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Nancy Takacs

New Book Release (November 2015)
Blue Patina

New Book Release (July 2016)
Red Voice

New Book Release (May 2022)
Dearest Water

Featured Poet December 2015
The Worrier

The Voices (March 2016)

Ambika Talwar 
Ambika is an educator, poet, healer and artist. She authored 4 Stars & 25 Roses (for her father) and My Greece: Mirrors & Metamorphoses, a spiritual travelogue. Widely published in magazines and anthologies, she was interviewed by KPFK and won an award in Belgium for a short film. Her ecstatic style makes her poetry a “bridge to other worlds.” She says, “Both poetry and holistic medicine work beautifully together….”

Featured Poet December 2018
Varanasi—Luminous City 
On These Wintry Days 
An Aubade Dreams of Snow

Achene of Womb & Sky (May 2019)
Invisible October (October 2019)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Potent Waves (August 2019)
Why My Body Wants to Fly ( March 2020 )
Smiling Quilt (May 2020)
The Silver River Canticle (August 2020)

Haiku (June 2020)



Anne Tammel


*Featured Poet July 2020*
streets of august
paris match

endless (April 2021 )


Patti Tana

My Mother’s Song (May 2014)


Jack de Taos

Featured Photographer November 2012


Kathryn Tatum

Sangria May 2022


David Taub
David is a professional, British Journalist and poet, having been published in many Journals, magazines and books, distributed on several continents. His various awards and credentials are listed on his website. 

Short Stories and Articles:
Nations of Unheard Writers (August 2001)


William Taylor

Even His Death (April 2009)

Keith Taylor

New Book Release
Marginalia for a Natural History (March 2012)


Pablo Teasdale
Pablo's first interview was with Raquel Welch when he was a sailor and she was a new star. Since then, he has interviewed many artists formally and informally. . . both well-known and unknown.

Interview with Poet Ellaraine Lockie (May 2007)


Jim Teeters

Buds on Broken Branches (March 2016)

Molly Templeton

Book Reviews:
Going to Seed: Dispatches from the Garden (September 2010)

Alarie Tennille

New Book Releases:
Spiraling Into Control (March 2011)


Ben Tero:
Ben is an amateur photographer based in Southern Maine. He grew up in Portland, and attended
University in northern Maine, where the beauty of Maine was just a short drive from campus.
He has always been captivated by landscapes, and specifically water and the ocean. Being in
Maine, this has led to an affinity for lighthouse photography. Ben can often be found down on the
rocks with his tripod, or getting his feet wet at a local beach.

Featured photographer July 2021

Judith Terzi

River (November 2016)



Robert Tessler

Featured Photographer (September 2013)


Thomas Tetzner

Featured Photographer (March 2021)

Sushant Thapa

Book Review:
The Power Of Words (September 2023)

James Thielman
Jim Thielman has published poems in several magazines including Quill and Parchment,
Cirque and America. He taught English and writing classes and later worked as a writer
at a National Laboratory near his home in Richland, Washington, where he and his wife
are now retired. His book Postcards from Jim is available through Amazon.

Tuesday in Richland (September 2020)
On the Oregon Coast (August 2021)
Catch the Wind (March 2022)
High on Windy Air (March 2023)
Dancing with Grandma Grace (May 2023)
Peeling a Tangerine (September 2023)
Autumn Blaze Red Maple (October 2023)
First Hug (June 2024)  

New Book Release
Reflections: Life, the River, and Beyond (March 2021)

Alice Elizabeth Thompson
Ali, a Native American poet lives in British Columbia and is great at felling trees without dropping them on the house! 

The Lonely Side (October 2002)
Alyssa (Jan 2004)
Sea Shanty (Feb 2004)
Afterwards (March 2004)
Okanagan Lament (June 2005)

Denise Thompson-Slaughter
New Book Release December 2021
Time and Tide: An Atlas for the Grieving

Mary Langer Thompson
Mary Langer Thompson has published poetry, short stories, and articles in a variety of anthologies and journals, including Quill and Parchment, Silk Road Review, and Off the Coast. She is a contributor to The Working Poet (Autumn Press), a poetry writing text, and Women on Poetry: Writing, Revising, Publishing and Teaching (McFarland & Com- pany, Inc.) A former elementary school principal and secondary English teacher, Mary is an active member of the California Writers Club, High Desert Branch. She was the 2012 Senior Poet Laureate of California.

