Walk in Beauty
by MFrostDelaney
After the painting Walk in Beauty by Ann Huston

On river’s edge where land and water meet
and form a perfect seam … across the flow -
the other riverbank, a naked birch
with limbs that reach in prayer up to the sky …

They say that natives always loved the land.
So this is where and who I want to be
with such a view, the earth that lifts in rocks,
a mountain slope embraced by hazy dew.

This all before another peoples’ dream:
a destiny that manifests in God
Omnipotent who wants them all to rule.
But not my God, pastel in moments here …

Where I can wrap myself in what I’ve loomed
while contemplating clearing clouds above
and listening to the water’s gentle flow
and tasting peace upon my lips, that gift.

I let the beauty walk inside of me
and know the truth of really being free.


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