005)
A Leafy Poem (Feb 2005)
Of Dawn In Twilight (April 2005)
Tiny Sparrows (May 2005)
Spiraling Sounds (June 2005)
Atmosphere & Metaphors (July 2005)
As Darkness Falls (Sept 2005)
A Doubtless Dream (Oct 2005)
Indian Summer (Nov2005)
A Moon of Hard Winter (December 2005)
Passing Through (January2006)
Twilight In Your Eyes (February 2006)
A Doubtless Dream (October 2006)
September's Wind (October 2009)

Blue Sky (June 2002)
Margaritaville (June 2002)
Early Morning Haiku ( August 2002)
Old Bones (October 2008)

Short Stories and Articles:
Among the Pine and Berries (March 2002)
They Call Us Many Things. We Are Lenape. (Jan 2004)
Raven Strong Promise (March 2004)

The Book of Mary (August 2005)

Blue Sky (June 2002)
Margaritaville (June 2002)

Nova B. Rutherford

An Interview With Mari Beltran from Street Poets (March 2011)

Robert Rydeen 

Fisherman's Dream (June 2004)

Hamid reza Saadati
Hamid earned a diploma in graphic design from Tehran School of Fine Arts. He learned watercolor painting in classes taught by Mahoud Samandarian. Hamid has been active in professional graphic design since 1993.
Since 1995 he has been graphic designer for Hamshahri Newspaper and is known for advertising and artistic photography as well as participating in various collective exhibitions. He has been seriously painting in watercolor as well as participating in exhibitions since 2010.

Featured Artist December 2016

Nicoletta LaMarca Sacco
Nicoletta is a doctoral candidate in the English department at Binghamton University. She lives in the rural Catskills with her husband and two dogs. She is working on a memoir about therapy dogs and parenting adolescents.

If Only, I and II (June 2020)

September 2020
Pasta Alla Norma
Mama Melina's Spicy Tomato Sauce

Sarah Sadie

Featured Poet July 2014
Youth Was Armor Enough
Look Up at the Right Moment and There Is the Gift

We’re About to Boil the Eggs When (March 2014)
Astilbe (January 2015)

Greg Sabo

Featured Photographer (December 2015)

Maryam Safari
Maryam was born in 1988 in Iran. She began her artistic activity in 2009 and has a specialized degree in watercolor from Faculty classes of Alzahra University.

She has participated in two watercolor exhibitions with artists of Alzahra University and two watercolor exhibition with artists of Blue Watercolor Group. Two of her paintings were published in The Eighth Land book which is a selection of Iranian water colorists' painting in 2014.

Featured Artist September 2016




Abel Salas
Time, Teeth & Marrow (September 2008)

Javier Zorrilla Salcedo

Featured Artist (October 2020)

Margaret Sáraco
New Book Release January 2023
If There Is No Wind

New Book Release January 2024
Even the Dog was Quiet


Ed Sandoval

Featured Artist June 2018


Shannon Sansariq-Irvin 

Oh! Stepmother (July 2002)

Rikki Santer

New Book Releases
Clothesline Logic (July 2010)

Joel Savishinsky

New Book Release August 2023
Our Aching Bones, Our Breaking Hearts: Poems on Aging

Eyeless in Gaza:A Prayer for Chanukah 2023* (December 2023)

Laura Scheffer
Laura was born in Santa Monica, CA, transplanted to Washington over 30 years ago where she's been gardening, checking out groceries and smiling at people. She is just now beginning to express herself poetically.

