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Through a Weymouth Window
by Sandra Ervin Adams
ISBN-13: 9780983814818
Published by:Reimann Books
23 pages/20 poems
To order: IndieBound

About the book:
In this poetry chapbook of 20 free verse poems, the author expresses her respect, appreciation, and unabashed
love for the old Boyd mansion in Southern Pines, NC, now known as Weymouth Center for the Arts and Humanities,
where writers go to write. What occurred over her three brief stays there during fall, then winter of 2005,
and spring of 2006 was, the inspiration to convey her feelings about what she encountered there. Using her
innate sensitivity and attention to detail, Sandra Ervin Adams takes the reader on a short tour of various
spots both inside and out of the historic house, thereby creating certain moods.

About the author:
Sandra Ervin Adams has been published in anthologies and literary journals, and is listed in A Directory of 
American Poets & Writers. In 2006 she authored a chapbook, Union Point Park Poems. In 2008 she was mentored
an adult student poet in North Carolina's Gilbert-Chappell Series and taught a workshop at New Bern's First
Literary Symposium. In 2011 she hosted a Poetry Café at New Bern's Craven-Regional Library, and an Open
Poetry Reading at Emerald Isle's Parks & Recreation Department. She has been a freelance writer/columnist
for newspapers, but her real love is for poetry. Her next poetry chapbook will be about the town of Swansboro
and its people. Although Adams lives on the coast near Jacksonville, NC, she is very fond of the Sandhills.


From the book:

A Christmas Caroling
by Sandra Ervin Adams

December we thirst for spirit,
move the coming holy day along,
fill a great room ensconced with light,
trim with fragrant pine boughs.
Sharing poetry and song,
we say to each other
we are hungry
no longer.

(Previously published on the Shreve Memorial Library’s Electronic Poetry Network
at the Main Branch in Shreveport, Louisiana the week of December 14-20, 2009; also at
their companion location on the library’s website, )

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