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Snow Geese Came Early
by Robin Carneen

Ponies & horses
Blanketed against the cold
Snow geese came early
To winter in
Farmland abode

The rivers have swollen
Soon they will crest
Rain came too fast
On a wind from
The west

My dogs shed early
My wood needs
To be stacked
Both sons getting older
Taller than me in fact

This change in season
Lies round the next bend
Time to take stock and rest up
Spend time with my friends

Maybe I will get out
My old guitar
Or glass beads
My cedar has been calling
Knowing ancestor's knowledge
Lies inside me
I can't help but think
As we enter into
This new time
Of change
We will submerge from
The darkness
And meld together
Like one cleansing rain

I saw a storm cloud
In twilight's sky
That looked like a basket
Woven perhaps

That may fall by

It stopped me in my trek
As I headed home
Something told me to pull over
And to watch the snow Geese
Round dance & listen
To their
Double rainbow song

And for a moment
The white birds circled
Beneath the moon drum
And round danced
To Mother Earth's beat
And for everyone
Circling with messengers
Giving us hope and not fear
I sent a prayer with them
On white wings & song
I heard here


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