Winter Sun by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Winter Sun
by Joan Luther

Her boots weave along the covered road,
Knitting pearls of wisdom into the snowy blanket,
Stitching sunny stolen moments underneath.

As yesterday rounded the corner,
His melting kiss raised her hand
To the fleeting blush of the first snow.

Neither family allowed their eyes
To link, both chilling in the coldness;
Mountains between houses refusing to move.

The greying sun pulsed through icy passages,
A slippery slope for an afternoon rendezvous.
Yet, he spun her through steep hills and cold plains.

Knitting fingers together,
Shadows grew in the winter sun,
Knotting loose threads behind them.

The path between unwavering lovers
On this quiet western day, weaves time
Together down this intricate road-way.


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