Ekphrastic Poetry
Bedroom in Arles (January 2012)


Silvia Scheibli

New Book Release (April 2023)
Gathering Sunlight


Michael Schein

Still-Warm Fingers (November 2012)

Glenn Schiffman

Short Story:
A Ten-Times Painted House (March 2013)
I have a grown child my wife doesn't know about (May 2013)

Book Excerpts:
The Moon of the Longest Dark (November 2013)
THE WAY I WAS TAUGHT (February 2014)


Darah Schillinger
New Book release October 2022
when the daffodils die



Zachary Schomburg

New Book Release:
Fjords Vol.1 (April 2012)

Jan Zlotnik Schmidt

New Book Release
A Slant of Light: Contemporary Women Writers of the Hudson Valley (December 2013)

Amy Schmitz

New Book Release (September 2018)
Border Crossing

*Featured Poet November 2018*
How To Knit 
Border Crossing 

Ekphrastic Poetry
on my brother's birthday i write of an eagle (June 2019) 
What The Birds Are Trying To Tell Me (July 2019)
on an island almost in its entirety a stratovolcano (September 2019)

Book Review
Border Crossing (November 2018)


Susanne von Schroeder

Featured Photographer December 2013


Wanda Schubmehl

Ekphrastic Poetry
Ride (October 2017)
November, 2017 (December 2017 )
Message to a Woman in a Mask (March 2018)
She keeps coming through doors (March 2019)
They Asked (December 2019)

Trees, No Trees, Tree (March 2022)

Debbie Schulze

Featured Artist May 2020

Karen Schwartz
Karen’s poetry and short stories can be seen in both Canadian and American literary publications. She shares a passion for timed writing contests and has been mentored by many talented artists who have greatly aided in her success.

New Beginnings (February 2008)
Precious Love (May 2009)
We Come Here to Watch (August 2009)
Four Wheels (October 2009)
Forever Young at Heart (July 2017)

Ekphrastic Poetry:
Travelers (October 2017)
Vanilla Skies (December 2017 )
Fort Lauderdale (December 2019)

The Honey Bee

Book Review:
Contingencies (April 2009)
Wild One (May 2009)
A Guest In All Your Houses (June 2009)
Crow Ink (Sept 2009)
Empty Shoes (January 2010)
Contents of a mermaid’s purse (June 2010)
A Transit of Venus (March 2011)
Romp and Ceremony (June 2017)
Snowbird (November 2017)

New Book Releases
Precious Love (Dec 2009)

Eulogy for Ed Bennett (December 2016)

Lloyd Schwartz

New Book Release (Feburay 2018)
Little Kisses

Kurt Schweigman

New Book Release Feburary 2016
Red Indian Road West:Native American Poetry from California

Claire Scott

Claire is an award winning poet who has received multiple Pushcart Prize nominations. Her work has been accepted by the Atlanta Review, Bellevue Literary Review, New Ohio Review, Enizagam and Healing Muse among others. Claire is the author of Waiting to be Called and the co-author of Unfolding in Light: A Sisters’ Journey in Photography and Poetry.

Kite Flying With My Brother One Sunday Last Spring (March 2019)
Phone Call (June 2019)
Virga (Feburary 2020)
"Shelter in Place" (June 2020)
A Bucket of Love (July 2020)
A Message for My Husband (October 2020)
New Gods Needed (November 2020)
Lingering Latency (February 2021)
Rite of Passage (May 2021)
Losing Track (August 2021)
Cannot Predict Now (October 2021)
My Mother Waits (May 2022)
The Shape of Grief (May 2022)
Is Anyone There?(September 2022)
Everything is Walking in Your Heart (October 2022)
*Featured Poet January 2023 *
Musings on Hope
Help Me Out Here
Yet Another Letter to My Mother (May 2023)


Michael D. Scott

New Book Release (December 2022)


Nancy Scott
Nancy is an artist and author of five books of poetry. Her most recent, On Location, was published by March Street Press in 2011. She is also the managing editor of U.S.1 Worksheets.

New Book Releases:
On Location (January 2012)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Bedroom in Arles (January 2012)

Battle (Feburary 2012)

mm Season

December Day (December 2010)
Wasp In My Glass (February 2011)

Alexis Serio & ed. John N. Serio
New Book Release June 2022
Perennial Earth: Poetry by Wallace Stevens and Paintings by Alexis Serio


Elena Secota

Ellen hosts the Third Friday Salon, at the historical Rapp Saloon, in Santa Monica. She believes that poetry and nature appreciation, are at the core of a harmonious world, and is an advocate for Oceana.org

River of Love (November 2016)

Leo Seewaldt
Fall Photography October 2021

Jayne Lester Sergent
An Upright Man (July 2001)