California Senior Poet Laureate 2012

Near Mountain Miracle (January 2010)
Cell Phones and Song Cells (Feb 2010)
Featured Poet April 2010*
More Nobody Than Emily
On the Death of Allen Ginsberg
Fight in Poet's Corner
Mothers of Pearl (May 2010)
Making Tissue Paper Flowers (June 2010)
Braving Big Bear Lake (July 2010)
The Language of my Lake (September 2010)
Lemon Power (February 2011)
For Theodore Roethke (April 2011)
The Hands of His Dresden Doll (June 2011)
Search for a Grandfather (July 2011)
Theft (June 2014)
Heavenly Fathers (June 2014)
When the Berlin Wall Fell (June 2015)
Poem in Water (January 2018)
Featured Poet April 2023
Dearest Pablo Neruda
Done with Donne 
Readers are Still Waiting
To Travel Free (December 2023)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Butterflies Alive! (March 2012)
Two Ekphrastic Poems (January 2013)
Sisyphus Trudges On (May 2016)
There's a Whole World on a Bus (October 2017)
Promises, Promises (November 2017)

New Book Release August 2014
Poems in Water (August 2014)

Book Review March 2015
Divining the Prime Meridian

Book Review August 2017
The Best Funds For Writers: Volume One

Book Review Feburay 2018
Poem Central: Word Journeys with Readers and Writers

Ann Thornfield-Long

Hibiscus (September 2020)

Ekphrastic Poetry
The Artist (October 2020)
Mariposa Monarca (December 2020)


Becca Titus

Featured Poet September 2011
Bad Owls
Exalt/Holy Privilege


Seth Tichenor
Seth photographs landscapes in and around  Port Elizabeth, Maine.

Featured photographer July 2021
Fall Photography October 2021


Karen Tobin

End of the Rainbow ~ Sherman Oaks, California ~ (January 2010)


Jeanie Tomasko

Like This (February 2012)

Daisy-Alexandra Sylbert-Torres

Cranberry-Orange Sauce (December 2023)


David Torres

Featured Photographer August 2015

Heather Tosteson

New Book Release (December 2022)
THE POWER OF THE PAUSE: The Wonder of Our Here & Now



Toni Treadway

Ekphrastic Poetry
The Trees Where the Monarchs Winter (December 2020)


Frank Abbott Trice
Frank lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia and regales us with stories of wearing an apron and nothing else, while at the drop of a potholder, he whips up culinary delights! Let's hope he doesn't bend over to pick up the potholder! 

Recipes: Cranberry Ice (December 2001)

Maja Trochimczyk

New Book Release October 2014
Slicing the Bread. Children's Survival Manual in 25 Poems

New Book Release December 2018
Grateful Conversations - A Poetry Anthology by Westside Women Writers 

New Book Release August 2022
Bright Skies

New Book Release February 2023
Crystal Fire: Poems of Joy & Wisdom

Featured Poet October 2009*
How to Make a Mazurka
Harvesting Chopin
Dead Sea Alive (Dec 2009)
Coming Home from the Funeral of My Father (July 2013)
The Lake of Claret (August 2018)
My Mother's Key (May 2019)
This Evening (November 2019)
Da Capo Al Fine (March 2022)
Matka Boska Zielna (May 2022)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Three Postcards from Paris (July 2012)
The Golden Hour (June 2019)

The Golden Time of Honey (July 2022)

Tuesday currently studies at Drew University in hopes of becoming a children's librarian and having the opportunity to share her love of reading with future generations. 

Short Stories:
The Blue Room (Sept 2005)


Tamara Tull
Tamara is a 36 year old Californian and the Granddaughter of a Cantor and the niece of a Canoral Rabbi. She writes because she feels the need to help others express their feelings. 

Yom Ha-Sho'ah (April 2007)

Judith Tullis:
Judith is the Secretary of the Poets & Patrons of Chicago and the past Vice President and current Treasurer of the Illinois State Poetry Society. She lives in a small house surrounded by a big garden where poetry often happens.

