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Indian Corn
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

You forgot to mention
The Indian corn.
A sign of fertility
When strung on sinew
And twined several times
Around itself
Into a thick colourful necklace
With leather ties
Then given
To your son's new, young wife
As a bridal gift
If she hangs it above their bed or pallet
It insures lots of small
Black haired, dark eyed,
Reddish brown papooses
Running around the wigwam, hogan, or tipi,
Or Grandfather's lodge.
It will bring fertility
If you hang it above your bed or pallet. 
Your bed made of marsh grass
And dried leaves
Covered with deerskins
And a buffalo robe
The closer you are to the fire the more
Esteemed you are in the family unit
The elders right up next to its comforting blaze
The children lost somewhere in the shadows
In a smoky haze
The babies snuggling in with their parents
Until they no longer need mother's sweet milk
To keep their little bellies warm
Indian corn
Somehow has the uncanny ability
To insure fertility


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