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            Thatch Roofed Houses ~ Normandy ~ France

Steven J. Goetzinger

Steve is an art collector, amateur artist, epicurean, musician, country lawyer,
entrepreneur, and apologetic small town-in-a-bigger city politician, whose work
is inspired from the beauty and magic of Taos, New Mexico.
In the late Seventies, a fateful invitation from a member of Taos’ Kilgore family brough
t him to Taos.  For years, Taos beckoned him and he eventually acquiesced by making
it his home away from home.  He has lived there part-time for the past decade.
Steve started painting in oils at age 28.  He has painted off and on since that time, all the
while intermixing his free time with many other diverse hobbies and endeavors.  

He has always been drawn to landscapes because of his belief that imagery is imbued
with a deeper spiritual meaning.  The inspiration behind that imagery can be found in the
mystical, earthly paradise called Taos, New Mexico.


                 PleinAir Landscape ~Taos ~ New Mexico

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