Joseph Serna 

St. John of the Spirits (March 2008)

Scott Shaffer

“Big Boy” (January 2021)
Kayak Solitude (July 2021)
Duck Lessons (August 2021)
Fragrance of a Friend (Feburary 2022)
Maine Boulders (July 2022)
Creation’s Voices (March 2023)
A Strange Stillness (June 2023)
Real Air (July 2023)
Riding to Rest (August 2023)
Glorious Unrest (October 2023)

Rembrandt’s Questions (October 2022)

Johanna Shapiro
New Book Release April 2022
Doctor Poets & Other Healers: Covid in Their Own Words

Rochelle Jewel Shapiro

Decibels (May 2019)

Peter Shefler
Peter was born in 1950 and raised in a remote rural area of Western Pennsylvania filled with the wonders of nature, and nurtured by a family of visual artists, Peter Shefler has been writing poetry since the age of twelve. He began a study of ancient mythologies and the creative process shortly thereafter and finished his formal education in English literature and poetry at Reed College in Portland Oregon. Over the ensuing decades he mastered the practice of a number of the realms of the visual arts, finally specializing in photography, but always came back to poetry for his deepest expressions of a sometimes devastating and sometimes ecstatic but always richly emotional continuum of personal experiences and observations.

Always seeking to maintain a deep connection to the mystery of the natural world and the spiritual aspects involved in the creation of art, Peter often combines his poetry with photographic images, the poem sometimes inspiring the creation of the photograph, and the photograph often inspiring the mood of the poem. He is currently working on A Book of Colors, listing several thousand historical color names interspersed with photographs of the natural world highlighting those colors and a compilation of poetry and other literature that contains the names of those colors.

Ekphrastic Poetry:
Landing (Feburary 2012)
The Empty View (October 2021)

Butterflys (March 2012)

And tell me (January 2017)
Equinox (October 2017)

Chief Seattle of the Suquamish
Although we call him "Chief" Seattle, there were no hereditary chiefs among the Puget Sound Indians. Strong leaders arose in each village from time to time who, distinguishing themselves by the actions or particular skills, were respected and followed. For instance, there were fishing leaders, peacetime leaders, and leaders in times of crisis. Chief Seattle was one of those. 

Chief Seattle's Thoughts (Sept 2004)


Nancy Shiffrin
Nancy is the author of The Holy Letters (poems) and My Jewish Name (essays). Through Creative Writing Services Dr. Shiffrin helps aspiring writers achieve publication and personal satisfaction. 

Summer (August 2003)
Celebrate (for Anais Nin) ( Oct 2003)
Haggadah (March 2004)
Fragile Area (April 2004)
The Woman I Wrestle ( May 2004)
The President's Advisor (June 2004)
Return (June 2005)
Reclaiming These Hills (December 2010)
Winter (December 2011)
Sappho Today (April 2015)
Nature Was (July 2019)

Poetry and Spiritual Practice (Nov 2004)

Movie Reviews
RANDOM URBAN STATIC: The Iridescent Equations of Spoken Word (November 2008)

New Book Release:
My Jewish Name (January 2017)

Emilie Rommel Shimkus

On the Reservation (January 2012)

Christine Short
Christine is a Certified Professional Medical Coder living in Connecticut. In her free time she likes to write poetry/prose, take photographs, walk in the woods and play the fife.

Let me tell you what a cold splash of water feels like (December 2010)


Jonathan Shute

Short Stories:
Why the Willow Weeps (May 2012)
Part 2: Why the Willow Weeps (June 2012)
Part 3: Why the Willow Weeps (July 2012)
Part 4: Why the Willow Weeps (August 2012)
Part 5: Why the Willow Weeps (September 2012)
Part 6: Why the Willow Weeps (October 2012)
Part 7: Why the Willow Weeps (November 2012)
Part 8: Why the Willow Weeps (December 2012)
Part 9: Why the Willow Weeps (January 2013)
Part 10: Why the Willow Weeps (February 2013)
Part 11: Why the Willow Weeps (March 2013)

Shoshauna Shy
Shoshauna is the author of four collections of poetry, and the founder of the program Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf and BookThatPoet, a website that helps poetry event coordinators find poets nationwide even when they don't know them by name.

