Winter Sun by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

First Snow in Taos
by Michael Escoubas

He feels the first fruits of new life
each spring, as he nurtures
forsythia, rhododendron, and azalea
into little versions of Eden.

Butterflies flutter in summer’s sweet air.
Imbibing deep draughts of life,
he stands among his flowers
satisfied that life is good.

Then, autumn’s decline ushers in
familiar feelings–
hints of truth in nature’s cycles,
slow transformations, so like his own.

He dreams a little, standing at the window,
feeling an inner chill … his gardens cold,
courtesy of Taos’ first snow.

Then he remembers … come spring,
winter’s sun abates–
both he and his rhododendron’s
will once again rattle their gold.


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