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Sara Wadington
She is a graphic artist who enjoys sending her doodle art and video's out into cyberspace. In addition to being our Webmistress and doing all of the graphics, she also writes and illustrates childrens' books. And has been loving doing the web grapich design and for QuillandParchment.com since it's very beginning. More artwork, stories and personal video's can be seen at Zaraaazar.com~~:)


One & All (June 2001)
Winter Winds (January 2002)
Passion Plays (February 2002)
Words on White (Sept 2002)
Crystal Visions (January 2003)
Desire (February 2003)
Inside (March 2003)
Ode to my Harrydog (July 2003)

Saradox ( June 2001)
Fisherman (June 2002) 

Short Stories and Articles:
Fireflies (July 2002)
The Little Dragon (December 2001)
A Bird Story (July 2002)

Two Voice Dialogues:
The Walky (November 2001) 

Artwork & photo's:
Feather on all title pages
Haikufest '01 
Flowers (May 2002)
Flowers (June 2002)
Stars (July 2002)
Graphic image (August 2002)
Pumpkin graphic (October 2002)
Acorns and leaves (November 2002)
Holly (December 2002)
Graphics (January 2003)
Hearts (Feburary 2003)
Shamrocks (March 2003)
Flowers (April 2003)
Graphics (May 2003)
Pearls ( June 2003)
Graphics (July 2003)
Flutterbye's (August 2003)
Graphics (September 2003)
Saralions (October 2003)
Graphics (November 2003)
Rainbow Holiday balls (December 2003)
Yellow feathers (January 2004)
Graphic text (February 2004)
Graphics (April 2004)
Shamrocks & stars (March 2004)
Fairy's and flowers (May 2004)
Graphics (June 2004)
Dream~Catchers (September 2004)
Pumpkins (October 2004)
Saratree's (November 2004)
Graphicized snowflakes (December 2004)
Ladydrops and earthballs (January 2005)
Pink hearts (February 2005)
Bunnies & Eggs (March 2005)
Doodle birds (April 2005)
Saraflowers (May 2005)
Turtles (June 2005)
Fireworks (July 2005)
Rainbow doodlefish (August 2005)
Doggies (September 2005)
Ghost ladies (October 2005)
Flowers & fruit Cornucopia (November 2005)
Angels (December 2005)
Snowmen & Dog (January 2006)
Doodleflowers (Feburary 2006)
Lion and lamb drawings (March 2006)
Photoshoped pics of me and my Harry (April 2006)
Doodleflower ladies (May 2006)
Paintings from Luna (July 2006)
Sea creature drawings (August 2006)
Sailboat drawings (September 2006)
Ghost doodles with moon (October 2006)
Flowers, stars, mother & child painting (November 2006)
Holly doodles ( December 2006)
Swirley-gigs (January 2007)
Doodle hearts with background (Feburary 2007)
Shamrocks (March 2007)
Clouds (April 2007)
Doodle lady flowers (May 2007)
Starflowers with butterfly gifs(June 2007)
4th of July sparkle gifs (July 2007)
Graphics from Andy the Ant (August 2007)
Mouse and grapes drawing (September 2007)
Doodle cats, pumpkins, moon & stars (October 2007)
Sara doodle~tree's (November 2007)
Starsparklies (December 2007)
Sparkles,candles & graphics (January 2008)
Sharmagnes candie hearts (Feburary 2008)
Lillies & Chicks & eggs (March 2008)
Graphics & Grey inkwells (April 2008)
Sharmagnes flowers and Sarabee's (May 2008)
Daisy's Wedding flowers ( July 2008)
Graphic's Feb 2010
Scenic photograph's (September 2010)
Featured Photographer (October 2010)
Montauk in Winter photo's (December 2010)
Light house photo's (July 2011)
Graphic Valentine hearts & Flowers February 2015
Snow Hearts Feburary 2017
Valentines Issue Feburay 2018
White on White photo January 2019
After the snowstorm March 2020
Featured Photographer (March 2021)
Featured Photographer December 2022

Illustrated Childrens Stories:
Luna Sees the World (July 2006)
Narble the Newt (July 2007)
Narble in The Tower (July 2008)
Narble Goes Fishing (July 2009)

From the kitchen of Sara Wadington and Dale Frasier
Montauk Shrimp and Scallops (July 2008)

Montauk Monarch (March 2012)

Our Great Loss (December 2016)

Part-time writer/poet from the American Midwest. Writes primarily online at everything2.com under the pen name etouffee.