*Featured Poet July 2019*
Big Rock 
East Beach, St Simons Island (August 2019)


Lewis Turco
Lewis is the author of the 44-year-old "poet's bible," The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics, the fourth edition of which has just been published b y the University Press of New England. His book, "Wesli Court's Epitaphs for the poets," has just been published as well, by BrickHouse Books of Baltimore.

R.I.P. (April 2012)

Paulette Demers Turco

Featured Aritst August 2022

New Book Release November 2020  
The Powow River Poets Anthology II

New Book Release June 2023
Shimmer: An Ekphrastic Poetry Collection

A Poem Stolen in Celebration (April 2021 )
Queen Zoe’s Plethora of Grace (December 2021)
I’ve dreamed of trees …(March 2022)
A Mother and Her Son (May 2022)
Shimmer (August 2022)
My Love for You (February 2023)
Winter Morning (March 2023)
I Always Knew (April 2023)
Envelope Savers (April 2023)
Cast On—Ovillejo (May 2023)
Pianissimo (January 2024)
After Mourning (Feburary 2024)
Before First Light–an Acrostic Golden Shovel (April 2024)
*Featured Poet May 2024*
Mother’s Day
Saint Charles Parish Didn’t Prepare my Mother

Ekphrastic Poetry
Mariposa Monarca (December 2020)
Through the Heavy Gray (January 2021)
Bartolomeo Ammanati’s “Leda and the Swan” in Perspective (July 2021)
Venice in Summer (August 2021)
Nighthawks (September 2021)
October Night (October 2021)
Tinged (November 2021)
In the Arid Air of Winter (December 2021)
In the Garden Shed (January 2022)
Morning Glories (March 2022)
Not a Wheat Farm in Ukraine (May 2022)
Missing (June 2022)
Indigo Moment (July 2022)
Sunset on Plum Island (August 2022)
Pinned in Place (September 2022)
Faith (October 2022)
Premonition (November 2022)
Camouflaged Stillness (December 2022)
Two Trembling Aspens (January 2023)
On the Mahicannituck–the Hudson River (March 2023)
Remembering Her Smile (May 2023)
Hole in One (June 2023)
Antelope Canyon (July 2023)
Imagining a Sail (August 2023)
Fishing (September 2023)
Native Weaves (October 2023)
After the Peak (November 2023)
Bared Bosque (December 2023)
On Fresh Fallen Snow–1847 (January 2024)
The Scene in One Corner of a Green Room (March 2024)
Once Paradise (June 2024)
You are She (July 2024)

Book Review
The Powow River Poets Anthology II (December 2021)
Let Morning Come (April 2022)


Candace Turner

Wasting Away (May 2008)
The Wish (May 2016)

*Featured Poet December 2008:
The Russian
My Angel
In My Mother’s House (May 2009)
Democracy (July 2009)
Renewal (Dec 2009)
Tarot of the Tower (September 2014)
A Mother's Love (May 2015)
I Am Listening for The Quiet (December 2015)
The Voyeur (Feburary 2016)
Ferlinghetti (April 2016)
What Remains (June 2016)
Mothers and Daughters (May 2017)
Music~A Family Affair (June 2017)
You Were My Sunshine (August 2017)
Twilight (August 2018)
Second Chances (March 2019)
Daydream Traveler (June 2019)
Twilight (Feburary 2020)
Mama's Beads (May 2020)
Friendship Endures (July 2020)
Tea Party (September 2020)
In The Arms of The Angel (November 2020)
Karma (March 2021)
There's A River By The Edge Of Town (August 2021)
Three Clerihews (November 2021)
Sea of Sighs (January 2022)
Love Me Tender (Feburary 2022)
Clerihew for Leonard Cohen (April 2022)
Clerihew for Ernest Hemingway (April 2022)
Clerihew for Sharmagne (April 2022)
Clerihew for Walt (April 2022)
Memories of Michael (November 2022)
Black & White Photograph c. 1955 (December 2022)
The Confession (November 2023)
Winter's Wonderland (December 2023)
Stars (January 2024)
If Only (Feburary 2024)
Small Treasures (June 2024)
The Day This Old Hippy Was Baptized in Country (June 2024)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Destiny (March 2012)
Resolution (May 2012)
Alley of Unfulfilled Romance (September 2018)
Everything Just As You Left It (Feburary 2019)
Happy Mother's Day Mom (May 2019)
Haiku for Plum Island (August 2022)
Haiku for Leaving Hallstatt (September 2022)
Haiku (November 2022)
I  Remember Mama (May 2023)
Blue Madonna (July 2023)
The Ritual (October 2023)

