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Winter 1868 ~ Normandy
    (after Monet's The Magpie)
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

The meadow's hushed and white
Long shadows from the wattle fence
Stretch their fingers out
To sketch a drawing in the
Freshly fallen drifts of snow

The languid lake is frozen over
No more a mirror of the autumn sky
Opaque and icy
Summer's school of rainbow
Now sleep in drowsy winter's keep

Camille and baby Jean
Sit warmed by kitchen hearth
Pulling loaves of crusty bread
From brick oven
Sweet butter from a wooden churn
Pickled onions from her larder
Because there's nothing left to eat

It seems the wolf is always at their door

        On top rung of gate
        Magpie waits so patiently
        Winter storm over


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