Featured Poet August 2010:
A boy and his shadow standing on a long shore trying to figure out the intentions of the sun
Music from seashells
Silence leaves when it's ready
With a little girl in a Hollywood bungalow
Preemptively, Fall (October 2010)
What am I then, if not yours? (November 2010)
Softly, at first, as if it hardly meant it, the snow began to fall (January 2011)
How can I need kisses I have never felt? (February 2011)
He don't know (March 2011)
She has given up on shoes completely (July 2011)
Cold Front (October 2011)
Front Porch (November 2011)
Subjectivity (Feburary 2012)
These are no more your dreams than this is your sky (January 2015)
Satellites fallen from grace (February 2015)
In cities not our own (August 2015)
In a certain faraway land (January 2017)
Robots and souls alike (November 2017)
*Featured Poet August 2020*
One Day I Will Be The Summer
Right now, I'm wishing for fireflies
For a moment you were very, very beautiful. And you were very well aware of it,
Dog Days (August 2022)

Ekphrastic Poetry:
Abandoned (July 2018)

New Book Release:
Words May Go (September 2014)

Donna Wahlert


Still Life (October 2010)
Another Season (October 2010)
Observing Thanksgiving (November 2010)
The Quilters (May 2015)

Robert Wake

Book Reviews
Psalms (May 2010)

Kim Gottlieb-Walker

Blanche Gottlieb's Fabulous Potato Salad (August 2008)


Sue Brannan Walker

New Book Release (July 2019)
Let Us Imagine Her Name


Connie Walle
Connie is president of Puget Sound Poetry Connection, mother of 3, grandmother of 7 and a life-long resident of Tacoma, Washington. 

New Book Release (November 2018)
What's Left

This Area Is Good For Wishes (November 2007)
Believe in Santa (Dec 2007)
Wilbur's Lies (April 2008)
He Looked at the Sky as Though It Mattered (June 2011)
The Sign Used to Read (July 2011)
Summer is Reluctant to Leave (September 2013)
Gardner, You've Dirt on Your Hands (July 2014)
1948 Summer Night (August 2014)
Featured Poet October 2014
A Word for Seasons
Trees Whisper Secrets
Oh My!
Winter's in Charge (January 2015)
It's That Time of Year (September 2015)
Burning Word Festival/Whidbey Island (Feburary 2016)
Toledo-Vader Road ( October 2016 )
The Bird Fancier (June 2017)
Gym Class 1952 (September 2018)
How It All Began: The Killing Fields (September 2019)

Ekphrastic Poetry:
Vampires at Pt Angeles (Feburary 2012)

Tenney Walsh
Tenney worked as an actor in NYC while taking poetry classes at the 92nd st. Y.   For several years she wrote poetry in public spaces as The Wyrdsmyth before turning to songwriting as an outlet. She currently lives in Taos, New Mexico

Foreigner (February 2023)


Christian Ward 
Christian is a London based poet who has appeared in numerous online and print publications. He is currently studying the final year of a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at Roehampton

The Sea (July 2008)


Dave Warner
Dave Warner is a Tacoma, Wa. area poet who grew up
in the Pacific Northwest. In 2011 he received a Best New
Poet award from the Oregon State Poetry Association.

