View From the Back Window: Blue Collar Poetry on Life
by Dan Boyd
196 Poems ~ 341 Pages
Price: $20.00
Publisher: North Orchard Press, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-7363148-3-8
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With the nation experiencing the first slivers of light following Covid-19, jobs, careers, the supply chain, rising prices, staffing needs for business, are but a few themes on our minds. Poet Dan Boyd’s new collection, View From the Back Window: Blue Collar Poetry on Life, makes its debut at a most opportune moment. This collection touches people where they live. In five divisions: Relationships, Mental Health, Religion, Looking Back, and The COVID Curse, Boyd’s thoughtful verse will resonate . . . and by the way, you needn’t identify as a “blue collar” person to enjoy these poems. Boyd’s themes are universal as is his accessible and down-to-earth poetic demeanor.


"I love reading poetry that comes from the human spirit. You'll smile, laugh, tear up, sigh, and pause to reflect on past times. View From the Back Window, is a wonderful read.”
—Tom Dreesen, comedian, actor, and author of Still Standing

"I enjoyed reading View From the Back Window; the poems were captivating and touched me in ways I didn't expect. A great read, change of pace and reminder of life."
—Ben Rao, author of Paying for Long-Term Care


A career spanning almost 4 decades within the Hard Surfaces Industry, traveling the world, involved with all-natural stones and man-made materials. After the crush and lockdown of travel and construction projects COVID caused, my time close to speed up to be forced into retirement. Within 18 months I have pulled together my first 200 poems with some as old as 50 years, I completed my first in a series of three books to be published, VIEW FROM THE BACK WINDOW / Blue Collar Poetry on Life. This book ties into the podcast I launched for senior citizens, The Boyd Chronicles. The purpose of these platforms is to recognize the senior citizen and celebrate our lives every day, while remembering the past but also realizing there is today and tomorrow.


Just Be

by Dan Boyd

Compare yourself to no other
Be happy with who you are
Love someone without smothering
The love out of that person
Always feel comfortable with yourself
While you are by yourself
We cannot always be the entertainer
Be blue at times if needed
Be happy until you cannot be
Be thoughtful and forgiving
To a fault
But don’t give up your private space
Keep always your quiet safe place
If not physical at least in your mind
Take a few minutes a day
To reflect on your actions
And the reactions of people
Within your world


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