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Celestial Slumber
by A. Antonovic

Come, where you can find your rest,
And leave behind your woes,
As twilight twinkles into night,
As dusk comes to its close.

You need this resting time apart,
To soothe your throbbing mind,
It will bring rejuvenation,
To your thinking world, you’ll find.

The midnight skies will blanket you,
The stars will sing a song,
As you close your eyes with sleepy sighs,
Lulled by celestial throng.

So take your needed slumber,
And then dream a dream or two,
And when you awake, you will find,
Me waiting here for you.


Solaris Eternal
by Christopher John Horne

Birdsong calls across the morn
To herald coming of the dawn,
While in my slumber I engage
Dreams of thunder on my stage.

Waking with the gentle touch
From raven mane adored so much,
A dream or two slips gently through
Holding still, my heart for you.

Though can't idle with sweet night,
Take the bridle! Ride the light!
For within my searing veins,
Runs a need to grasp the reins.

Intense burning in the yearning
To pass land and ocean turning,
Steeds set pace! Time to race!
I must rejoin my love’s embrace.


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