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Remembering Ed Bennett

There is a hole in my heart and an emptiness in my being, in my soul.
Quill and Parchment was just a little acorn hoping to become a mighty
oak, trying to touch the sky. When Ed Bennett joined us, he took us
to those heights.

But now it seems as if he taught us how to fly then took away our sky.

Ed was brilliant at reviewing books. He gave you a history lesson, a
lesson in philosophy, before exposing you to the wonders of the poet
who had woven the tapestry of words he was about to explore with our

Frequently I would become so burnt out I couldn't tell if a poem was
good or not, so I'd forward them to Ed. He was always spot on, tell-
ing me why the poem was worthy of Q and P or why we should pass.

Ed and I shared an extremely irreverent sense of humour. I shall miss
those "laugh out loud" moments each morning when I'd open one of his
emails. They were always the first I'd search out.

The second I finished writing a poem of my own, I'd send Ed what I called
my "First Draft".   He gave me the ability, the fearlessness to trust my
own instinct to know not to touch the first draft.

We thought we had lost Ed a few years ago at Christmas time when he
fell critically ill with a blood clot. Thankfully we got a few extra years to
enjoy his friendship, his love of the written word and his own excellent
poetry to enhance our pages. I am so grateful I took the time out, from
book tour, to visit him and Angela in their home in 2012. If only I had
the eloquence at my command to say how devastated I am for his widow
Angela who shared her sweet and gentle husband with us all these years.

We often talked about publishing a book on how to review a book which
would include all of his reviews published at Q and P over the years. In
his sweet and humble way he demurred. He wasn't sure if we'd have an
audience for such a book. I wish I had pressed harder.

I loved visiting his Facebook page. There was always something so relevant
posted there; something so "share-worthy".

He shall be missed forever.

Please feel free to send your condolences to us to forward to his family.
(Click on the comment link at the top of this page and it will take you
to an error page where you will see the correct email address to write to.)

Poetically yours,
Sharmagne Leland-St. John
Q and P


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