Breakfast With My Father (June 2007)
The Dogwalker (June 2007)
Twenty-Million Jackpot (June 2007)

Jean E. Sidinger

Jean is an award-winning, published poet and member of the Poetry Society of Colorado.
An educator by profession, in retirement Sidinger also has pursued photography, painting,
and jewelry-making. She was selected as Artist in Residence at the Great Sand Dunes
National Park and Preserve where she created poetry as well as paintings inspired by that
singular location.

Embroidery (January 2020)

New Book Release
In Search of the Owl—A Memoir (March 2021)

Claudette Sigg
Claudette, having retired from a career as an English teacher, now has two passions: being a docent at the Oakland Museum of California and, second, exploring and sharing various experiences of 77 years of life through writing about them.

Cherries in Winter (October 2010)

Leslie Silton

Daniel Long Ago (February 2009)


Linda Simone

Sunday Mornings (May 2015)

*Featured Poet June 2015
Blood Sisters: A Poem in Six Decades

Michael Feld Simon

New Book Release (April 2023)
God's Cowlick

Time Steals (August 2023)

Wesley Sims
Wesley has published three chapbooks of poetry: When Night Comes, 2013; Taste of Change, 2019; and A Pocketful of Little Poems, 2020.   He has had poems nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. His work has appeared in Artemis Journal, Connecticut Review, G.W. Review, Liquid Imagination, Plum Tree Tavern, Poem, Poetry Quarterly, Time of Singing, Bewildering Stories, and others.

Last Words (Feburary 2022)
Short Row (October 2022)
Drought and August Rain (September 2023)
Lived Within His Means (October 2023)
An Acrostic Golden Shovel Poem for Robert L. Frost (January 2024)
Dialogue (Feburary 2024)


Sheryl Sirotnik

Sheryl, winner of the Charlie Proctor Award is a retired landscape designer living in Kirkland. She has been writing for about fifteen years and confesses to being a spoken word junkie. She is especially fond of rich images and a good story.

*Featured Poet January 2017 *
First Do No Harm
Fade and Out

Close Call (Feburary 2017)


Bob Skeele

Featured Poet January 2013
Dust to Ashes
A Quilt of Some Proportion
The Year's Last Snow

Strings of Lights (October 2013)

Judith Skillman
Judith Skillman is the author of sixteen collections of poetry. Her work has appeared in many journals and anthologies, including FIELD, Cimarron Review, Poetry, Prairie Schooner, Shenandoah, and Nasty Women Poets. She is the recipient of awards from the Academy of American Poets, Artist Trust, the Centrum Foundation, and other organizations. Skillman has taught in the field of Humanities at several colleges and universities. She lives and writes in Newcastle, Washington.

New book Release
The White Cypress (July 2011)
House of Burnt Offerings (April 2015)
Kafka's Shadow (March 2017)

The Tree Line (December 2017)


David Slavin
David was born and raised in Glendale, a small Midwestern town just north of Los Angeles. He was a host of the LMU Extension Program Reading Series, is active in Beyond Baroque workshops, and is currently studying under Laurel Ann Bogen. His work has been published in The Modulus

Processional (January 2013)

Featured Poet March 2013
Sketching a Tree
The Swing (June 2013)
Swimming Lessons (July 2013)
Cherry Blossoms in Winter (December 2013)


Louis Slee
Louis, a technical writer, journalist, and poet, has traveled widely in Latin America,
and calls Colombia his second home. He currently resides in Princeton, NJ.

Love is Tilting Windmills (Feburary 2012)
Bibiana's Handiwork (March 2012)

David Sleta
Featured Artist November 2021


Ernest Slyman 

Wild Man of Letters (Oct 2005)


Carol Smallwood

New Book Release (April 2018)
A Matter of Selection


Alana Smith 

My Last Slice of Bread and Forgiveness (June 2002)


Geraint Smith

Featured Photographer (March 2013)


Janet Elaine Smith
Janet has been a magazine writer for over 25 years, but in June, 2000, her lifetime dream came true with her first published novel, Dunnottar, which soon became the number one best-selling Scottish book on Amazon.com. She now has 15 published novels available, including her best-selling award-winning Keith Trilogy and her popular Patrick and Grace Mysteries. 