Featured Poet July 2012
Driving While Intoxicated
Kid Gloves

Julie Warther

New Book Release (September 2021)
A New Resonance 12



Grant Wasden

Bio ~ August 2023

Featured Artist (September 2014)
Featured Photographer November 2017
Featured Artist August 2023

Short Stories
Follow the Digger (September 2014)
Follow the Digger (October 2014)
Follow the Digger (November 2014 )

Grant's Corn Salad (July 2015)
Vegetable-Bison Soup (January 2017)

Short Articules:
Harvest in the War Years ( October 2016 )

Second Cutting (August 2017)
The Burnt Plain (October 2017)

Watershed Distillery

Pepper and Pie Cocktail (November 2018)


Ellen Waterston

Fourth of July at the Beach (July 2013)

Captain Paul Watson
Short Articles:
Sea Shepherd Chases Japanese Fleet Out of Australian Waters (March 2008)

David Watts

Featured Poet June 2017
Fragment at the Beginning of Something…

Ines M. Weber
Ines, originally from Romania, with a second home in Germany is a former academic, essay writer and published translator of literature and non fiction.

Chapters in a Book (July 2007)
Reconciliation (July 2007)
Ode to Weimar (July 2007)

Kay Weeks

Featured Poet Feburary 2009
The Opening
Words at Tea
Love I Have Wanted
Picnic (June 2009)
The Day Before Spring (July 2009)
Clothes from the Dryer (August 2009)
Leaving Rehoboth (Sept 2009)
Head of the Table (Nov 2009)
Kamakura (Dec 2009)
Nothing Real is Owned (Feb 2010)
Opening His Greenhouse (April 2010)
Fall Hiking Boots (October 2011)
Donning Fall (November 2011)
Morning Meditation at Mar de Jade (June 2012)
The Reversal (January 2013)
Colors of a relationship (February 2013)
Soup (March 2013)
Listen to your voice (August 2013)
Sturgeon Moon (September 2013)
Partners (November 2013)
Becalmed (June 2014)
Heavenly Earth/Beyond (October 2014)
Dream Flight (November 2014)
Away From Me (February 2015)
Saying Airport Goodbye: Older Couple Watching and Thinking (November 2017)
Snow Angels (December 2018)
On This Day (Sonnet) (March 2019)

Peach Ice Cream (September 2020)

Ekphrastic Poetry
One Butterfly Finds Gold...(March 2012)

An Interview With December Featured Poet Caroline Gill (Dec 2009)

Q & P Title Water colour June 2012


Mel Weisburd

Featured Poet September 2007:
Torrey Pines
Kol Nidre

Short Articles:
The Coastliners: The Other Generation of the 50's (April 2009)

Michael Dylan Welch

Ekphrastic Poetry
Bedroom in Arles (January 2012)

Ed Werstein

New Book Release (October 2021)
Communiqué: Poems From The Headlines

Chris Wesley

Peel (April 2015)

Tina Marie Westbrook

Light house photo's (July 2011)

Diane Westergaard

*Featured Poet August 2011
First Light at Bryce Canyon
Wild Iris
Looking Into the Devil's Churn at Cape Perpetua

Tulelake (September 2011)
Navajo Dawn (November 2011)

Allan Wexler

White Lake, N.Y. 1969 (August 2008)
Ruzka's Smile (August 2008)


MJ Whistler

At Cove and John Cemetery (June 2013)

Christle White

Scenic photograph's (September 2010)


Curtis Whitecarroll
Curtis moved from rural eastern Oregon to Portland in 2002. Since then he has lived happily as an industrial worker and, of course, poet.

3 views of love and loss (November 2007)
light will bring no dawn (November 2007)
furniture balanced on a tightrope (November 2007)
Like Joan of Arc (Dec 2007)


Cathy Whitlock

New Book Releases:
Designs on Film A Century of Hollywood Art Direction (February 2011)

Steve Whittaker

Kiss The Sun (March 2011)

David Whyte

New Book Release June 2019
The Bell and the Blackbird

New Book Release April 2020

New Book Release Feburary 2022
Still Possible

New Book Release April 2024
The Seven Streams: An Irish Cycle


Lisa Wible
Lisa is a poet and filmmaker living in Portland, OR..

