A Holiday Duet
by Mark Fleisher

Grandma Clara celebrated—
recognized is a better word—
Hanukkah and Christmas
in an ecumenical manner,
simply merging them into one
I silently called Chrisukkah

No unwrapping of presents,
no lighting of menorah candles,
no frying of potato latkes,
or spinning of dreidels
nope, Grandma Clara's
Chrisukkah tradition—roast goose

She assumed the identity
of a renown chef,
piercing the bird
so its pools of fat
might be drained
from the roasting pan,
declaring the bird had reached
the desired degree of crispness,
and the gamy meat still moist

Years later, I drained the fat
from the roasting pan, decided
the skin was sufficiently crispy,
and the gamy meat still moist
when my family of mixed faiths
celebrated Chrisukkah


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