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Afternoon Nap
by Eve Worth

The house is still
the beds are made
and dishes done.
Dear husband on
the tennis courts
and telephone ringer
turned to off.

I sneak into bed
roll back the down
as though committing a small
and silent crime.
I climb in
ball the pillow up beneath my cheek.

I hear a canary trill
outside the summer porch.
I see the afternoon sun trace
a leafy path across the floor
and over the outline
of my feet. Last thing
I recall.

Hours later, it is dark
I hear a key turn
in the door
I think it is two
AM and someone
is breaking in.
I check my watch

It is eight. Time
for dinner
time to mull over
my dream
of floating in a warm
turquoise sea.
Time to comb my hair.

He leans against the doorjamb
says "what a life"
and I answer
"climb in."
"Hungry" he answers.
"Groggy" I respond.

"Yeah, so I see.
so I see."
Slowly I swing my knees over
the edge. Drift
across the floor
toward my robe.
He bends and kisses me.

We shower
He orders Chinese.

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