The Reason for the Season
by MFrostDelaney

What star is this that shines upon the day,
upon the hanging tree, the barren ground,
and dwarfs the sun, illuminates the lost?

Before this star the darkest sky prevailed,
when Joseph had a crisis of his faith
when Mary-just-a-teen was round with child.

Was it foretold within the sacred Book,
the scroll revealing words Isaiah said?
And what of ancient stories from the dawn?

A garden lush with fruit of every kind,
a man, a woman gifted life that's good,
a serpent vying for the seat of God …

Do all the stories fit into a plan,
a deity's intentions from the start,
let free will reign and deal with come what may?

The birth within the still and silent night
leads to the sacrifice upon the cross—
the star proclaims atonement come this day.


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