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A Name in Vain
Joe Gouveia


Long dude with a long beard
Led the way on long journeys
Onward and upward
Still misunderstood
Long after
Killed some trees and
He died too
Thousands ago

But INRI is a cry still
Warring many into self-proclaimed
Holy ground by mortals performing
His dirty work in post-scripts
Unable to leave Death alone or
Allow a rest for one who
Obviously bled in vain

Yet Truth surfaces despite
Shrouds put there by men wearing
White robes proving that neither
Death nor virgin wombs may be
Entered peaceably beneath
Walked upon earth now
Covered with daisies

You see blue blood did turn red
That day while Death laughed
And still laughs at profit made
By extorters of The Word
Sold out in print
Topping the best-sellers lists
Year after year in
The name of a dead man
Not allowed to die

When will the tables be turned
Upside-down oh so righteously
In Anger once again to purge our
Communal Soul and allow any
Peace Prince, or Princess
A well deserved rest from
Our self-defined humanity?

When will the Dead
Truly bury the Dead?



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