2 Haiku ( March 2020 )
Haiku (June 2020)
3 Haiku (August 2020)
3 Haiku (November 2020)
2. Haiku (December 2020)
3 Haiku (October 2021)
3 Haiku (November 2021)
Haiku (August 2022)

Flash Fiction
Christmas Eve (December 2021)

Niamh Twomey
Niamh, a second year student of English and French at UCC, originally hails from the countryside of East Clare. She loves the cultural buzz of her new adopted home, and combines interests in reading, writing and playing the harp with a passion for travel.

I Am (August 2016)


Shari Ubechel
Shari Ubechel bio 

Featured Artist November 2019

Peter Den Uyl
Peter is a Dutch photographer who is also a moderator on Instagram's ig_discover_holland.
 Peter is especially  adept at reflection photos as well as sunrise and sunset captures and all
the other wonderful vistas available in Holland.

Featured photographer July 2021

Judith Valente

Judith is the author of the poetry collection Discovering Moons and the chapbook
Inventing An Alphabet, selected by Mary Oliver for the 2005 national Aldrich Poetry
Prize. Ms. Valente is also the author of four non-fiction books, including most recently
The Art of Pausing: Meditations for the Overworked and Overwhelmed as well as How
To Live: What The Rule of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning and
She has been a staff writer for The Washington Post and The Wall Street
Journal and worked as a religion reporter for PBS-TV. She often leads retreats on how to
live a more contemplative life. Find Judy's website which contains a wealth of additional
information by Googling Judith Valente.com

*Featured Poet Feburary 2019*
After "Dabney's Barbershop" 
Discovering Moons 

Tish Valles

Featured Poet September 2012
In a Garden
Manang Adang
How Things Work
When I Am French

Cindy McDole Vandersluis

Moving Day (Dec 2007)

Isabell VanMerlin

Cicadas at Sunset (August 2022)

Lisa VanDerWeilen

The Beach  (June 2024)


Joseph Vega

Over coffee buttered rolls and cool jazz (June 2008)
Grandfather's Workbench (June 2008)
My Cousin (June 2008)
At Summer's End (August 2008)

Marilyn Velez

Prose Poem:
Anecdote (Feburary 2020)

Phibby Venable
Phibby Venable lives in the Appalachian Mountains and works in both human and animal rescue.
She has just completed a book of poetry, entitled, Blue Water Poems.

In The Palm of Your Hand (Feb 2010)
*Featured Poet for March 2010*
An Opening in a Small Town
The Appaloosa
Cherry Tree Love Song
Optimistic Autumn (November 2010)
Winter Nights in Temperatures of Blue (January 2011)
Flowers on Rock (March 2011)
Emily, You Could Not Shout (April 2011)
The Loon Call (July 2011)
A Day With Blackbirds (December 2011)
Wren Calls (July 2012)
October Stands In Vertebrae (October 2012)
Everything here is free that matters (March 2014)
Whitman Transcending (April 2014)
Gathering of Horses (May 2014)
Quarry Rock (Nov 2015)

Interview with Vivien Steels (November 2010)

New Book Releases:
My Life on Little River (May 2011)

Snow scenes (December 2011)


Sharon Venezio

New Book Release October 2013
The Silence of Doorways

Curt B. Vevang
New Book Release April 2022
poetry of the engineer

Gloria Viglione

Like Praying (Feburary 2020)
That Kiss (October 2020)
Luna (October 2020)
Triolet Lament (October 2020)
For John (February 2021)
The Diary (February 2021)
Wild Woods (March 2021)
Resetting the Aperture (May 2021)
Missoula (July 2021)
Catch and Release (July 2021)

*Featured Poet September 2023*
At the Plum Tree

Kitchen Table (a Triolet) (May 2021)
Venezia (August 2021)
At Pooh Corner (March 2022)

Palisades Peach Cake (August 2021 ) 


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