Saints and Cigarettes (November 2007)

Daniel Wilcox
Daniel earned his degree in Creative Writing from Cal State
University, Long Beach. A former activist, teacher, and wanderer from
Montana to the Middle East, he casts his lines out upon the world's
turbulent waters and far shores. Daniel lives with a second
volume of poems Psalms, Yawps, and Howls, a speculative novel, The
Feeling of the Earth, and his wife on the central coast of
California–not in that order.

Summer of Love in Philadelphia (October 2011)
Sunday Morning (December 2011)

Sasha Wiley

Like You Love Me (November 2010)


Erika Wilk

Four Tanka (March 2013)

Jim Wilkerson

Robert (April 2024)
Summer Dreams (June 2024)

Daniel Williams

Coopers' Hawk Caught in the Library of Congress (July 2016)

L. B. Williams
L.B. is the author of the memoir, Letters to Virginia Woolf, (Hamilton Books, 2005) www.letterstovirginiawoolf.com. Her poetry has appeared in such publications as Washington Square, The Mom Egg, Sunrise from Blue Thunder (A Pirene’s Fountain Anthology and For She is the Tree of Life: Grandmothers Through the Eyes of Women Writers. Her poetry chapbook, The Eighth Phrase is forthcoming from Porkbelly Press, and her poetry chapbook, Sky Studies, will be published by Finishing Line Press in September. She is Professor of Literature at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Blue Flowers (July 2012)
The Waves (July 2015)
The Moths (April 2017)
Across the Street (April 2017)

Ekphrastic Poetry:
Clouds (June 2016)

Zuihitsu (August 2012)

New Book Release
Sky Studies (July 2014)
In the Early Morning Calling (January 2018)

Lisa Williams
Featured Poet for June 2012*
Sky Studies

Lori Williams
Lori lives in Brooklyn, NY, works in the legal field and is working on her first chapbook of poetry.
d. September 2013  

Bridges (August 2001)
First Dance (July 2001)
I Walk the Sand (July 2001)
Water Lilies (July 2001)
Two A.M. Trilogy (June 2006)


Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams began to write poetry after teaching Art and Design for 32 years. She is published in many print and online journals, has written a chapbook and two poetry collections (Kelsay Books). In 2023 she began writing memoir and received Honorable Mention for the 2023 Hal Prize and publication in the 8142 Review for the memoir, "The Neighbors Down the Road."

New Book Release October 2023
Rejection to Acceptance: 57 Poems That Finally Made It

An Interview with Patricia Williams by Neil Leadbeater

Midwest Medley Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater

Rejection to Acceptance: 57 Poems That Finally Made It (November 2023) Reviewed by Michael Escoubas



Gay Williford 

Gay discovered the challenge and joy of composing 
upon her retirement from teaching when time for reflection 
became possible. She has been published in several booklets
and enjoys membership in poetry groups for critique, workshops, camaraderie and growth.

Respite (October 2020)
Winds of Love (February 2021)
Gone Fishing (June 2021)
Engulfed (August 2021)
Lady Autumn (September 2021)
Sweeping Through October (October 2021)
Flower Power (December 2021)
From Up High (March 2022)
Ashes, Ashes, we all… (May 2022)
Still Life Scene (August 2022)
Cicada Sentries (August 2022)
Under An Apricot Sky (September 2022)
Zola Rising (October 2022)
Signs of Autumn (October 2022)
Rooftop Visitor (November 2022)
Black and White Photograph c. 1942 (December 2022) 
Canine Comfort (January 2023)
Showtime! (March 2023)
A Special Seclusion (March 2023)
At Variance (July 2023)
Sweet Stuff (August 2023)
Coven Calamity (October 2023)
Dealing With Deception (October 2023)
A Wrenching Choice (November 2023)
January Woods (January 2024)
Mournful Winds (March 2024)
“Oh, Beat the Drum slowly …”(June 2024)