Short Stories:
Saturday Morning Tuna & Shopping ( May 2004)

Michael G. Smith

Ekphrastic Poetry
What We Know (October 2017)
Safe Space (December 2019)

Monica Ellen Smith
Monica is a self-taught poet who began writing late in life. She is widely published online and in hard print, and finds the brevity of poetry a challenge. She believes that poetry, even in its brevity, allows for freedom of expression; and in that, she finds freedom of expression. 

Where the Fruit Trees Grow (Feb 2005)
Midnight, October (Oct 2005)
Prairie Dreams (March 2006)

Haikufest '06 (August 2006)

Rick Smith

Erika (Feburary 2019)


Cheryl Snell
Cheryl's books include poetry and two novels, and she collaborates with her sister, expressionist artist Janet Snell, on chapbooks for Scattered Light Library.

Work (May 2008)
Summer Afternoon (August 2008)
Baptism River (September 2008)
Still Life with Sunflowers (March 2009)

Eating Beauty (June 2009)

Phyllis Snook
Phyllis is a deep thinker, and spiritually connected. She can hear the sounds in the wind and is a person who enjoys people and life. Someone who gives of her time freely to all those she loves. 

Life (July 2001)
On Your Anniversary ( June 2001)

Arc en Ciel , Pennsylvania (January 2011)

Laura Snyder

Laura L. Snyder uses a slanted profile to pour words in rainy Seattle. Find her most recent work in Manzanita, Front Range, Four and Twenty, Switched-on Gutenberg, Flutter Poetry Journal, Earth's Daughters, Alimentum, and will be in two forthcoming anthologies: Poet's of the American West, and Cradle Songs: An Anthology of Poems on Motherhood by Quill and Parchment. Her poem The Telling Signs was nominated for the Dzanc Books Best of the Web 2010 anthology.

Twilight Appointment (June 2010)
Featured Poet July 2010*
Water Says Airplane
Wood Cookstove
Black Cottonwood in the Wenatchee River (January 2011)
Moon's Fault (March 2012)
Traverse (August 2016)

Lisa Lopez Snyder
Lisa lives in Columbia, South Carolina, where she is at work on a novel and a collection of stories about growing up in Ohio. Her work has appeared in The Raleigh Review, The Scrambler, Foliate Oak, and the Birmingham Arts Journal.

First Snow (March 2009)

Janice D. Soderling

In the Far Fields (September 2015)
Cataclysm (September 2015)

Featured Poet October 2015 *
Seasonal Sonnet
Bestiary for Beginners


Steven Sohigian

Ekphrastic Poetry
Monarch of the Sky (December 2020)

Ephraim Scott Sommers
New Book Release
Someone You Love is Still Alive (November 2019)

Watching a Found Memory From the City of I (March 2012)

Katie Sontag

Name That Tune (April 2012)


Ry Soutar

Naming Day (May 2015)

Priscilla Turner Spada

Oh, No … Crows (April 2023)

A Tapestry of Colors (November 2022)
Winter Coats (January 2023)
A Cow's Life, Winter (March 2023)
Before My Time (May 2023)
Earthbound (June 2023)
Becalmed (August 2023)
The Warp and Woof (October 2023)
Snow at Ojo Caliente (December 2023)
Fade to Dusk (January 2024)

Mary Frances Spencer

liquid song (for Hafiz) (April 2008)

Jeanne Marie Spicuzza
Jeanne Marie is a poet, performance artist and actor, author of novels, children's stories, plays and screenplays, watercolor painter and illustrator, musician, composer and herbalist. She is the founder of Seasons & a Muse, Inc. 

