Dear Santa,
by Jane Lang

The lights are off
I'm writing in bed under
my Cinderella blanket,
the one with a tear near her
glass slipper, but not big
enough to throw out, my mom
says and she knows lots of

My flashlight is not as bright as
when I read Nancy Drew
Mysteries after eight o'clock
I'm not sure if you can tell the
difference between o's and a's
I will try to write really slow
sometimes that helps, 'specially
if my pencil's sharp

I've been good. Please don't check
this out with my brothers, they
know nothing and always
pick on me

I really, REALLY want a sister…
My mom says, "Absolutely NO!"
but my dad gets a funny look
on his face, goes all quiet
and says, "Hmmm"

If you can't fit a sister on the sleigh
A Barbie's fine, and an Easy Bake
Oven and if it's not too much
trouble, a doll house with all the
amenities…what's amenities?
I've always wondered how long it
takes to fly round the world
bet you get tired
Rest up!


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