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The Poet in Winter
by Caroline Gill

His name lives on, for he has taken
words from the sea,
tossed them in sand where the calling curlews lie;
washed them in saltmarsh shallows,
and captured Laugharne with sleight of hand.

Wait while the river flows, and cloud reflections
drift across a shadowed shore:
watch the poet fuse with nature, write
as wagtails hover. Torrents run
in winter song:

moonshine and starlight blend in motion.
High tides retreat:
owl-like, the castle fades, glimmers and is gone.
Winds blow and Christmas candles
flicker: reeds and rushes whisper

verses from the pen. Words intrigue the heron,
who casts his line of pleasure.
A sharp eye blinks as morning scatters
strands of darkness on the water:
ink blends with sky.

First published in the Reach Poetry
(Indigo Dreams Press,
ed. Ronnie Goodyer)
Winter Anthology,
'In Country Heaven', 2007.


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