One Hand Clapping (October 2001)
Blackbirds (December 2003)
The Time It Takes (October 2004)

The Poet Spiel, a contender for the Pushcart Award, was born out west to decent white farmers the same year the U.S. entered WWII, 

circle (May 2007)
dirt (May 2007)
hens (May 2007)
hair (May 2007)
keys (May2007)



Ann Spiers:
Ann is the inaugural poet laureate of Washington State’s Vashon Island,
a green refuge in the Salish Sea accessible only by ferry.

Inaugural Poet Laureate of Vashon Island, Washington 2011-2013

Meditation in the Vashon Island Golf Club Outdoor Pool Closing for the Season (January 2018)
Fall Run (August 2019)


Leilani Squire

Glenn Shiffman ( October 2016)



Jay Stafford

Light house photo's (July 2011)
Featured Photographer May 2014

Kathi Stafford

New Book Release December 2018
Grateful Conversations - A Poetry Anthology by Westside Women Writers 


Susan Stallings-Dobson
Susan is a Washington State poet who raises goats in addition to writing. 

Sexually Confused (June 2001)
Echoes of Myself (July 2001)
A Wave Goodbye (August 2001)
War (September 2001)


Laura Stamp

A short story in verse October 2007
The Snow Moon

Joannie Stangeland
Joannie’s new collection, Into the Rumored Spring, was published by Ravenna Press. Previously, her chapbook A Steady Longing for Flight won the Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Award, and her chapbook Weathered Steps was published by Rose Alley Press. Joannie’s poems have appeared in numerous journals, as well as in the Rose Alley Press anthologies Limbs of the Pine, Peaks of the Range and Many Trails to the Summit, and on Seattle-area buses. Joannie has been a Jack Straw Writer and has taught writing at Richard Hugo House. Currently, she’s the poetry editor for the online journal The Smoking Poet.

Featured poet August 2012
The Morning Is a Wing
Not a Lament
A Crow Means Everything

"Avoid Self-Pity Like the Plague" (April 2013)
Caught (December 2016)

Nancy Staszak

Nancy Staszak is a retired Art teacher and current artist, gardener, dreamer and poet.  She was born in New York and grew up in the Midwest, earning her BA at Knox Collage and MA at Yale University. She grew up with brothers and is the mother of daughters.  Nancy likes to take long walks in which to explore the visible world around us and the invisible world within us of memory and imagination.

Sweetness (A Childhood Lesson) (May 2020)

Harding Stedler
Harding, a retired Professor of English, was one of the founding volunteers at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. He is also active in the Poets' Roundtable of Arkansas, where he was Contest Chair for the 2005 Poetry Day Contests sponsored by the Poets' Roundtable. He is also secretary of the River Market Poets in Little Rock. 

January Shirt Sleeves (January 2005)

Vivien Steels
Vivien is a poet & artist, who has been published widely in poetry presses, on the Internet & in exhibitions. Her work is deeply influenced by the natural world, which she often uses as symbolism for the spiritual. She lives in Nottingham, UK. She was interviewed by Amparo Arrospide in our December 2008 issue in which she also did our cover graphics, and received our award for best website in 2008

Give Me A Pen
Life After Life
Spring Equinox
Where My Heart Was (January 2007)
All the Things That Weren't (February 2007)

Short Stories:
The Copy (January 2007)

Interview with Phibby Venable (October 2010)

J. J. Steinfeld
J.J. is a Canadian fiction writer, poet, and playwright who lives on Prince Edward Island, where he is patiently waiting for Godot’s arrival and a phone call from Kafka. While waiting, he has published seventeen books, including Should the Word Hell Be Capitalized? (Stories, Gaspereau Press), Anton Chekhov Was Never in Charlottetown (Stories, Gaspereau Press), Would You Hide Me? (Stories, Gaspereau Press), An Affection for Precipices (Poetry, Serengeti Press), Misshapenness (Poetry, Ekstasis Editions), Identity Dreams and Memory Sounds (Poetry, Ekstasis Editions), Madhouses in Heaven, Castles in Hell (Stories, Ekstasis Editions), and An Unauthorized Biography of Being (110 Short Fictions Hovering Between the Absurd and the Existential, Ekstasis Editions). His short stories and poems have appeared in numerous periodicals and anthologies internationally, and over fifty of his one-act plays and a handful of full-length plays have been performed in Canada and the United States.

