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The Restoration of Orange
by Nadia Hunter Bey
132 pages ~ 76 poems
ISBN: 978-0-985-8659-7-9
Price: $20.00
Publisher:World Stage Press
To Order: from World Stage Press


The Restoration of Orange is an ode to women rediscovering self-love
and regaining that innate glow that has been lost, stolen, or buried under
the weight of life and collapsed relationships. This harmonious tapestry
is comprised of voices from the depths of women villages. Turning the
pages will reveal their bloody fight to regain their bodies; a cry yearn-
ing for the reprieve of a bitten life; a growl warning off thieves; and a
resoundinggrace and love praising the strength of the woman. Bey writes
in proxy of the voiceless, in boldness for the weak, and in healing for the


“Nadia Hunter Bey's poetry is delicate and durable at the same time—words
that will last but are sensitive to the touch, the ear, the heart.   In her poem
'It Don't Add Up," she leaves us with the last line: "Being a secret broke me."
I am reminded of all the secrets I kept, the secrets I was, and how keeping
some of them, and being them, broke me.     Her poetry is a mirror that she
holds up to her readers, and she firmly asks us to see ourselves in her words.
If we are really looking, we can see pieces of ourselves: our eyebrows, eyes,
ears, a nose, when the mirror is held a certain way.    By being so vulnerable,
she gives us permission to let go as well. Hold this book in your hands and
in your hearts."
-Jaha Zainabu, Author of 365.2013


Los Angeles-based poet Nadia Hunter Bey was born and raised in the
San Fernando Valley, in the city of Sylmar. The importance of reading
was instilled in Nadia early on in life, and it soon blossomed into a
love of reading and writing poetry after receiving her first Maya Angelou
book at the age of 12. Now 37 and “quietly quite loud,”, this Season 2 ,
Community Literature Initiative alumni has crafted, her writing to become,
her voice, and she uses it to share the stories of the voiceless and over-
looked. A regular on the L.A. poetry scene, she has been known to frequent
such venues as Vibrations in Inglewood, Shades of Afrika in Long Beach,
S.W.A.A.M. in Los Angeles, and The Last Sunday at U.S.V.A.A. in Culver
City. You can catch Nadia at the World Stage in Leimert Park, where she is
currently the host of the Anansi Writer’s Workshop on the second Wednesday
of the month. Nadia is the book production manager and layout designer for
World Stage Press.

Nadia is more than a writer; she is also a preschool teacher and has an all-
natural personal-care line called 15 Deep, which specializes in the care of
sensitive skin.


For All of the MEN with Daughters
by Nadia Hunter Bey

You will be her first love
The prototype of manhood all must be measured by
Blueprint of strength and logic she will emulate when her emotions are in check
One of life's toughest lessons will be that the majority won’t be like y’all but thinks it should rule
Show her
Her beauty before her body develops distractions
That cultivate envy in the enemy and confusion in the inner me
Show her how she should be treated by man
Eloquence expressed without words
Sincerity that will align her backbone, will be kickstand for proudest chin
Forever your vibration
Will support her
Learn her song
Sing it to her daily as a child
Remind her of her song as she grows and makes mistakes
When she thinks she is a woman
The attention you give her cuts
That lil sumthin extra in your hugs
The way that only you will ever be able to say her name
You will be her first love
The opinion her life will be hinged upon until she realizes you are only human too
She will love the ugly, dirty of your meanness
Hurt feelings be damned; she will spend hours speaking highly of you to others during seasons she will not speak to you at all
You will be the one to teach her how to love herself
She will learn slowly
The two of you will have tear-stained cheeks but never talk about it
You will understand the beauty and necessity of woman the first time you look at her
Again, the first time her heart is broken by a boy
When she wipes your chin and bathes you gently, same way you'd done 36 years before
Once again, when you must say goodbye but have no words
Sing her song; teach her yours so she may sing to you on your departure
Remind you of who you are, where to return home
Where she can always find you and herself


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