The Sweets Have It! (January 2022)
Plum Island Sunset (August 2022)
An Austrian Evening (September 2022)
Trial of Faith (October 2022)
Dazzling! (a tanka)(November 2022)
Blue Chill (December 2022)
Winter Scene (March 2023)
My mother (May 2023)
His Amazing Hands (June 2023)
Sculptor (July 2023)
Lakeside Event (August 2023)
Perseverance (October 2023)
Festive Fall (November 2023)
In Winter’s Grip (December 2023)
Ice Skating in January (January 2024)
The Necklace (March 2024)
Unwind Here! (June 2024)


Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

New Book Release (August 2016)
the crown ain't worth much

Kath Abela Wilson 

Eaton Canyon, February, 2008 (March 2008)
How I Photographed Denise Levertov (April 2008)

Four Tanka (March 2013)

A.D. Winans 

Poem For My Mother (May 2006)

Beth Winegarner

Corn Moon (May 2015)


Catherine Wing

The Darker Sooner (Feburary 2012)

Judith K. Witherow
Judith is a Native American poet, essayist, storyteller and photographer.

Contemplating Chaos (November 2002)
Christmas, You, 1992 (December 2002) Haiku-the Four Seasons (January 2003)
Play it My Way (February 2003)
Sweet Flowing Memories (February 2003)
My Promise (February 2003)
Autumn Haiku (Nov2005)
The First Frost (December 2005)
Nature In Balance (March2006)
Fall Adventure (November 2006)
Rhythm and Hues (January 2007)
Wings of Gold (September 2010)

Short Stories
Strained Class Windows (February 2003)
Columbus Day Revisited (March 2003)

Short Articles:
“Sorry, Haters” (September 2008)

Featured Photographer (October 2010)
Birds ( March 2011)


Chris Wood
 Chris is a lease analyst by day, student by night, and writer in between. Chris lives in Tennessee
 with her husband and several fur babies and works for a REIT company. She is currently earning
 her bachelor's degree and has poetry published in Poetry Quarterly, Three Line Poetry, Haiku
and other online publications.
He Says Nothing, Does Everything (June 2021)

Eve Worth
Eve is a lifelong poet who lives in San Anselmo, California. She has been writing since early childhood. She is never without her pen and notepad. She lives in a sunny neighborhood inhabited with bluebirds, primarily...which is poetic, as it should be. 

Paris 2001 (November 2002)
Afternoon Nap ( December 2002)
First Love ( Feb 2003)
Paris At Midlife (April 2004)

Bob Wright
Bob, a founding member of the Woodstock Poetry Society, resides in Athens, New York, has been writing poetry for some 20 years and is published in a number of notable literary journals. He regularly attends and reads at poetry venues throughout the Hudson Valley.

A Thousand Birds (Sept 2006)


Carolyne Wright
Carolyne's most recent book is This Dream the World: New & Selected Poems (Lost Horse Press, 2017),
whose title poem received a Pushcart Prize and appeared in The Best American Poetry 2009.  Her
ground-breaking anthology, Raising Lilly Ledbetter: Women Poets Occupy the Workspace (Lost Horse, 2015),
received ten Pushcart Prize nominations. A Contributing Editor for the Pushcart Prizes and author of nine
previous books and chapbooks of poetry, five award-winning volumes of poetry in translation from Spanish
and Bengali, and a book of essays, Wright teaches for Richard Hugo House in her native Seattle and for national
and international literary conferences and festivals. She has received fellowships from the NEA, Fulbright
Foundation, 4Culture, Seattle ’s Office of Arts & Culture, and the Instituto Sacatar in Bahia , Brazil .  

*Featured Poet December 2019*
Ghazal for Emilie Parker
A Change of Maps
Winter Dream with Garden





Dusty Wright
Dusty a former William Morris agent, is the creator/publisher of the podcasing pop culture web magazine C
ultureCatch.com. as well as a writer of films, fiction, and music. He is also a singer/songwriter who has released 3 s
olo CDs and a member of the folk-rock quartet GIANTfingers.