In Times of Abomination and Loss (September 2010)
Later That Night (Feburary 2017)

Doris Leuth Stengel

*Featured Poet April 2019*
Simply Vincent 
When Seamus Heany Reads "St. Kevin and the Blackbird"
Cat-Egorically Speaking
On Hearing the Poet Laureate

Madelon Stevens
Madelon is a Health worker/nurse. Proud of her Native American heritage. Born & raised in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

Short Articules:
Kenya on Safari 2011(June 2011)

Safari June 2011

Wallace Stevens
New Book Release June 2022
Perennial Earth: Poetry by Wallace Stevens and Paintings by Alexis Serio

D.W. Stevenson
D.W., a career firefighter currently holding the rank of captain, started writing poetry in his early teen years to impress girls. 

Love Letters (Feb 2003)
Across The Vineyard To The Bay (March 2003)
Harvester Of Sorrow ( Oct 2003)


Randall Stickrod
Randall is a long-time technologist and magazine publisher, with Computer Graphics World, Wired and The Readerville Journal among his credits. He has published several short stories, and has a novel presently being pitched to publishers. 

O! Jerusalem (December 2001)


Scott Stodola
Scott is an educator, poet, and grandfather. He is currently an independent ESL tutor, helps support and often reads at the Chuckanut Sandstone Writers Theater, and spends as much time as possible listening to and talking with his grandchildren. 

Place Value (November 2007)

Cynthia Storr
Cynthia is currently teaching and writing in Colorado Springs, where she serves on the board of Poetry West. She lived 25 years in Europe, and has published articles on bilingualism, biculturalism and cultural adaptation, in addition to her poetry in print and on-line. She loves art history, theatre, chocolate, and bicycling in the Benelux.

Ypres (August 2010)


Melissa Studdard
Melissa Studdard is the mother of one lovely teenager and three mischievous cats and lives in Houston, Texas, where she teaches at a local community college. She is the author the best-selling novel Six Weeks to Yehidah and the recently-released poetry collection, I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast. She is the recipient of the Forward National Literature Award and the International Book Award, among others. In addition to her job at the college, she serves as a reviewer-at-large for The National Poetry Review, a teaching artist for The Rooster Moans Poetry Cooperative, an interviewer for American Microreviews and Interviews, an editorial adviser for The Criterion, and a host for Tiferet Talk radio. To learn more, please see www.melissastuddard.com.

New Book Release (February 2015)
I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast

Featured Poet May 2015
Everything is so delicious

Looking at a Young Woman with a Water Jug (December 2016)

David Sullivan

First Prayer (December 2006)

Mani Suri

My Too Soon Departed Son (June 2023)

Mathias Svalina

New Book Releases (June 2016)
The Wine Dark Sea


Christine Swanberg

Christine Swanberg’s books include TONIGHT ON THIS LATE ROAD, INVISIBLE
SPELLS, AND OTHER INCANTATIONS. She has published about
600 poems in about 100 journals and anthologies. She is the first inaugurated Poet Laureate of Rockford, IL.


Featured Poet December 2020*
Winter Spell
Snow Salsa
Winter's Favor
Unwinding the Old Year (January 2021)
Great River Road (March 2021)
Longing for Spring (March 2021) 
The Red Lacquer Room--for Lynda Hull (April 2021 )
Longing for Spring (March 2022)
After Viewing Kerouac’s Original Scroll (April 2022)


Richard Swanson

Book Reviews:
Bar Code: (Feb 2010)

Tom Swiss

Thunderstorm (August 2014)


Daisy-Alexandra Sylbert-Torres

Fig-Arrugula-Burrata Salad (June 2016)
Easy-Peasy Fruit Popsicles (July 2020)


Fiona Sze-Lorrain

New Book Release (December 2020)
Rain in Plural: Poems


Marianne Szlyk

Memories of Summer Rambles (August 2015)

*Featured Poet September 2015*
How Caffeinated Days Began
Evening on Washington Street
Saturday Morning
The Blooms of Fall (October 2015)

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