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by Karla Linn Merrifield

The household amanuensis wraps up business for the day
taking down a few words

like stars on a tiki-light string, window-hung in a miniature constellation,
Cassiopeia's W writ small.

The household bookkeeper wraps up her biz for 1/29/26 to play
a few Buena Vista-ish measures,

salsa-like, its brief dance you glimpse through white shutters by the river's
silvered-moon's waning sliver.

The household poet wraps up the stuff of warped muses, mops up after them
with revised refrains,

imagining also the dipping of a wooden bucket in the well at La Bajada
to wash down the dust of the Vía Láctea.

                           for Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick  

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