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At The Apple Orchard

by A. Antonovic    

I want to go to the apple orchard
The one that houses the bee farm that buzzes merrily
I need to climb a tree and pick some Empires
Then hold the Delicious round and firm in my hands
Circling their redness while resisting the urge to take a bite
I long to feel the chill on my face
The vigor in my step
The burning in my muscles from a job well done
Iíll buy the largest jar of honey they sell
From the friendly vendor
And hear how retirement was best served in buying a farm
Iíll then discuss growing techniques
Surrounded by a sea of brimming faces
I will come home and bake you an apple pie
Simmer some sauce
And fill dumplings.
Long after the fall is gone into winterís chill
I will remember my afternoon at the apple orchard
And the night that fell after
As I bite into another delicious taste of
That crisp autumn day.


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