United We Stand (October 2002)

Stephanie Wright:
Stephanie takes all of her photos with her phone.  She is a classical pianist, and is passionate about exploring and living
on Cape Cod. She began seriously doing phone photography in 2019 after capturing an amazing sunset while renting a
house in Falmouth with a fabulous view. After that evening, she would chase sunsets and capture New England nautical
scenes -- posting them on IG to share with the world. It is her pleasure to show people Cape Cod and New England in
her own way and inspire other people to pursue their own personal connection with the every day beauty that nature has to offer.

Featured photographer July 2021

Wendy Xu

New Book Release:
You Are Not Dead (April 2013)


Peter Yarrow
Peter is a political activist, poet and folk singer/song writer. He is 1/3 of the world famous trio Peter, Paul and Mary. 

Greenwood (Sept 2004)

Ricardo Means Ybarra
Ricardo studied poetry with Benjamin Saltman at Cal State Northridge.
His books include: The Pink Rosary, A Framing Job, Brotherhood of Dolphins,
and Scratch and the Pirates.  

Rain (January 2009)

Becca Yenser
Becca cooks waffles and writes poetry in Portland, Oregon. Her work is inspired by weak men, strong drinks and real animals.

Dan (November 2007)
Exercise in Chasing Grouse (Dec 2007)
Upon Waking (February 2008)


Snowfall (January 2024)
You are the Moon; I am the Qiantang River (Feburary 2024)
The Invisible Wind (March 2024)
A Chinese Three-line Poetry String (May 2024)
Skimming Stones (June 2024)


Katherine E. Young:
Katherine is the author of Day of the Border Guards, 2014 Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize finalist,
and two chapbooks; her poems and translations have appeared in Prairie Schooner, The Iowa Review, Subtropics,
and many others. Young is a 2017 NEA translation fellow and serves as the inaugural Poet Laureate of Arlington, Virginia.

Arlington County, Virginia inaugural Poet Laureate, 2016 – 2018

Evdokia (January 2018)
Centralized Heating (March 2018)

Michelle Young 

Michelle has been published in the poetry anthology Blanket Stories by Richard
Jochum and Ruth Zamoyta, as well as Festival Writer Issue 2:6 July 2014:
Sestinas special issue,
and others. She has participated in readings from Blanket
Stories at Columbia University and the Princeton Public Library, and enjoys travel that
inspires her writing. Michelle and her husband, Corey Green, reside in Chattanooga,

"Where Are You From?" (October 2020)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Queen Danainae (December 2020)


Jack Zajac

Short Articles
Richard Sylbert (August 2020)


Felicia Zamora
Oxford (February 2009)
Featured Poet for March 2009
Meeting at Pine Ridge
To Lisa Jarnot’s Lake of Fire (April 2009)


Mariano Zaro

New Book Release:
Tres Letras/Three Letters (March 2013)


Andrena Zawinski
Andrena, born and raised in working class neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, PA now lives and teaches writing in Oakland, CA. 

New Book Release October 2023
Born Under the Influence

The Largeness of Flowers...(August 2003)
French Postcards (April 2004)
When One More Elegy Will Not Do (May 2004)
This Is A Poem For My Father ( June 2004)
Beached Here (July 2004)
Sleepless Night At Summer's End (Oct 2004)
On Ancient Wings (Nov 2004)
My Mother's Legs (May 2005)


Nick Zegarac
Nick is an aspiring author, poet and writer of several screenplays. His passion for classic movies is surpassed only by his zest for good solid writing. 

Night in the Hollow (March 2006)
Call From the Wild (March 2006)


Robin K. Ziebert

Short Stories:
I Once Had Wings (December 2010)

Ray Zimmerman

Prose Poem:
Orange (August 2016)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Impressionist Paintings (October 2020)

Mimi Zollars

New Book Release (January 2015)
benediction for a black swan




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